Tax Man Reloaded l 1000's of PEDS to WIN l December

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  1. [​IMG]

    Over 30K PEDS paid out to winners so far!!


    Prize % will be paid out from the
    entire month following the competition.

    That means you have a stake in 2 Land Areas without the enormous investment!!!

    Bring your friends, hunt yourself, what ever you do in OLA 2 and LA40 over the next month helps build your grand prize!!!!



    December1st 00:00 - December 31st 23:59


    Event will take place within the boarders of OLA2 and LA40


    All globals must take place within the boarders of OLA2 and LA40 to be counted in this event.

    7 Maxed DNA in 2 LA's!!!
    4% Tax

    Class Structure:

    There are 2 classes of hunters in this competition, to allow the casual hunter a chance at some peds while also rewarding our most dedicated participants. All participants will need to choose their class once they join the competition. The only prerequisite is that top 100 hunters are required to join the "Grind Class".

    Be sure to register on for the class you wish to compete in. Links are provided below.

    Grind Class: Register for this class if you think you are capable of at least 100 globals in a month

    Casual Class: Register for this class if you would like to compete but don't expect to accomplish more than 100 globals.

    Register Here for Highest Global, this prize is for both classes.

    Registration will be available until the 15th of December.

    Prize Structure:[/SIZE]

    Grind Class:
    8% Most Globals
    4% 2nd Most Globals

    Casual Class:

    4% Most Globals
    2% 2nd Most Globals

    2% for Highest Single loot in both class

    % is based on tax profits from OLA2 and LA40 for the month following this event.

    Click here to take a look at tracker history for hunting on OLA2 and here for records from LA40

    These 2 Land Areas have a combined weekly average of 1000 Globals!!!

    Screen-Shot Submission Rules:

    Screenshots are not necessary if you are registered on

    All participants who register for this event on will have their scores automatically updated here by me. See the "Class" section above for links to register!!!

    To Claim your points and prizes You must Submit Screenshots of all of your Globals/HOF's in accordance with the rules listed below if you choose not to register on the tracker

    Screen shots must be submitted within 24 hours of the global/HOF

    Screenshots must include:

    date/time stamp

    the confirmation of your global in the dialogue box

    With the Global tags... I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!!!

    No edited screen shots will be counted.
    (Exceptions will be made for blocking ped card balance. Block of chat is only permitted if screen shot is shown to me without edit before posting, this can be done via PM)


    Screen Shot Tools:
    ESG 1.6
    Entropia Tracker (new version)



    • Be sure to attend the Atrox Grinder 300 events provided daily for you to earn additional peds while you work towards your monthly prize!!
    • If you register for both Grind Class and Casual Class on tracker, you will automatically be counted in the Grind Class and not the Casual Class, if you have done this by accident before the start of the event please contact Starfinder to have yourself removed from the list. If the event has already started, you will not be allowed to adjust this
    • No teams allowed
    • Mining Counts Too!!(Screenshots need to be posted for these)

    The Scorecard for all participants will be listed below, see you all there!!!!

  2. Leader Board:

    Grind Class

    Casual Class

    Highest Single Loot
  3. Game On!!!! Good Luck Everyone :D
  4. Leader board updated :D
  5. First weekend of this months competition and already some heavy competition [​IMG]

    Leader board updated
  6. Impressive scores so far this month!!! Registration is now open for next months competition (and closed for this months)

    Leader board updated!!!
  7. Congratulations to our Winners!!:yay::yay::yay::yay:

    Grind Class:

    Mike Freyr Perry 8%
    of January's Tax Profits

    Gem Jeny Lake4% of January's Tax Profits

    Casual Class:

    Elliot Miles Christie 4% of January's Tax Profits

    audric djkail roukail2% of January's Tax Profits

    Highest Single Loot:

    Mike Freyr Perry 2%
    of January's Tax Profits

    Enjoy watching your prizes build over the next month!!!!

    The rest of you help them build their prizes while staking your claim in JanuariesThe Tax Man Reloaded :D
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