Teleporter Fees on the way, says President of the Virtual Reality...

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Yes I know it was a little joke to say "the forum that should not be named" =).
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  2. We call it "the other forum" here x'D
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  3. Phase 1 : Teleporters Fee

    Phase 2 : Crafting Machine Fee

    Phase 3 : to reduce the lag (lame excuse but we found nothing better) Lost Connection Fee

    Phase 4 : Fly over LAs Fee (when using your flying vehicles)

    Phase 5 : we are in lack of ideas but we'll find soon....
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  4. I like the "Connection Lost Fee" :D

    MA could even force it xD

    Also "Windows XP fee" etc.
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  5. What about the "fixing bugs fee", or the "Delivering what was promised fees" (buggued of course, but then you can pay the "fixing bugs fee", to fix it , until you got to repay the "Delivering what was promised fee", because it got glitched again).

    So then it get stuck in a forever loop of fees.
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  6. Sooner or later, you get a fee on fees.
  7. Calm down with TP fee panic, Its just first phase and will be gradually implemented step by step.
    So first step we already know - TP fee.
    Next - revival terminal fee.
    Latter other terminals fee.
    Storage usage fee and decreased number of free item slots from 500 to 100 but you can pay monthly fee for more.
    Introduction of daily licenses, certificates and permissions for activities like driving, flying, mining, healing and using tools, using weapons, sweating....

    Btw I do not accept to pay fee on poor programed "Connection lost". This must have high level quality and that mean it must have fun factor like "Your avatar is already online, retry after 15 minit noob"
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  8. "We need 500.000 tokens to fix the bug"

    500k tokens.jpg

    "We need 500.000 tokens to deliver what was promised"

    500k tokens2.jpg
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  9. So I mentioned this on "that other forum" but whatever is worth mentioning once... it's probably worth mentioning twice! :wise:

    I'm not mad for thinking MA might be hurting monetarily more than they had originally planned, am I? They probably spent way too much developing ComPet, an idea they know will NOT work... and without any proper long-term plans, they probably thought about milking us for a while longer. So here comes this whole "President of VR" shitshow, and given how it was mostly a no-show with NEVERDIE garnering a majority of the votes on a rigged election, they've taken advantage of his massive ego, letting him go wild with whatever ideas that might piss us off but make MA a little bit of money.

    All in all, then they can point out it was our dear Prez who suggested it, and not MindArk, deflecting all blame towards themselves. A huge argument ensues, a couple ubers make a show of force and stop playing for a while, and after a massive backlash, MA doesn't implement these "suggested" changes in their current form. Instead, they'll try to reach a compromise- a common bargaining tactic, so we will see some form of taxation on teleporters. As for the jobs? It'll probably end up as a half-baked system (Some variation of the current event system) or linger waiting to be implemented for another decade.
  10. For me the Ninja spawns were the last straw. I wonder for whom this "feature" will be the last straw.
    In the end the remaining community will consist out of spineless, boneless, teeth-less creatures who mindlessly click on auto-pay and stare with hollow eyes at the screen until they fall asleep for good.
    Hmm, lulled to sleep, like the western man in a nihilistic neo-capitalistic world where, just like in the movie Brazil, thinking and holding hope is painful and vein.

    ahh, well; in the end, no'one forces you to play... need a smoke, later all :)
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    "I'll charge you a fee that will create a job allowing you to earn back slightly less than the fee you just paid" - BerNEVERDIE

    I also just saw some of the slides in a bit more detail. How will we magically grow from 10mio yearly TPs to 100mio TPs in one year, exactly? More so considering we now would have to pay for that shit. The shitty servers barely can handle the current amount of players. Are we suddenly going to see 10 times the amount of players recruited? How, exactly? MA has been trying (and failing) to do so for years. Is it Compets? Is it the new president?

    But hey, let's not shoot the idea down completely straight away. How about we start a beta of the system on ROCKTropia? Surely ND would not mind that, as it's his own idea. Let's put it to the test, and see what the impact has. And if it somehow ends up in RT having to shut down, perhaps we won't even need to start an impeachment process for the first president of virtual reality exclusively focussing on and empowered in 1 single game, while the rest of the world goes on as if nothing really happened. And let's face it, the rest of the world is a lot more sane than the Swedish Clown Squad and "our" president.
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  12. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Ahhhhrg ... really time to watch "Brazil" again - lol!
  13. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Just testing it at one planet only would fail. Especially at RT because its not the most populated planet. Either you start the test at Calypso or at all planets. In general I agree in not shooting down the idea. Micropayment is completely okay. But neither NEVERDIE nor MA has the balls to establish a solid system for that. Both parties are dreamers and never had a straight plan. Look at MA's zick-zack during the last years ... ***roll eyes***
    A solid business concept looks different!
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  14. I find it extremely positive that owner of tp fee idea test his own idea on his planet first.
    He can buy all RT TP's from MA. Price is known as LA owners paid them - its 75.000 peds one.
    And after a year of bank loans to pay all telepotrters and abandoned usage by players, maybe abandoned RT planet too he can ask banks for more loans to pay salaries for all promised jobs.
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  15. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Such a scenario would only lead to NEVERDIEs bankruptcy. It wouldn't neither be helpfull for the game nor would it deliver significant data or findings.
    NEVERDIE did a lot for the game during the past. Probably you don't love each aspect of his creations and actions - especially this VR-president-bullshit.

    But what did you for the game so far? I say: Don't hate him. Wish him luck!
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  16. Wish him luck? Yes I hear you fully but he is the one with the idea that will kill the game. Signs that I have gotten so far is that MA is fully supporting this and most likely planned in a not so far off VU update.

    But we need to give McCormick some credit here. Talking with PP I was told that this was all a joke that McCormick made up.
  17. If such scenario is bad for RT and its pp why do you think it would be good for rest of universe.
    Is logic that is bad and if someone want to force bad idea then cant pretend that community finance such experiment.
    Why do you care what I did for game?
    I don't. As most of us i'm active gamer, customer, participant, depositor and supporter of PE/EU from start.
    You can care instead what we gamers can do in future because cost to play is increasing constantly.
    Btw your glass is empty.
    I didn't cause for example scanner gate and killing all investigator professions, I didn't cause drastic change of iron missions on all planets because RT repeatable short missions with infinite attribute gains. Don't make me start. Did I mentioned mining hof of sweat essence or mentor edition items in loot.
    Hmm I think is not a case that I go to pull million more of goodies that happened in past.
    And I don't hate him, maybe I could be angry on MA as they allow things to happen, well all is about money from bank on auction and server restart to sale of cnd / foma and copy paste indoor mining to hell, to shady bussines with LA deeds, ... bah who care.
    It is MA in the end.
    But fact that I don't hate do not mean that I should automatically like any such idea.

    * what I did - I think that i caused masive skill up for many even before first land grab on Calypso, that I'm still reason and goal to go on for few but i didn't do it intentionally and don't feel guilty for that.
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  18. great, you just gave me flashbacks form a few years ago... Now I'm gonna have to go dig up the old threads and put them in The List, lol. p.s. do you have the sweat hof link? Having a bit of trouble finding it, but I do remember it pissed off a lot of folks.
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  19. Norbert

    Norbert Cartoon Head

    I don't get whats wrong with people, I mean free $$$$$$-zorzzz.

    Never have to deposit again, and third world countries saved by one idea!!!.

    I gonna spend my free $$$$-zorzzz on a VR statue of ND, McDonalds every day, and the rest on pay per view pRon ladies.

    Best idea ever, can't wait.
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  20. You just changed my point of view ! What a well written speech !
    Martin Luther King couldnt have said it better !
    I think I havent understood the whole principle, until now !
    $$$$-zorzzz + McDonalds every day + pr0n gurlz you say ? Where do I sign ? :'D

    Oh wait, I signed not right ?
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