Survival in may

Discussion in 'Afterworld' started by madseend, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Hi just a little update from AW dev team

    In April starts preRelease work.
    In May we want start testing Survival.

    and a thread is openend where we can ask questions about aw future.

    lets see if they they are ready in may.
  2. So...will you ever be able to withdraw in AW?
  3. offcourse that is 1 off the questions in the thread
    I'll copy and paste here.


    • Is it AW's intention to become a RCE and allow withdrawal of AWD as Real Life $ (If so - is there a time frame that can be revealed)?
    In future.

    lol i know it is a vague awnser but yes in the future is what devs state now
  4. Finaly some more awnsers this is where lots off players have been waiting and asked for over and over some response from the devs.
    i´ll copy and paste soem over here for everybody who is to lazy to go to awtechforum :-P

    The game will only have a future if lots off new players will come.
    Do you have a solid marketing plan to attracked lots off new people.

    It's my job =)

    *Will solo players and small Socs have the ability to participate in ownership of property or businesses, or only large groups going to be able to own these things.

    ) Yes, not only large groups.

    Will there be oil refineries / other corporate assets available



    • Will survival be divided into zones (like AW:9.9) requiring us to be transferred between servers (i.e. will Survival be all on one server)

    Seamless World

    Will the loot or items get a base value in AWD? (think trade terminal)

    4) TT = Bad

    9. In survival do you intend to bring back small raiders (pen/frag) and introduce a smaller fire based mob (burn) to skill on ? (FR-12/Raider Leaders too big for newbies to skill on)

    9) Lots of new mobs coming with Survival.

    1. Entropia has 3-4 classes (low, medium, high/v.high) of hardware specs. enlisted.
    Will we be able to see 3 in AW website/Wiki, etc. place after/before Survival release?

    1) HW specs will be published before release.

    3. Apparel.. when will we see more clothes accessories in crafting? - like boots, caps, glasses, etc.?

    3) coming in future

    5. Will we have more Melee types? - like powerfists, whips, knuckles, maces (saw last in AW soc. name).

    5) coming in future

    6. Is the Survival Tech Demo the "core" of Survival (i.e., will the full Survival update be built "on top" of the Tech Demo) or is the Tech Demo it's own separate entity, created only for the purposes of the demo itself?

    6) Survival and STD share the same core.
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