Teleporter Fees on the way, says President of the Virtual Reality...

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  1. I wouldn't mind a 50 PED INTERPLANETARY tp-fee :d

  2. OooOoOoo the poor pilots :d
  3. having a vip flight by a pilot is 25 peds, so still better
    but if none available and you are in a hurry, at least it is possible to get there
  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    It could work.... I mean depends on how they did it. The usual thing of cater to the rich and short of time. They could restrict or deny stackables for the jump too so there is still room for shipping and piracy.

    Personally I'd prefer this wasn't a thing though. Too much these days is instant gratification. If it takes a bit of time to get to another planet people might be more likely to stay there for a bit. Probably a good thing for the economy etc.

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  5. Very well written Wistrel.
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  6. Problem is, this thing is now dead, thanks to MindArk...and Neverdie is trying to scam aheee collect 50.000.000$ (loOooOool) on his own now, via his Amevrica Etherum scaaehhhh idea.

    10$ minimum...and no official word by MindArk about it...a tremendous risk and absolutely no guarantee...what an epic scam...I mean, nice, billions of jobs !!!!111
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  7. I suggest building a monorail system on Calypso that would stimulate the economy and possibly attract 1 trillion new players!

    Mining and crafting would benefit the most as well as specialist terraforming and dynamite teams needed to level the land where necessary.

    These workers would need protection hence armed guards would be needed.

    All workers would accumulate 'Monorail Tokens' that can be accumulated to buy a Monorail Share.

    Shareholders gain an annual income from paying passengers who prefer not to travel via teleport because rail journey costs are only 1 pec and they can accumulate 'Monorail Miles' that they can exchange for small fractions of a Bitcoin.

    Idea might need some work.
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  8. why not just destroy all the tps and vehicles and make everyone walk. Then give the Planet Partners a bicycle to rent out, no sorry, 'give a job' of bycycle rider for a premium 'fee'... to those willing to pay...
  9. San


    Oh yeah, a simulated disaster knocking out all simulated infrastructure so we can go back to the good times of simulating to be on a wild, almost pristine planet.
  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Not again :D
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  11. The thing is, with bridge investment, MA had/has great partners already testing monorail stuff in mother russia. Buy tokahee invest money and make 3000%+++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

    Best idea ever...virtual monorail...mining, our president !!!!11
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  12. Just a little ND never mentioned the promised "Giant Teleporter" again...the one that should have been revealed at the "Mobile World Congress"...

    He wanted to announce "it", even right after MA canceled his Teleporter Token Plans.

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  13. The Dragon who would be King - not a single mention of this Dragon game in the white paper...
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  14. Because its all bla bla grab dollars as long as he can...
    John truly became annoying over the past years, yet people have to learn it the hard way.

  15. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I keep reading he messed up the ico. Can anyone explain? I saw the "rate" or value or whatever it is called is currently close to 0, but apparently Neverdie Coins still add up to 1.5 million USD. Is that how much money he raised? How did he mess up, exactly?

    All in all, knowing there's now 3 planet partners (MA, ND, Dobson) attempting to do stuff with cryptocoins doesn't exactly raise my trust in either EU, or cryptocurrency in general. It all smells like quick attempts at making money. MA apparently is out of ideas on how now to shake more money out of gullible people and seems to view cryptocurrency as a better alternative than another big sale.

    I'm staying far, far away from all of this, but am still curious as to how ND messed up.
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  16. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Oh it's not the Christmas Sale is it? Seriously they should stop with this big ticket milarki and sell things cheaper. Take those statues that didn't sell for instance. TBH the idea rather appealed but not at that price tag. Make it cheaper (say 1000 or 2000 ped) and have lots of them - job's a good'un. It isn't like there isn't enough room. They don't have to be all in towns either. There is loads of room.

    Other stuff they could sell are customisations to the game like some Kickstarters did. For example allowing you to name NPCs or items in the game or regions/areas. Wistrel Creek anyone? ;)

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  18. San


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  19. Info coming soon, info coming soon, info coming soon...great.

    And the scam game "Shroud of the avatar" on the main beeing in "early access" since 2014...
    Just look at the reviews on steam and do some googling.
    Keeping in mind how many (really) angry posts got deleted over the years.

    Richard Garriot was cool once...twice, if you include the failed game Tabula Rasa.

    On top of it, the Neverdie token scam and another fucked up "1 billion jobs video"...jesus christ..."pool will be replenished everytime you teleport and die ingame"...yes, you got to pay everytime you die and teleport, in every single game on this world...soon ;) ...while others will have to additionally repair the teleporters..also paying for that the non dieng and non teleporting people will take your money...billions of jobs for sure...yet no giant TP got announced and MA said no to this idea. Hillarious show...megalomania.

    "a must have for any crypto enthusiast" x'D

    So, the basics to get payed would be....never-die and never teleport...and youll be fine (and very rich soon). ;D

    Ok, for now people (still) invest in every new hype by Neverdie and/or Mindark...just because they can...and because the idea involves crypto, ICOs and a hollywood star... ;D still, this world turns dumb and dull at an alarming rate in my opinion.
    Next step, fees for dieng and teleporting...

    Anyway, hail president neverdie !!!

    !TP PLAN1.jpg
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  20. San


    I like the novels of Tracy Hickman. I think I'll invest in some more good old paper bricks, beginning with completing the Death Gate series. That was a great game... on C64. And the stories written after it.
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