Swunt for Red October

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  1. Three planets, three times 24 hours sweating, heals, giveaways, additional sweatbuys.

    Beginning with the 8th of october on planet ARKADIA at 15:00 gametime , BIG INDUSTRIES proudly presents under the name of "SWUNT FOR RED OCTOBER "the beginning of a series of THREE 24 hours sweat event to welcome autumn leaves and the fall to the fading summer.

    The title for the events is inspired by the great Movie " Hunt for red october "
    Maybe it is a good idea to recall the story and the movie. Or if you didn’t have the chance yet to see .... get a copy and watch it [​IMG].

    At the following saturday the 15th October this series will be continued on CALYPSO
    Followed the next saturday the 22th Oktober on NEXT ISLAND.

    Start and end will ever be the regular SSI at 15:00 game time.
    Place will ever be the location of the regular daily SSI event.

    Q: Will there be a shuttle service ?
    A: Special free WARP FLIGHT around a Day or two before any event in a round trip from ARKADIA, CALYPSO, NEXT ISLAND to give you a chance to settle for a short time on this Location in the Universe. hahahaha take a vacation from your home for a certain time [​IMG]

    Straight times will be posted here a while before the tour and also promoted during the planet chatchannels.

    Q:Where on the Planets will it happen ?
    A: The regular Sweating Support initiative places will be the spots we are gathering and provide heals and the Show

    Q: What about selling sweat ?
    A: During the 24 hours we hold three additional sweat buys similar as usual in the SSI Events:
    That means We buy 10 times 1k sweat for 2.5P/K . Agility CAP of 40 will be revoked for this special occasion.

    Q: Even more specials ?
    A: Our Hosts and helpful amazing staff is equipped with a bunch of giveaways, which will be scattered under you peoples which are around at random times. This giveaway sessions will happen between the three times of additional sweatbuys.
    Maybe some do it with trivias [​IMG] ! Maybe some do it just like they see you nice and lucky.
    Maybe some do it in a way we even don’t know yet. But be sure there is ever an opportunity to get some.

    Sweat Sweat Sweat.
    Etc. Etc. Etc

    Just come along, Have fun with us and let’s celebrate the change of season

    Greets your BIG INDUSTRIES TEAM.
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  3. Warp transportation from Calypso and Next Island will be provided to Arkadia SS on Friday, 7 of October at approximately 23:00 EU time. We will be assembling teams for the warp starting at 22:30 EU on both planets.

    If you are on Calypso, please meet at OLA 42 teleporter to get added to the team for the warp.

    If you are on Next Island, please meet at Crystal Center to get added to the team for the warp.

    Please note that it will be about an hour or longer depending on the # of participants and teams assembled.

    Please note the following rules:

    1. Please make sure that you have Space and Planet Arkadia fully downloaded BEFORE we depart. Otherwise you will be unable to accept Summons and/or get down to the planet Arkadia.

    2. You will need to provide your own transportation to the planet itself. If you have a space capable ship, you can fly from the space station. If you do not have a space capable ship, there is a teleporter on the space station that can be taken to the planet *NOTE there is a 7 ped teleporter fee. – Anyone who has a space capable ship is asked to take someone else down with them who would not otherwise have a way down, suggest, splitting the 2 ped landing fee.

    3. Space is 100% lootable PVP. If the ship gets shot down by pirates, you will be killed and looted. So please DO NOT bring any lootable items on board.

    4. Please respect each other and listen to the team captains and the Ship Captain.

    Warp transportation will be provided from Arkadia back to Calypso or Next Island on Sunday, 9 of October at approximately 17:00 EU. Please note that the same rules above apply.

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