The First Ever Mining Event on Monria...

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  1. This is the First Mining Event, courtesy from the "Mine For Wealth" trading company on Monria.
    Monria Mining Marathon (MMM) aka "The Triple M" Mining Event
    Starting From: 00:01 on 1st July 2014
    End In: 23:59 on 24th December 2014
    All the winners will be selected on 26th December 2014 and prizes will be handed out on 31st December 2014.
    Categories for MMM Points:
    1. Category 1: 1~10 MMM Points
    2. Category 2: 11~25 MMM Points
    3. Category 3: 26~50 MMM Points
    4. Category 4: >51 MMM Points
    Points are awarded according to the below calculation:
    • 20 globals = one MMM point
    • 10 Hofs with each value over 100 peds = one MMM point
    MMM Points for Towers will be divided into a few categories:
    1. 4000 peds~ 6000 peds = 4 MMM Points
    2. 6001 peds~ 8000 peds = 6 MMM Points
    3. 8001 peds~ 10000 peds = 8 MMM Points
    4. 10001 peds~ 15000 peds = 10 MMM Points
    5. 15001 peds~ 20000 peds = 15 MMM Points
    6. 20001 peds~ 40000 peds = 20 MMM Points
    For every MMM point, you're required to manually print screen or take the screen shot of your global/hof/tower/ATH.
    You need to take a screenshot of your open claim dead that is not allowed to be positioned over the loot window, you also need a timestamp.
    Post must be made within 24 hours. Last day with in 6 hours!
    1. To Earn an eligible MMM partial point from a global, u need to sell no less than 50 ped tt per global qualified of your mined resources to us.
    2. To Earn an eligible MMM partial point from a HoF, u need to sell no less than 100 ped tt per Hof qualified of your mined resources to us.
    3. To Earn an eligible MMM point from a tower, u need to sell no less than 1000 ped tt per MMM point of your mined resources to us
    PS: All the rules and regulations are subjects to change. We have the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time.
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