The Eggs of Entropia are here! Auction for the first 2 of 5 eggs: Planet Arkadia & Planet Toulan

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  1. San


    They are clear with the wording unlike the above. Yes, you are entitled to affiliate revenue if you buy the egg.

    It is beginning to make sense, actually. Even from a financial point of view, if the bidding doesn't spiral totally out of control, this looks like something you can invest in, as long as you trust the companies involved don't fold before you get your dough back. If the pet is tradable separately, the usual suspects might offer to pay a pretty penny for it, too.

    Fwiw, they obviously do not want an affiliate program every Tom, Dick and Harry can sign up for.
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  2. NotAdmin

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    You're not signing up. You're paying 1200 USD for MindArk telling you to go fuck your affiliate link.
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  3. San


    Are you saying the contract can be changed like banks do when they say they can terminate your account at any time and for any reason of their own. I haven't read the fine print, instead I said "provided you trust..." Most self-professed "investors" don't do more than that, anyway. All I said is, it probably works for as long as it lasts.

    The other side is, how will you keep your affiliates from coming back at you upon finding out that this is a losing proposal unless one is prepared to do what is necessary in a competitive system of redistribution, or to not mind spending on pixels. There will be entertaining stories of affiliates who did not educate their followers.

    What would motivate anyone to sign up under an affiliate anyway? Usually this will beget MLM-type structures. If these are not considered from the start, ideally coded inside the blockchain possibilities we now have, there will be foreseeable consequences.
  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    It's their affiliate program, they can and they do already choose their partners. I saw Entropia-only streamers averaging 3 concurrent viewers spamming their affiliate link but we couldn't get one with 400 concurrent viewers variety streaming, YouTube channels with 50000+ subscribers, multiple websites incl. EntropiaPlanets and more social media followers than EU has players... Selling access to an affiliate program for 2000 bucks makes no sense at all. It's a marketing joke suggesting an investment opportunity that is none.

    The NFT does not guarantee affiliate partnership. There are other unknown requirements and the decision is ultimately MindArk's.

    The pet isn't tradable seperatly, it's bound to the owner of the NFT.

    What's 10% revenue? As we know there's usually a 50/50 split of revenue between MA and PP. Is it 10% of MA's revenue or is it 10% of PP's revenue? Considering Calypso there's also 25% to CLD holders, is it 10% of the other 25%? Of the other 25% that's not taking place on Crystal Palace or taxed LAs? Is it after MA's or PP's taxes? In the end you might get something like 2% of what a player you've signed up actually spends. And then revenues are paid in PED inside EU. So you have to manually withdraw it paying the usual withdrawal fees and potential transaction fees. And then you have to pay income tax of whatever is left. It's probably income from abroad, meaning some effort to not pay taxes twice, abroad and domestic.

    Also to participate in the affiliate program you need a NFT in an Enjin Wallet plus an EU avatar.

    There are many affiliate programs you can sign up today for free and start earning tomorrow, paying X% on sale of something with a clear price tag, transfering revenue automatically and regularly into you back account. Someone taking affiliate marketing seriously has to decide whether to use an empty space for an affiliate link to EU or something else. EU is a niche in a niche in a niche, an unfinished, unpolished product developed for decades without clear direction resulting in a mess of overlapping features and patchwork of system, always overpromised, massively delayed, underdelivered or completely canceled. Without any doubt it has a much lower conversion rate than other products with affiliate programs.

    EU affiliate partnership only makes sense, if at all, for 2 situations: 1. if you have a massive collection of EU info attracting potential new players organically via search engines, example: EntropiaPlanets ;) 2. if you are a big player in MMO media that can market EU to a large following of MMO players and hope for some to convert, example: Everyone else will suffer from high entry fees (NFT price), low conversion rates, low revenue shares, lot of marketing effort (content/activity) with little reach, lot of management effort (manual transactions, tax stuff) and additional costs (website, content production, regular fees for running a business etc.)

    Conclusion: for an affiliate program it's overly complicated, unpredictable, too much effort.

    I also do not understand MA's perspective. The effort of this campaign for maybe 20k bucks income in the end. The costs for the implementing a NFTs based affiliate program in EU. The limitation on people who are willing to pay for access instead of actively approaching the most attrative potential partners...
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  5. Tass

    Tass Administrator

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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yeh I'm with you on all of your post. Ah well... a fool and their money and all that...
  7. NotAdmin

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    I'm saying that MA is selling the egg, with the sales pitch to a large extent being: "You get an affiliate link". The fine print then states MA can reserve the right to not allow you to get the link (at their own discretion). So whatever they're selling is more hot air (as usual), just to a different audience this time, hoping that audience doesn't do their due diligence.

    MA doesn't give a shit about any backlash. They can point at the fine print, and will already have their money. In a way this feels even more like a scam than the ICO. I sure do hope there is going to be an unidentified investor dropping 12 million USD this time, too.

    Other than that, what Tass said. MA will make a few thousand USD on this, and whatever the buyers pay will be entirely too much, and yet another failed project to add to their long list. But, with a tiny bit of luck, it'll open some new eyes to show there's very little future left from a company that excels in false advertising, and is an utter failure at everything else.
  8. San


    So this is the relevant bit then, thank you. I want to keep fact and speculation separate, but haven't forgotten the odious 12 mil either.

    Edit: Ah yes, it is really written here:
    That's what I call uncertainty in no uncertain terms :D

    (Evil thought of the day: The way to sabotage this would be to setup a donation fund in ETH for some Russian to buy it and sign a promise not to sell until all sanctions are ended. I'd give a few bucks to that.)
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  9. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    2 more eggs sold:

    Cyrene Egg: ~ 6500 USD

    Next Island Egg: ~8300 USD
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  10. NotAdmin

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    So would a higher price fetched indicate the buyer thinks the specific planet reflects a bigger potential for possible affiliate revenue? If so, I'm surprised to see Arkadia went for so much less than Cyrene and Next Island. I'd think it would be higher value. And potentially, Calypso will go for the highest price, as the increased activity makes it more likely that potential victims end up dropping a few bucks.

    Also, why would someone buy 2 eggs? Are they expecting to be able to sell these pets for more than what they paid? If so, please get me in touch with N1ghtmare1. I have a bridge to sell him.
  11. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    The higher price I think is a reflection of the problems people had in bidding are now fixed.
  12. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Anyone know how much the next island and cyrene eggs sold for?
  13. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Check Tass's post a few replies up ;)
  14. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    I thought those were the bids before they sold, my mistake. Do we know who bought them?
  15. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Not 100% confirmed:

    Toulan & Arkadia to John n1ghtmare1 Ridinger

    Next Island to rawr66 rawr66 rawr66

    Cyrene to some NFT speculator not in the EU community so far
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