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  1. *Big update 31/08/2013*

    Hey guys and gals. I recently purchased the Jolly Hoffer in Tangerine. . Still lots of work to do but stocking it up as much as I can. If you have any requests for stuff you would like stocked from other planets or rock let me know and Ill get it in.

    The Jolly Hoffer First shop you see facing South West after going through Tangerine TP(teleport)

    Hell stall#3 firewallridge TP.

    Thanks heaps guys and have fun!

    EWE EP-52 Dissolver(L)
    EWE EP-53 submission(L)
    EWE EP-53 submission RX edition(L)
    EWE EP-17 bodyguard
    ewe ep-2 proton(L)
    EWE EP-16 protector.
    EWE EP-14 nebula
    EWE EP-13 Galactica
    EWE LC-100 frontier
    EWE LC-120 Purpose
    EWE LC-150 Tactical
    EWELC-200 Scout
    EWE LC 240 Recon
    EWE LC-300 ambush
    EWE LC-340 Ranger
    EWE LC-350 Dissolver
    EWE LC 240 Recon (RX Edition)

    Breer P1a (L)
    Breer P2a (L)
    Breer P3a(L)
    Breer P4a(L)
    Breer P5a(L)
    Breer H31a
    Breer M1A(L)
    Breer M2A(L)
    Breer M3a (L)

    herman LAW-24 jungle
    Herman ASI-21 desert
    Herman cap-21 jungle
    Herman ASI-44 Arctic
    Herman ARK-0 (L)
    Herman ARK-0 (L)
    Herman ARK-21 Desert (L)
    Herman ARK-54 desert
    Herman ark-27
    Herman ARK-34 Desert(L)
    Herman cap-33 artic(L)
    Herman CAP-20 desert
    Herman cap-22 arctic
    Herman CAP-32 desert
    Herman CAP-34 Jungle
    Herman ARK-36 arctic
    Herman ARK-38 jungle
    Herman LAW-46 jungle
    Herman CAP-45 Jungle
    Herman LAW-42 Desert
    Herman ARK-23 jungle
    Herman ASI-24
    Herman cap-7 desert
    Herman ASI-TT R
    Herman ARK-TT R
    Herman LAW-TT R
    Herman CAP-TT R
    Herman cap-7 jungle
    Herman CAP-25
    Herman asi-32 desert
    Herman as-27 arctic

    Geotrek LP175 Sphyra
    Geotrek LP120 niloticus
    Geotrek LP470 Manis
    Geotrek LP485 Apis
    Geotrek LP58 Hurricane
    Geotrek H21 Scrof
    Geotrek H26 Elima
    Geotrek H26 Hokipus

    Omegaton Igni L1000
    Omegaton Igni L1010
    Omegaton Igni L1011
    Omegaton Igni L1100
    Omegaton Igni L1210
    Omegaton Igni L1011 (RX Edition)
    Omegatrek pP46 (L)

    Mako FAL-1
    Manta K-1

    Calytrek CR Soul Mk.I
    Calytrek CR Soul Mk.II
    Calytrek CR Soul Mk.III
    Calytrek CR Soul Mk.IV
    Calytrek CR Soul Mk.V
    Calytrek CR Soul Mk.II (MM edition)

    Calytrek CR Spirit Mk.I
    Calytrek CR spirit Mk.II
    Calytrek CR spirit Mk.III
    Calytrek CR spirit Mk.III (RX edition)
    Calytrek CR spirit Mk.III (E.L.M edition)

    Starkhov LPR-2
    Starkhov LPR-3
    Starkhov LPR-17
    Starkhov LPR-20
    Starkhov LPR-30

    DOA Longbolt
    DOA Slugstorm
    DOA Boneshatter

    Enkidd Dire S.1
    Enkidd Dire S.2
    Enkidd Dire S.3
    Enkidd Dire S.4
    Enkidd Dire S.5
    Enkidd Dire S.6
    Enkidd Dire S.7
    Enkidd Dire S.8
    Enkidd Dire S.9
    Enkidd Dire S.10
    Enkidd Dire S.11

    Eraktor ES 10
    Skilldek Lancehead
    Skilldek P40
    Detpil RV 50
    Detpil V-rex 1000
    Detpil Python
    Eraktor ES 10
    Grunt Flamethrower (FA) (L)
    Stealth Flamethrower (FA)(L)
    Grunt Flamethrower (FA) (L)

    Isis project zero-one (L)
    Isis project zero-two (L)
    Isis project zero-three (L)
    Isis project zero-four (L)
    Isis project zero-five (L)
    Isis project zero-six (L)
    Isis project zero-seven (L)
    Isis project zero-eight (L)
    Isis project zero-nine (L)
    Isis project zero-three RX edition (L)
    Isis project zero-three E.L.M edition (L)

    Isis CB5
    Isis CB20
    Isis CB19
    Isis CB27
    Isis CB32

    Isis BL100
    Isis BL200
    Isis BL300
    Isis BL200E
    Isis BL300E

    Isis LC-35 (L)
    Isis LC-55 (L)
    Isis LC-60 (L)
    Isis LC-35 (L) (RX Edition)

    Isis LR48
    Isis LR53 (L)
    Isis LR63 (L)

    Isis HL4
    Isis HL5
    Isis HL11
    Isis HL6

    Chikara Oni-San
    Chikara Oni-Shi
    Chikara Oni-Ni
    Chikara Oni-Go
    Chikara Oni-Ichi
    Chikara Oni-Roku
    Chikara vamachara mk.I
    CCA/Chikara LR-1 Arrival
    CCA/Chikara LR-2 Progress
    CCA/Chikara LR-3 Colonial

    Jester D1
    Jester D2
    Jester D3
    Jester D4
    Jester D5
    Jester D6
    Jester D-7 (L)

    JUELZ MIC-Killa SG-1(L)
    JUELZ MIC-Killa SG-2(L)
    JUELZ MIC-Killa SG-3 (L)

    Emik Enigma L1 (L)
    Emik Enigma L2 (L)
    Emik Enigma L3 (L)

    Nibler LR7
    Nibbler LP1 (L)
    Nibbler LP3 (L)
    Nibbler LP5 (L)
    Nibbler LP7 (L)
    Nibbler LP9 (L)
    Toddler-1 laser pistol (L)
    M-ray 2000 laser pistol (L)
    Pedpincher eco P14 (L)
    Adapted nibbler LR10 (L)
    Pedpincher eco RR22 (L)
    Marcato-9 steampunk automatic pistol (L)
    Marcato-9 automatic pistol (L)
    Marcato-9 RFZ automatic pistol (L)
    Gazunga DPS R16

    Imperium pilot scorpion rank 4
    imperium pilot scorpion rank 5
    Imperium pilot scorpion rank 6
    Imperium pilot scorpion rank 7
    Imperium pilot scorpion rank 8
    Imperium pilot scorpion rank 16
    Imperium pilot scorpion rank 19

    Marcorp Kallous-1
    Marcorp Kallous-2
    Marcorp Kallous-3
    Marcorp Kallous-4
    Marcorp Kallous-5
    Marcorp Kallous-6
    Marcorp Kallous-7
    Marcorp Kallous-5 (RX Edition)
    Marcorp Kallous-5 E.L.M edition

    emik s30
    svempa s40
    Mann MPH DLx
    MRL AV30 (L)
    Smallfry-2 laser rifle
    Vumpoor J 4
    Eraktor Es 10
    Eraktor Es 20
    Willard heatray B
    Ozpyn LR S1X1

    Prosecutor M35

    Imperium issue HK 400
    Imperium issue HK 500
    Imperium issue HK 700
    Imperium issue HK 720
    Imperium issue HK 800
    Imperium issue HK 1100
    Imperium issue HK 2000
    Imperium issue HK 2300
    Imperium issue HK 2500
    Imperium issue HK 2900
    Imperium issue HK 3300

    Solomate azuro
    Sollomate rubio

    Ghetto club (L)
    Beat cop night stick (L)
    Dirty shank(L)
    Rusty shank(L)
    Rock n roll axe
    S.G. Takeover Mk1(L)

    B.A.M.F. ZK1
    B.A.M.F. ZK2
    B.A.M.F. ZK3
    B.A.M.F. ZK4
    B.A.M.F. ZK5
    B.A.M.F. ZK6

    Shear XR40
    Shear XR50
    Shear XR55
    Shear XR60
    Shear XR70
    Shear XR80
    Shear XR90
    Shear pro600
    Shear pro700

    Bull Tac10
    Bull Tac20
    Bull Tac25
    Bull Tac30
    Bull Tac40
    Bull Tac50
    Bull Tac60
    Bull Tac70
    Bull Tac80

    Boom BBC

    Hotfoot 5
    Hotfoot 5
    Hotfoot 10

    Roadie BLP amp mk1 (L)
    Roadie BLP amp mk2(L)
    Road monkey laser amp mk1
    Road monkey laser amp mk4
    Bust-A-BLP amp mk2(L)
    Shak-a-laka laser amp mkII (L)
    Low rider BLP amp mk1
    Low rider BLP amp mk2

    Sweet scope mk1
    Sweet scope mk1
    Abrer laser sight

    Gyro FAP-26 (L)
    Gyro FAP-30(L)
    Gyro FAP-35(L)
    Gyro FAP-2(L)

    Vivo t5(L)
    Vivo 10(L)
    Vivo 15(L)
    Vivo 20(L)
    Adapted vivo T5(L)
    Adapted vivo T10(L)
    Adapted Vivo UR125(L)
    Vivo UR125(L)
    Vivo UR150(L)
    Vivo UR175(L)
    S.I heart
    Herb box
    Omegaton Fast Aid fap-10
    Omegaton Fast Aid fap-18
    Omegaton Fast Aid fap-50
    Hedoc SK-20(L)
    Omegaton fast aid fap-80

    Regeneration Chip I
    Regeneration Chip II
    Regeneration Chip III
    Regeneration Chip IV
    Regeneration Chip V
    Regeneration Chip VI
    Regeneration Chip VII
    Regeneration Chip VIII

    Kinetic Attack Nanochip I
    Kinetic Attack Nanochip II
    Kinetic Attack Nanochip III
    Kinetic Attack Nanochip IV
    Kinetic Attack Nanochip V
    Kinetic Attack Nanochip VI
    Kinetic Attack Nanochip VII
    Kinetic Attack Nanochip VIII

    Corrosive attack nanochip I
    Corrosive attack nanochip II
    Corrosive attack nanochip III
    Corrosive attack nanochip IV
    Corrosive attack nanochip V
    Corrosive attack nanochip VI
    Corrosive attack nanochip VII
    Corrosive attack nanochip VIII

    Lacerating attack nanochip I
    Lacerating attack nanochip II
    Lacerating attack nanochip III
    Lacerating attack nanochip IV
    Lacerating attack nanochip V
    Lacerating attack nanochip VI
    Lacerating attack nanochip VII
    Lacerating attack nanochip VIII

    Electric attack nonochip I
    Electric attack nonochip II
    Electric attack nonochip III
    Electric attack nonochip IV
    Electric attack nonochip V
    Electric attack nonochip VI
    Electric attack nonochip VII
    Electric attack nonochip VIII

    Cryogenic attack nanochip I
    Cryogenic attack nanochip II
    Cryogenic attack nanochip III
    Cryogenic attack nanochip IV
    Cryogenic attack nanochip V
    Cryogenic attack nanochip VI
    Cryogenic attack nanochip VII
    Cryogenic attack nanochip VIII

    Combustive attack nanochip I
    Combustive attack nanochip II
    Combustive attack nanochip III
    Combustive attack nanochip IV
    Combustive attack nanochip V
    Combustive attack nanochip VI
    Combustive attack nanochip VII
    Combustive attack nanochip VIII

    Firewall arm guards(M,L)
    Firewall thigh guards(M,L)
    Firewall helmet(M,L)
    Firewall Gloves(M,L)
    Firewall shin guard(M,L)
    Firewall harness(M,L)
    Firewall footguard(M,L)

    Firewall arm guards(F,L)
    Firewall thigh guards(F,L)
    Firewall helmet(F,L)
    Firewall Gloves(F,L)
    Firewall shin guard(F,L)
    Firewall harness(F,L)
    Firewall footguard(F,L)

    Stealth arm guards(M,L)
    Stealth thigh guards(M,L)
    Stealth helmet(M,L)
    Stealth Gloves(M,L)
    Stealth shin guard(M,L)
    Stealth harness(M,L)
    Stealth footguard(M,L)

    Stealth arm guards(F,L)
    Stealth thigh guards(F,L)
    Stealth helmet(F,L)
    Stealth Gloves(F,L)
    Stealth shin guard(F,L)
    Stealth harness(F,L)
    Stealth footguard(F,L)

    Jarhead Harness(F,L)
    Jarhead Combat mask(F,L)
    Jarhead armguards(F,L)
    Jarhead Gloves(F,L)
    Jarhead Thighguards(F,L)
    Jarhead Shinguards(F.L)
    Jarhead Footguards(F,L)

    Jarhead Harness(M,L)
    Jarhead Combat mask(M,L)
    Jarhead armguards(M,L)
    Jarhead Gloves(M,L)
    Jarhead Thighguards(M,L)
    Jarhead Shinguards(M.L)
    Jarhead Footguards(M,L)

    Pixie arm guards(M)
    Pixie thigh guards(M)
    Pixie face guard(M)
    Pixie Gloves(M)
    Pixie shin guard(M)
    Pixie harness(M)
    Pixie footguard(M)

    Pixie arm guards(F)
    Pixie thigh guards(F)
    Pixie face guard(F)
    Pixie Gloves(F)
    Pixie shin guard(F)
    Pixie harness(F)
    Pixie footguard(F)

    Grunt arm guards(M)
    Grunt thigh guards(M)
    Grunt combat mask(M)
    Grunt Gloves(M)
    Grunt shin guard(M)
    Grunt harness(M)
    Grunt footguard(M)

    Grunt arm guards(F)
    Grunt thigh guards(F)
    Grunt combat mask(F)
    Grunt Gloves(F)
    Grunt shin guard(F)
    Grunt harness(F)
    Grunt footguard(F)

    Disco Harness(F,L)
    Disco Combat mask(F,L)
    Disco armguards(F,L)
    Disco Gloves(F,L)
    Disco Thighguards(F,L)
    Disco Shinguards(F.L)
    Disco Footguards(F,L)

    Disco Harness(M,L)
    Disco Combat mask(M,L)
    Disco armguards(M,L)
    Disco Gloves(M,L)
    Disco Thighguards(M,L)
    Disco Shinguards(M.L)
    Disco Footguards(M,L)

    Firewall Helmet Mk-III (M,L)
    Firewall harness Mk-III (M,L)
    Firewall thigh guards Mk-III (M,L)
    Firewall shin guards Mk-III (M,L)
    Firewall Arm guards Mk-III (M,L)
    Firewall gloves Mk-III (M,L)
    Firewall foot guards Mk-III (M,L)

    Firewall Helmet Mk-III (F,L)
    Firewall harness Mk-III (F,L)
    Firewall thigh guards Mk-III (F,L)
    Firewall shin guards Mk-III (F,L)
    Firewall Arm guards Mk-III (F,L)
    Firewall gloves Mk-III (F,L)
    Firewall foot guards Mk-III (F,L)

    Weapon damage enhancer I
    Weapon damage enhancer II
    Weapon damage enhancer III
    Weapon damage enhancer IV
    Weapon damage enhancer V
    Weapon damage enhancer VI
    Weapon damage enhancer VII
    Weapon damage enhancer VIII

    Medical tool economy enhancer I
    Medical tool economy enhancer II
    Medical tool economy enhancer III

    Medical tool heal enhancer I
    Medical tool heal enhancer II
    Medical tool heal enhancer III
    Medical tool heal enhancer IV

    Armor defense enhancer I
    Armor defense enhancer II
    Armor defense enhancer III
    Armor defense enhancer IV
    Armor defense enhancer V
    Armor defense enhancer VI

    Armor Durrability Enhancer I
    Armor Durrability Enhancer II
    Armor Durrability Enhancer III
    Armor Durrability Enhancer IV
    Armor Durrability Enhancer V

    Vehicle RK-5
    Vehicle RK-20
    Mind essence (5tt)

    Armor plating mark.1A x7

    Armor plating mark.1B x7

    Armor plating mark.1C x7

    Armor plating mark.2A x7

    Armor plating mark.3b x7

    Armor plating mark.6A x7

    Armor plating mark.2D (L) x7

    Pulsar Armor plate 8 (L) x7

    Neverdie Dragon Plate MK1 x7

    Neverdie Dragon Plate MK2 x7

    Pop Dragon MK1 x7

    Elvis Dragon plate mk1 x7

    Elvis Dragon plate mk2 x7

    Lemmy Dragon plate mk1 x7

    Explosive projectiles
    Space thruster

    High five trucker cap (M,C)
    Smile time trucker cap(M,C)

    Transformer T-102
    Transformer T-103
    Transformer T-104
    Transformer T-105
    Ptech refiner

    Rooker rock ripper
    Resource excavator RE-101
    Resource excavator RE-102
    Resource excavator RE-103
    Resource excavator RE-104
    Resource excavator RE-105
    Resource excavator RE-201
    Rock Ripper(L)

    Finder F-101
    Finder F-102
    Finder F-103
    Finder F-104
    Finder F-105

    Genisis rookie finder
    Rookie terramaster
    Demonic detector Mk-I(L)
    A.R.C. Finder 0001 (L)

    Hell list

    Level 1 finder amplifier
    Level 2 finder amplifier
    Level 3 finder amplifier
    Level 5 finder amplifier
    Level 7 finder amplifier
    D-class amplifier

    Hell key 1
    Hell key 2
    Hell key 3
    Hell key 4
    Hell key 5
    Hell key 6
    Hell key 7
    Hell key 8
    Hell key 9
    Hell key 10

    eMINE FS
    Finder F-210 (L)
    Finder F-211 (L)
    Finder F-212 (L)
    Finder F-213 (L)
    Finder F-214 (L)
    TerraMaster 1 (L)
    TerraMaster 2 (L)
    TerraMaster 3 (L)
    TerraMaster 4 (L)
    TerraMaster 5 (L)
    TerraMaster 6 (L)
    TerraMaster 7 (L)
    TerraMaster 8 (L)

    Ziplex A10 (L)
    Ziplex A13 (L)
    Ziplex A16
    Ziplex A19 (L)
    Ziplex a22
    Ziplex a25
    Ziplex A28 (L)
    Ziplex B50
    Ziplex D33 (L)

    Ziplex TK120 Seeker (L)
    Ziplex TK220 Seeker (L)
    Ziplex TK320 Seeker (L)
    Ziplex VRX2000 Seeker (L)
    Ziplex VRX3000 Seeker (L)

    Ziplex Z5 seeker (L)
    Zipllez Z10 seeker(L)
    Zipllez Z20 seeker(L)

    Mining finder depth enhancer I
    Mining finder depth enhancer II
    Mining finder depth enhancer III
    Mining finder depth enhancer IV
    Mining finder depth enhancer V
    Mining finder depth enhancer VI
    Mining finder depth enhancer VII
    Mining finder depth enhancer VIII
    Mining finder depth enhancer IX
    Mining finder depth enhancer X
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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I approve of this message! :)

    Hammer was originally my disciple, and then my soc mate, and I can testify that he works like a dog to make sure his shop is up to the highest standards.
    I mean seriously.... look at that list!
  3. Big update. 7/2/2013

    Thanks heaps for the support :D
  4. EwoK

    EwoK Southern Fortress Engineering

    Well done and good luck with the business Hammer!
  5. Would you be interested in ever selling this spot?
  6. leeloo

    leeloo cOloRmAnIaC

    wow, you sell all that? and so many unlimited weapons!?
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  7. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    I'll agree with LeeLoo, that's one awesome list! :D
  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

    He is my soc mate and I can attest that he has worked like a dog these last months to get it up stocked and running.
    I think most of those weapons are (L) and he just forget it when typing it all out. (probably copy pasted from his personal shorthand lists)

    Its almost worth going to rocktropia just to see what a properly run shop looks like, I don't think I have ever seen one this fully stocked and diverse.
  9. Thanks heaps for the support guys and gals. No neither shop is for sale way to much work has gone into it from myself and others to be able to meet the huge turn over thats going through them.

    Also sorry not all have (L) next to them. Its from my spreadsheets. Sometimes I just didnt put cause there so many items..

    Thanks for the kind words Narfi and for the constant crap(err crafting) ive put you through :D

    Have fun and hope you all hit a big one!
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