Planet Calypso News: Tactical Strike: Secure The Node

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  1. The Calypso Defense Force (CDF) urges all colonists to immediately help secure several areas on Eudoria that the Calypso Research and Defense Institute (RDI) has identified as critical to the robot enemy war effort.

    The designated critical areas are:

    • Cape Corinth
    • Camp Phoenix
    • Chugs Hideout
    • Fort Ithaca
    • Fort Pandora
    • Fort Troy
    • Minopolis

    CDF forces have identified Attacker, Big Bulk, Defender, Spider Bomber, Steel Bird and Vanguard robots amongst the ranks of the attacking forces.

    After the major robot incursions and discovery of the base matrix network last year, the RDI has been working eagerly on gathering more data from the robot forces data network.

    The RDI’s aim has been to gather intelligence that would allow the CDF to secure and gain access to one or more base matrix nodes in order to retrieve information about the robot force’s strategies, strength and numbers.

    Today the RDI made a breakthrough in its research and transferred a list of possible base matrix node areas to the CDF. However, this transmission was intercepted by the robots and just hours later robot reinforcements have now been seen assembling at the identified node areas.

    Help secure Calypso from the robot threat!

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    The RDI has been making these sensationalist claims for years. Colonists have been battling the robots for as long, making tremendous sacrifices, while the RDI never even bother showing up.

    The RDI is useless, and I for one refuse to pay hard-earned cash to support a bloated, amateuristic, incompetent and bureaucratic organisation like the RDI any longer.
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  3. You are now on the blacklist of RDI. :(

    Sorry, I have to block you on forum and ingame now.

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  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Heeeey I like the RDI,... kinda glad they and base matrix still get mentioned (even if "mentioned" is about as much as one could really call it most of the time - except the comic - the comic was cool).

    Page 4 and 5 (continued in the issue after IIRC)

    awww 2007 that takes me back... haha. Good times.
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