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  1. So does anyone want to speculate on when and for how much those land areas will sell?
    There not very big, about 1/6 the size of a normal land area, this has led me to speculate that the end price for them after bidding would logical be 1/6 the price of a normal LA, so 20-25k ped each. Of coarse we know that will never happen, some land baron will drive the price hoping to turn around and sell it for twice as much and each LA will end up more around 100k ped. And what's worse is it will be owned by someone who doesn't even care about NI.
    Now I have an idea, a private auction. Invite some of the hard working loyal Islanders to bid on these land areas privately, either silent auction(done by PM) or an in game auction modelled more like a traditional auction.

    I mean is NI better served having land owners that don't care about the planet and only care about tax revenue. Or is NI served better by people who will use the land areas to host events, and use the tax revenue to help new players. Not meaning to bash ND but we already have one land owner but none of the tax revenue finds it's way back to NI. Having loyal Islanders owning the land could help stimulate the economy. Although the spawns would have to be changed a bit, so many boar everywhere that no-one would go to a taxed LA to hunt them and too dense of a spawn for miners.

    Just my two pec.
  2. Agreed 100%. Im still hoping to catch myself a slice of the Ice Age. Laudanum has both eyes squarely fixed on Next Island.
  3. Couldn't agree more. I expect the same to happen with not just LAs but also shops and lodges… Calypsian locusts!
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    There are two sides to that coin.
    I have seen it somewhat on Rocktropia so far.
    When Shops and Apartments were released lots of people from calyspo came and bid on them.
    With one exception I believe that all the new shops on Rocktropia were won by Calypso players, and that one exception has now been sold leaving all the shops owned by people who had not been playing on Rocktropia before that.
    These new owners though have moved into Rocktropia where their investments are and have become a part of the community so much that most people don't even remember a time when they weren't around.

    This has strengthened the Rocktropia community and economy which was heavy on the low budget and new players with no one to sell to, and has helped to balanced that out some.

    It was hard for me and other Rocktropians who had spent close to a year investing out sweat and blood into the planet to see new people come in and buy up what we couldn't afford. But in the end, it was actually beneficial for the planet and the economy of all involved.

    I think this may well be the same case for Next Island. I haven't been able to participate there with you guys as much as I would have liked, but have been participating in a parallel story of my own, so I think that I can somewhat understand where you are coming from.

    One possibility would be to gather the 'Fathers' (or appropriate non-gender specific description) of Next Island together and pool your peds for 1 or more land areas much like the investment fund did for Madusas Head on Calypso except on a smaller scale.

    You can work out arrangements on how to split profits and management responsibilities. Possibly even a small % cut pre-determined to go towards new islander promotional events or something.

    Im wishing the best of luck to you guys, you deserve it.

  5. Not a bad idea Narfi but taking on a business partner is always risky and can ruin a good friendship. Also with my plans if I where able to purchase one or more of the land areas it would be hard to find a partner knowing that profit isn't really what I am aiming at. Sure I would like to earn enough so that my in game activities are supported by the land but my main goal on owning the land would be to help NI flourish. If I have a cash flow coming from within NI then I could help with player retention by buying sweat, giving away free starter gear or hosting events for players of all levels.
    Maybe Mr. Posts dream is contagious, the more time I spend on NI the more it becomes my dream as well. :)
  6. Hmm just had an idea related to this, land stewards, basically people apply to be manage one or more of the reserves, names are picked and deeds are handed out. The people wouldn't technically own the LA so the deed could be revoked at anytime, purpose of this would be to allow people to help stimulate the NI economy. The stewards could pick what NI mob they want on the LA or pick to have the LA empty and import their own DNA. Stewards would then use tax income(say 75-80%) to hold events or buy loot from newbies at a fair MU. Of coarse at this time tax from those reserves would be almost non existent anyway, kind of a catch 22 situation, use tax income to help keep new players around, need players to have tax income. Anyway just a thought
  7. LordLongLicious

    LordLongLicious Do you fear death?

    I do not reallyt think that NI can possibly think of selling anything for a high price due to what they have done so far to scare everyone away.

    I do think every now and then inreturing and some do on every update just to check, however unless they release bps to all mats stored all over this virtual universe no way José.

    Then we come to selling of shops, those who bought shops there for over 4.500, how did it work for ya?

    if they sell for prices under FOMA current, they have a chance, however not without first releasing bps to ALL (and I stress the ALL) mats they have from NI, other wise it will be yet another set of virtual ghost towns never to be sold again.

    I think that the idea of citizenship shoud be the way to go.
  8. I paid 9300ped for my booth, I had made back 4k of that when I traded it for a UL thruster(at the time 20k going rate, currently 7k mu) so I think I did good off that. :)
    The Citizen ship(shares) is only available to Planet partners when they reach a certain amount of registered accounts.

    And if I wasn't currently saving and purchasing Calypso shares, I would gladly hand over 20k ped for a NI LA, so long as the spawns could be tweaked.
  9. So who would be considered a Next Islander? Only people "born" there (me, for example)? Immigrants? People who have spent more than X ped there hunting, mining and crafting? Anyone who declared themselves a Next Islander? People who post on Next Island forum? Some other method?
  10. When I created this thread there was a small group of players doing what they could to help new players get started. Such as almost around the clock presence at Serpentine and Enchanted village when new players where spawning there only to be surrounded by a hoard of mobs and be repeatedly killed. People who went through the hassle of making sure that weapons and armour where available at fair price. So by "loyal islanders" I would include these people, people who started on this planet, basically anyone who doesn't constantly bad mouth NI every chance they get fit into this group.
  11. Ahhh, when I started (July) everyone was arriving at crystal. I did still manage to get the "repeatedly killed" experience when I found misty :D

    While I personally don't have any interest in owning land areas, I'd like to have a booth at Crystal Center. Of course at this point they don't exist, but if they were added it might help by adding some shopping where people hang out. (probably a topic for another thread)
  12. Ya that's a great idea.
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