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    All my early life, going to the dentist never was a problem for me. I went to the same dentist as my dad; a friendly guy, who was an easygoing guy. Despite having the cavity, and eventually having my upper wisdom teeth pulled, I never dreaded going to his office.

    Until at some point he took in a new partner. A tiny guy, who for some odd reason reminded me of my old highschool economy teacher. A little creep, with a big sadist streak. He started off by asking me how old I was, which at the time must have been 23 or 24. Due to the childish way in which he asked me, I responded by counting it out on my fingers, the way a 6 year old would hold up a full hand and just showing one finger from the other. The tone had been set.

    He went on to check my mouth, fihnally remarking that I had some calculus under my gums, and he'd have to clean this. With a big grin, he added this was a very bloody and painful experience. It seemed as if he was thoroguhly excited, wrining his hands, and almost hopping from one foot to another. I asked him if he could just knock me out with anesthetics foor the procedure, to which he produced a big grin, and gleefully replied: "No!".

    Great. My dentists' new partner was one of them guys who dissappeared after the war, only to resurface years later when the trials were all over.

    I promised to make a new appointment to get the procedure done, and never did. For ten years, I stuck to brushing frantically, and figuring the occassional shot of whisky swished thoroughly around in the mouth would kill of anything in it. All of this went well for years, with the only one whining to me about the dentist every now and then being my beloved wife. Then, last Christmas, one of my gifts from her was an electric toothbrush, and an appointment at the dentist. WTF? I know men who got concert tickets, or other pleasurable gifts from their wives. Mine gave me the dental equivalent of an enema instead.

    After running out of viable excuses, I reluctantly went along to her new dentist closeby. They were actually quite nice, and complimented me on my good teeth. Apparently, in ten years of not visiting a dentist, I only got a single cavity. They did confirm the calculus would need to be removed as well, though, ut they assured me that anesthetics is an option. My appointment for that is tomorrow morning, and I am fresh out of Jack Daniels, which will make the visit to the dentist hardly as much fun as before.

    I'd hereby like to ask you, the reader, to help me come up with an equally nasty surprise for coming Christmas. for Lykke :D A blindfolder parachute jump, tickets for a marathon session of "Sex in the City", or a drumkit for me, and earmuffs for her? Alternatively, feel free to let me know a good excuse to pull out from tomorrow morning's appointment. Despite everything, I have to admit that the thought of visiting a dentist still scares me something fierce.
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    Well Peter it looks like we are in the same boat. I have an appointment at the dentist to tomorrow after 4 years and a wisdom tooth needs to be pulled and a cavity filled up.
    Not really a problem for me, but I am a bit nervous because it is the first time anything has been done to me at the dentist, so more nervous about not knowing what is gonna happen and how it will feel then the actual procedure. Anyway 14:00 is my time, I'll let you know how that goes :)

    And about the gift for Lykke, I'll have to get back to you on that one, ha ha ha
  3. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Well, Peter, Darling, Dear, Sweetheart, Love :loveshower: ... that went somehow alright anyway, after the two nice ladies pulled you back down in the chair ??? :D

    About the gift ... I did it with love :cry: ... and seeing you're not getting younger, you probably forgot when we reach next x-mas *runs*
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    Heh. So I made it all the way into the dentist's chair. She told me to open my mouth so she could give me the shot. And I fucking lost it. I told her I wanted to leave. I almost could see a spark of desperation in her eyes. The dentist is not exactly a tall woman, and there'd be no way she'd be able to restrain me if I had bolted (when I was around 16, i hadn't properly started growing yet, most likely due to a narrow piece in my aorta I was born with and had extensive surgery for when I was 2. At the time I was 16, I must have been around 1.60m, and morifited by needles and injections. My doctor told me they wanted to take some blood, and it took 4 grown-ups sitting on my to keep me on the table). I'm now around 1.90m, and quite a bit bulkier than I was back then.

    Her and her assistant managed to calm me down, and about an hour later, we were all done. One less cavity, half a kilo of calculus gone, and I could still play the guitar (i asked them, and they said that what they did should not matter). I contemplated letting Lykke sweat it and wonder how things went, by only calling her at 12:00, but decided against that, and rang her anyway.

    I then cycled home, but was foolish enough to not bring my gloves (Lykke dropped me and the bike off at the dentist). By the time I got hoe, my fingers fellt like popsicles, and as if someone was constantly poking hot needles into them. It hurt so badly that I was feeling nauseous over it. It was unlike anything I ever felt before, and looking back, I think I went into a minor shock or something over it. I literally would rather have my teeth pulled than ever experiencing that again.

    Damn Danish cold weather. I've been trying to convince Lykke we should move to Texas, but she's not yet ready for that, despite my promises I'd only buy two shotguns, and a 9MM. Any tips on how to convince your wife to move to somewhere warmer?
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    Sounds like you had a great time there Peter.
    Well my date with the dentist went pretty good. It was the first time I ever had a tooth pulled or a cavity filled and the first time I got anesthesia as well.
    Well needles don;t scare me at all and to be honest it didn't hurt at all. It took the dentist a bit of power to get the tooth out (he must have muscle ache tonight).
    The cavity was filled without anesthesia and I didn't feel a thing or that either. Now 7 hour later the anesthesia has worn off completely and I do feel a bit of pressure where my tooth used to be, but for now it is not pain. So overall I do not have much to complain about, but of course we need to wait and see what happens tomorrow, maybe it hurts like hell then :)

    And how to convince Lykke to move to a warmer place, maybe you could get a job at Neverdie studios in the US ;)
  6. narfi

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    The last dentist my wife went to for a filling used lasers instead of grinding tools. My wife said it was her best trip to a dentist ever.

    for each of the kids... but what about yourself?
  7. Thorn

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    A little preventative care will be better than having to get teeth pulled later in life.

    Also there are a lot nicer warm places than Texas.
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