The NI Guide to Caves

Discussion in 'Locations & property' started by Calin, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. And my hole is still here!

    Hit: Not really all that hard to find at all.

  2. Not to worry. You will be happy within the next few releases! Also, great list guys and gals! Keep it up!
  3. Yes, I feel it..mostly due to the forums..but also from all that has been changing on NI in just the last few VUs
  4. OMG I just had a thought. A Cave home! I get first dibs! :)
  5. You trying to change the subject here? o_O I mean, do you want people to find that 'cave'? :laugh:
  6. There is a nice sized cave at 128082, 83763, 171 with a second entrance at 128118, 83625, 173.
  7. another small cave at 131538, 91603, 118. it is enpty and dark. I wish they would give us a blueprint for lights, either something we can carry in our left hand, attach to our weapon, or attach to our helmets so we could see in those dark places.
  8. The TT sword and the TT fist used to emit light, been a while since I used them in a dark enviroment though so not sure if they still do
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  9. Im my opinion, this darkness should be the result of the bug. There is the same problem with the interior of estates.

    Generally, it is corrected after each new VU but the problem occurs again from time to time.
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  10. Yes I use my sword to get some light but a bright white light would really be helpful. I would like to have a levitation chip, something to let me get up to those high ledges in the caves. It would be really great to be able to fly short distances without using a vehicle.
  11. another small cave with treasure at 143046, 84912, 202. I thought the treasure was someone's stash of buttons but on closer examination I think they are Elysian Tech Chips.
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