Teleporter added to OLA-34

Discussion in 'Deathifier' started by Deathifier, May 1, 2010.

  1. Teleporter added to OLA-34

    Access to the frozen and rather remote home of oversized Hogglo on OLA-34 has been made considerably easier with the recent installation of a teleporter and set of basic services in the Southwest section of the area.

    Teleporter details:
    Name: Chilled Hogglo and Maffoid
    Location: 23000, 44200
    Services: Trade, Repair, Revival, and Storage

    This teleporter provides easy access to both OLA-34 and its higher maturity (Old/Provider/Guardian) Hogglo, along with OLA-33 and the Maffoid leadership caste that resides there.

    The normal revivals in the land areas remain operational and the Teleporter has been placed so that it is within 1.6km (one minor TP jump) from those revivals.

    This allows you to hunt freely in either land area and quickly return to the teleporter to store loot and resupply.

    - Deathifier
  2. Warpath

    Warpath Broke

    Yeah man this tp really made access to that part of amethera a lot easier
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