The Exploiters of Space

Discussion in 'Entropia Space' started by Arafel, Dec 15, 2021.

  1. Once there was three friends on a spaceship...

    You fill in the gaps :laugh::masquerading:

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  2. The Normandie spaceship was shot down in space while Captain JBK logs out and former Pirate Bonnie gets help from the Planet partners DME/MS9 (Monria/Toulan) & Socrates (Next Island) to quickly repair the mothership.
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  3. [​IMG]
    It's funny cuz its true
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  4. Thats is the sinfull place!
    ToS members cheat to gain repair skills, which they then brag about here # post-3323207

    If they do not bot, I am very afraid of their health because they can not have slept much during several years.
    This is not a game feature design for JBK to leav his computer on and repair while his Wife fly the ship, and at mobs that she do not even kill, just to get skill.

    Maybe they get dry?
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  5. sadly he is a know cheater and alot more than his amps stack up
    Scan of JBK gun (check tier rates) He have used a exploit where you can stack amps and in theory get extreme DPP (higher chance of looting items) and extreme DPS used together with all the reload pills that could be stacked with rings, and 65% extra with yog
    JBK providing his alt with the equipment of George Geo Clone (same tier rates) to cheat in Goldrush Cat1.
  6. maybe someone has the video of JBK & Geo TheCrid, i cant find it anymore and it seem to be removed from youtube
  7. [​IMG]
    he must need all that extra dps because of all the years he sat clicking repair
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  8. I filled in the gaps ;)
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Its the same space clowns that shoot shoot eachothers ships to get good and bad standards on them. Using every opportunity they can to cheat the system instead of playing.
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  12. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Not sure if I follow... Been a few years since I was up on all the drama.
    Welcome to the forum, and make sure you bring both sides to the fun, so everyone gets a chance to enjoy.
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  13. Not likely that the usual suspects, JBK his wife Bonnie & their lapdog Geo who all are heavy invested in the game & space would write here, because they are not found of places which they can not censor. But they are welcome!
  14. There was no PP avatars on the other players ships, and there is no reason what so ever for a planet partner Avatar to be on a players mothership, and even less using a repair tool to help them after a battle! This is abuse and MS9 have been in this game so long that she if anyone should have know better.

    On PCF, JBK releases his dog Geo to imidetly to do provocative post on any subject they dont like until the posts get deleted.

    In Discord they admin & delete/ban every player that would speak up against their heavy investments.
    And dont get me started on how crazy it is that they are allowed to admin and label a Discord server as "official EU"

    You will never know who is using the Geo avatar nowdays, or who of their developer friends are online to support.
  15. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I haven't had a lot of interaction, but back in the day they were always nice to me. Bring them on over and air it all out.
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  16. good luck with that...

    She bends has a history of bending the rules to get her way over the years, over and over, and over again... history does repeat itself.
  17. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Interesting. We've started the first EU Discord in early 2015 and asked other community projects to join and make it a joint Discord of the EU community. But the community wasn't ready back then :) Maybe a good time to *bump* it and make in an alternative.
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  18. Thanks McCormick for linking the thread, sadly these kids run from one platform to the next making up more and more lies.
    Most of which i addressed already in the other thread and on discord.
    The Crid avatar was an avatar standing at goldrush exit and so was me as were many others standing inside my avatar - so thats were they doctored one of the pics.
    Repairing pic was at a spacestation and not during combat, all of which is explained in the other thread and the faction pushing the lies is pirates from NVE alongside Varyag & affiliates.
    Yes we did get shot down out of duty when traveling with just me and my wife to do a stream about upcomming content of planetpartners especially next island and virtualsense which is why we had the attention of said planetpartners.
    We then returned with only players onboard and killed the pirate mothership Krusenstern which had many gunners aboard rather quickly and easily while only having 1 pilot and 1-2 gunners (i wasnt even onboard at that point) which is likely the reason they are butthurt.
    All of which can be viewed on my wifes twitch account -

    Most of the new accounts that are generated to propell their agenda are made by Ernestj who has an axe to grind with me from way back when he had the goldie avatar and was running Dreadnaught pretending to not be a pirate while pirating with his main.
    I opposed him then and ended the double play.
    I have also been maintaining the ingame #space_travel channel as admin and moderator for a decade were we enable transport providers to offer their flights to passengers while keeping the channel free from pirate 'lures' (like for example Ernestj's recent spam in various ingame channels when he told players they could now fly through lootable and be safe), dishonest flight offers as well as slander of other providers - which is also one of the reasons they run around crying about me.

    The amp pic was made by me as a friend gave me the amps so i could draw some more attention to the issue which had already been reportet many months ago - i attached them to my gun took the pic posted it on the entropia universe discord server (which has the support of mindark and most planet partners) pointing out the issue , tted the amps, never once fired a shot with them - the pic however got enough attention for mindark to fix the issue before the start of halloween mayhem and the amps no longer drop ingame.

    The VSE repairskills come from actual repairing and huntting in space for nearly a decade - hence why not only my repairskills are high but mit gunner prof skills are even higher and im 79 captain.

    The accounts above who present photoshopped pics in constantly changing accusations one forum/platform after the other are again pretty new like is always the case by those who dont dare showing their real ingame main identity.

    These people have made doxxing videos about me, sent threatening pm to my wife with pic of our son attached asking her to 'stay out of it' - its not gonna impact us, butt it shows the state of mind they operate from especially at christmas time.

    So let me end this on a positive note.
    In modern days a lie makes it around the globes several times within minutes - but it will always be caught by the light which always shines brigther.
    Trust in people not accounts, in experience not words, in positivity and care over bitterness,envy and hate and last but not least to you all

    A Merry Christmas
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  19. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I'm in a hurry so here just a quick reply.

    Anyone who receives a hint of an exploit should document it as thoroughly as possible and open a support case with MindArk. Notifiying other players of potential exploiters is ok but please stick to the facts. Apart from this let's refrain from name-calling & negative campaining. Let's not post private information in any shape or form. The only exception to this might be a well-researched investigative article that includes private information to highlight connections that otherwise wouldn't be clear and that are relevant for the presentation of the case.

    Other topic. I believe that planet partner avatars should only be allowed for event organization and management. Planet partners should not own regular player estates, regular premium items such as spaceships, should not provide or pay players for ingame services. Planet partners avatars should not interfere with the regular gameplay in any shape or form, neither positively nor negatively. Not one person affiliated with a MA or a planet partner should have a regular player account. Planet partners should not treat any player or streamer preferentially and no decent player should accept preferential treatment, and even less suggest it to MindArk or planet partners. And also no player in an admin or moderator position at any platform should ever use this for any shape or form of personal gain or unequal treatment of other players.
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