The Entropia Universe Economy and You

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  1. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I have started the first draft of a manual to help new players understand how the Real Cash Economy in the Entropia Universe Works.

    The Entropia Universe Economy and You - EntropiaPlanets Wiki - Information about Entropia Universe

    I am by no means an economist or expert, so would appreciate any advice on how the manual could be made better.

    No criticism is too menial, spelling, punctuation, formatting etc... I would appreciate feed back on all of it.

    I have the same manual started on the Rocktropia forum since that is where I have been spending my time lately, but eventually once its finished and polished would like to have it on each of the planet forums or links to the wiki here.

    The Entropia Universe Economy and You

    Thanks for your help :)

  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I think the biggest thing i need help with is formatting, it just doesnt seem easy on the eyes. I tried making the text larger which helped some but still doesn't seem perfect.

    It might be that the background for the wiki is so light that looking at a wall of text with the white behind it is painful, im not sure.

    Any help or advice would be great :)

  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Hi Narfi,

    it's awesome and great to have it on the wiki. ;)

    My suggestion would be to use sub-pages.

    Meaning you have your mainpage: "The Entropia Universe Economy and You" and a sub-page for each part like:

    The Entropia Universe Economy and You/Preface:_A_Real_Cash_Economy

    The Entropia Universe Economy and You/Part_1:_Personal_Economics


    That way the pages belonging to the project are tied together and easy to identify. Additionally categorizing them would give the opportunity to have a menu similar to the Missions Browser.

    You can also add [[Category:Guide]] to each page.

    If there's anything we can do for you just call. ;)
  4. Nobatti

    Nobatti Guest

    just some comments, not criticisms, hope it helps.


    1. too many quotes in the first paragraph makes it feel wrong. If you wanna capitalize or maybe underscore or hyperlink to definitions section that might be better.

    2. In the first paragraph you have capitalized PED but in future paragraphs it is lower case. Consistency is good.

    3. Certain proper nouns should probably be capitalized (United States Dollar)

    Personal Economics

    1. 2nd paragraph mentions a "0PED on our card" but a card is not yet described. Might leave an open question for someone unfamiliar with the system.

    2. 5th paragraph talks about turning ped into items and resources thru professions but is a little vague as to how. Again, unfamiliar person might be helped by understanding that weapons/tools have cost and ammunition/mining consumables have cost, crafting requires obtaining necessary materials for crafting and so on.

    3. "there are multitudes of tutorials and discussions...." might be good to provide some example links.

    4. 11th paragraph mentions markup with not much earlier description.

    5. "Auction is defiantly" sp definitely

    6. after that paragraph the next seems to talk about trading with another individual, but doesn't really state that specifically. might be better something like "..selling your loot and resources directly to someone that..." and "...resources or items that you need directly from a person...."

    Social Economics

    1. 3rd paragraph lowercase is one word

    2. 10th paragraph or so "upper and lower case" might be "upper- and lowercase"
  5. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Look at Part 1's discussion page: Talk:Part 1: Personal Economics - EntropiaPlanets Wiki - Information about Entropia Universe

    That's the normal size again. Big text means also more white between the letters ;).

    Actually you can have any text or background color but it's not really recommended in order to keep the wiki consistent

    I've put little examples for structuring on the page:
    - lists
    - indentation
    - bold text
    - using images

    Another option would be sub-sections.
  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Thank you Nobatti I think i have made all the changes you pointed out as well as others that your points brought out for me.

    Thanks Tass that example looks much better, I tried doing the sub-pages but got confused, so I reverted all the changes I made trying it out.

    I really like how it looks with the indented lists, pictures and table of contents.

    I will work more on it tomorrow and see if I can incorporate your suggestions into all of the pages :)

    Thanks for your help guys,


    I'm afraid I may be a day or two learning the formatting before I add the next section. :P
  7. narfi

    narfi Lost

    OH.. one more question, do pictures need to be uploaded to the wiki, or can they be pulled from this forum or other places on the internet as well?

  8. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Currently referencing of images is only allowed from So you can use images from the gallery for example. But it's really recommended to upload images to the wiki because only then you can use wiki markup code to easily create thumbnails, galleries, resize and align images, add text...
  9. Nobatti

    Nobatti Guest

    Italics look super!
  10. Thorn

    Thorn Proud CND Baby

    Nice job so far! I did`nt look too deep so I can`t say much in the way of comments but any project like that deserves a pat on the back!
  11. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Ok, I got the formatting done on the preface including a pretty graph that I figured out how to make the same size as the index box above it.

    I started in on part 1 and made most of the changes there but since I dont have alot of images of my own thought it would be great to pull existing images from the wiki and forum in. (thats what collaborative work is all about right?) But i cant figure out how to pull one from the forum gallery, you said it was possible but that formatting may be different.

    Also, does anyone have a picture of the deposit window? that would be a good image for the part 1 page.


  12. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Looks good. ;)

    Yep, collaborative all the way.

    To find images on the wiki you can use the search function on the filelist page. (no deposit window there yet...)

    To use images on EP but not on the wiki you need the paste the full path in the editing window, try:
  13. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    thanx Narfi for this nice addition to our wiki, this is the stuff we need in there (next to ALL the other stuff that we are working very hard on to get in there.
    I think the poster above made some good point so I leave it with that.

    Good luck finishing all the 'chapters'
  14. narfi

    narfi Lost

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