sweat used in bp to make newbie armor

Discussion in 'Skills & professions' started by page snow snow, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. I heard of rumors your going to have NI blue prints. new players log in and there are very few ways for them to make money. my idea is to create armor as good as pixie armor.but have it use sweat, oil, and lyst. new miners find oil and lyst pretty easy and new players can sweat. put the 3 togather for makeing armor. the trade pappoo sells junk armor. not even worth buying.
    your game looks like a tropical island. soo make armor look like stuff that is on the islands. skeleton armor out fits or boar leather out fits monky hides shark skin suits drake wings. pirate out fits bar maid outfits. just a few thoughts.
  2. it's not a bad ideea but knowing ma it might take them a few decades to implement it...
  3. actually sometimes they work faster than that. it actually only took them 8 years to implement the auto-use function to elliminate the need for auto-clickers.
    so, by the time i retire perhaps... *fingers crossed*

    to get back on topic, yes i think it is a pretty good idea. and maybe even give us a use of common dung, i got about 1000 kilo of dung in my storage.. dung as bp material would be cool. and more uses for the fragments in blueprints, and add fruits and stones to blueprints. especially add fragments as bp ingredients, then it wouldnt be so frustrating when you kill an expensive mob and get 10 nova fragments for loot... (i actually think that's worse than "no loot", because it is pretty much no loot, and it's more of an insult than a reward since it's totally useless to the common man)
  4. Sweat should be used for something.

    Relegating sweat consumption to 2 luxury skills (Teleporting and Channeling) is silly. Constructing newbie gear out of sweat seems like a decent alternative, though the economic implications may be more severe than we otherwise might be aware here. Perhaps as the game gets deeper, taming is reintroduced, and other systems are added sweat will have added usefulness again to the community.

    Right now its just a burden, and a bit of a cruel joke.
  5. There are Rocktropia bp's that use small amounts of sweat.
  6. I would like a bp and bp book for beginners. Have it make something like pixie armor, or noob club, or ice dagger using sweat, fruit, dung, and stones found on the ground. I doubt it would unbalance the economy any more than it is now, and might even give new players incentive to stay longer.
  7. Heck, just making more uses for ME would help the Sweat price. Kinectic shield chip or something(uses ME, temporarly stops all damage, or a damage type, or stops damage up to a certain limit, something like that). Or a Rebound MF chip, uses ME, can turn another persons MF attack back on them. Just a few ideas, kinda thinking out loud :)
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