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  1. On the 30th of september, a friend pm'd me to come in hurry to tame a pet he found on Next Island.
    I was doing Aurli on CP, but he hardly asked me to come to him.

    So I warp'd to him.

    To make things easier and should I say optimal,
    he lent to me his full Carromne armor set, a Christmas ring 2016, and his Unique Eurynome ring, and 3 different unlimited whips, all this without collateral, he knowes that I am full trust.

    Ak Taming 01.jpg
    We just took some security guarantee in case mindark would lock my account "we never know", as mindark is keeping people's item and apparently dont give them back to their original owner even if proof was done...
    And I allow myself to point this out as my friend Rocky lent to Andrey who is locked since almost a year without any feedback from mindark his arsonic chip T9.2 that mindark is refusing to return him back, particularily when we know that Mindark returned items back to swedish players who were in the same situation years before. More than clear for me, good to be from Sweden or Danemark in Entropia Universe for extreme luck and privileges (all players have the same chances, yes sure Mindark, so what about me ?).
    To me this is a totally disgusting behaviour from Mindark to refuse to return someone's item and penalise him to use it the way he would want, we can easilly talk of robbing someone or even scamming someone in such case, but that's certainly for this reason that mindark is bragging on their website, "in the swedish tradition of excellence"...

    So I started to tame this pet which showed he would take a lot of time to rise his Respect bar, but the Spirit bar was not decreasing...
    After around 6 hours we decided to give up as nothing was working, the Spirit bar was not moving with whatever whip i could use.

    Ak Taming 02.jpg

    Ak Taming 03.jpg

    My friend even asked the Official Live Support, without much more help.

    That's only later the day after that someone told me this CARA pet was bugged.

    Ak Taming 04.jpg

    Anyway, in opposition to mindark, I returned the items lent to his owner when use was over.
    In soon 15 years in this "game" I never stole someone, many people lent to me high valuable items.

    15 years ingame, around 480k total skills (less all I chipped out in 2009 so much it was clear for me that mindark had set a disgusting parameter on my avatar), never a real HoF when I see tons of new players get incredible ubers on shit mobs, may be mindark can explain me how this is possible ?

    Please Mindark call the Guiness Book, I am clearly the Most Unlucky player who deposited real money in your RCE game.
    The ATH "I had" with Rocky was 100% his, as I returned to him what I looted.

    A suivre...
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  2. The LARA pet had an autoloot, but how can you know the CARA have one since noone tamed a CARA yet ?
  3. OoooOOOooOOps, so this means, both pets got realeased completely fucked up, to screw the community once again...and like always noone noticed BEFORE ?

    haha x'D
  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Sad just sad
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