The Cold Season

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  1. Ah, I feel a bit of inspiration... here's a fictional post for y'all to enjoy...

    It's winter again, the snow is falling and they've put the trees up with all their lovely lights. The cold is not as bitter and forgiving as I've heard it can be elsewhere. This year I actually have a way of staying warm. I was lucky enough to win one of the new cars that they were giving away and so I can huddle up nice and warm in it for the night, it also keeps me a bit safer. I always make sure to park near a service center, there's no need for me to press my luck by parking with all the wild creatures of this world. I always park in the direction where the sun will rise from.

    It's such a nice thing to see first thing in the morning. A bright golden orb slowly rising in the distance. As the light makes its way toward me I feel hope. The warmth I feel as the light finally reaches me is wonderful, cozy, inviting. I almost feel like going back to sleep once I'm all warmed up again, but by this time my stomach tells me its time to start working. Finding food has been difficult lately, I suspect the animals are trying to get enough for a rough winter. The leftovers they leave behind helps pay the bills, though it takes awhile to find enough of it. When I do find some food it takes all my willpower to keep from eating it all at once. I'm hungry lately, but that is to be expected. I've thought many times of pressing my luck and selling what I got to try to make a profit in something else, but if I failed I'd be left with nothing and so I keep what I got and press on, looking for the next thing that will get me closer to my goals.

    As the day wears on and I've finally found some things to sell I head back towards town. It's busy there, not nearly as peaceful as the land I live off of. The people are always shouting and trying to make deals with you, but in the end if you go for too many of their deals you find out you forgot to buy something that is actually useful to you in your present situation. Mostly I try to sell what I got for some PED so that I can save it in the hopes of eventually buying a place to spend the evening. I'm sure with enough time and some luck I might get there. It's rough living this way, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. The natural sights to see are worth the trouble of living day to day.

    I look forward to the approaching holidays, people seem to be more cheerful during this time and I love watching them give and receive gifts. They always seem to be more generous despite the fact that I know most of them struggle as I do. Most of the things I see people give are hand made, little bits of pretty stones made into something or another that someone can cherish, that's what most of us can afford to do. The rest of us just wish each other well and continue about our lives. That's what I do. I honestly do wish them well, but I wish I could do more for them too. Someday, perhaps, I will be able to, but for now I'll wish them all the best I can and hope that they have a wonderful holiday season.

    ... yeah, probably not my best post ever written, but it's something. Somtimes its hard to get them creative juices to come out with as much fragrance as they had when they were stewing. Oh well, if I don't post again before then I hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year!
  2. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I find it beautiful :) and so true! It is as if this time of year does something special to you. You see things more clearly - it's the time of year where you reflect on your life, things you're doing and the future. It's beautiful times - and yet a little melancholy - but in a good way. It's the time of year, where one IS suppose to look at what one got, and perhaps plan things differently, inspired by experiences.

    I think you wrapped things up nicely :) Have a wonderful Christmas back and a great New Year (ours will be celebrated in Rome :D but more of that in an upcoming Blog entry ^^)

  3. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I really enjoy your writing ... a lot ... you have a smoothness to your delivery, and clearly paint a canvas with words, which I always look for when I read someone's work. Your little story captured my attention, and when you can do that, the rest is a journey. Keep it coming when you are inspired, but I totally understand about engaging creativeness ... it's not always easy.

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season yourself ... and thank you! :)
  4. Absolutley Beautiful piece.Now that can be carried over to real life and make a smile.Simple and sweet.
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