Symbolic Rebirth - The Story of a Calypsian Refugee

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    I stand in the teleporter at Fort Troy. The city where I set my first foot into Entropia Universe. On me I carry the entire contents of my storage. Or at least what remains. Recently, having just about burned out on Calypso and reeling from a streak of declining serendipity so long I can measure it in years, I`ve decided spur of the moment to pack it all up and head to Next Island. I`ve been to the asteroid, the space station and on holiday to Rocktropia. But somehow I know this time it`s different.

    In the past few weeks I`ve been clearing out my storage and selling off all my extra stuff to play on Calypso. I figured before it was all gone I would use some of the last to fund a move. I`ve retained all my most essential gear such as mining equipment, my main weapons and a few sets of armor. Just the basics. It`s a freeing feeling to not have so much stuff to cling to. Just the other night for instance I went to Twin Peaks and dropped over 180 extra blueprints acquired over the course of the past 5+ years. It was fun to watch everyone follow me around, get rid of some dead weight and know that I made some other avatars happy in the process.

    I like to be spontaneous and feel it is the right thing to do at this time. It will give me a fresh perspective n a new land. With lots of new things to see and new places to explore. A couple friends came for the trip up to help me get acquainted with the new planet and settle in. They await departure at other teleporters leaving me to my thoughts. I`m sure it will be slow at times and hope I have enough resources to help me survive. Only time will tell.

    In a symbolic move I leave Calypso from the city in which I first spawned on the planet 5 and a half years ago. The once bustling and populated Fort Troy. With memories of hordes of orange clad sweaters amid traders and other passing avatars clamoring around this same teleporter I become nostalgic. I recall the feeling of being a fresh green noob yet oblivious to all the new world had to offer. I now leave enriched, educated and skilled to begin again in another unfamiliar place. I will once again spawn into a new beginning. I will experience rebirth. Click..........

    To be continued.......
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