The Princes of Persia come to Entropia

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    Our friends at Al Bawaba reported yesterday that Jordan based Beladcom (Beladcom on Twitter) apparently signed up with MindArk as a planet partner. The idea is to create an Entropia Universe planet tailored specifically at Arabic gamers, and incorporating the Arabic culture and background into the gaming experience, as well as providing Arab language support.

    Beladcom's General Manager Talal Asfoura explains that the concept being developed by the company is unlike anything currently offered in the regional online gaming arena. "There is plenty of untapped potential in the world of Arabic online gaming," says Asfoura, "and one of our prime objectives at Beladcom is to take the current user experience to an entirely new level. The planet concept we are developing builds within MindArk's premium Entropia Platform to deliver an unprecedented entertainment experience to Arab gaming enthusiasts, with content that communicates with them on a personal level."

    "One of the most remarkable features of the planet concept we are developing is the robust 3D environment that truly delivers a lifelike experience," commented Beladcom's Creative Director Mohammed Hujeij. "The platform utilizes cutting-edge technology which provides the framework for outstanding graphics and fluid animations." Hujeij added that Beladcom is committed to giving Arab gamers a massively multiplayer online gaming experience that rivals in its quality those offered around the globe.

    At EntropiaPlanets, we're curious to see whether we will see some 1,001 PED loots soon :-)
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    It would be interesting to see how this planet develops. Wonder if there will be something there for audiences all around the globe as well as arabic gamers.

    Would be interesting to see the setting and background story to this planet. Perhaps it'll be an arabic Sci-fi setting? Some very interesting possibilities come to mind.
  3. This is awesome news! Aside from the quickly dashed hopes of reliving the glorious gaming days of Quest for Glory II, capturing elementals and battling bandits and scorpions near the city of Shapier, one other wonderful Arabic flavor franchise comes to mind... and its scifi!


    How do you say "DUDEFUCKINHELLYEAH!" in Arabic? Somebody tell me.
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    Cool stuff, I do hope we will be able to play there aswell and that it wont be in arabic only :)
  5. MistressArwen

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    Inshalah! ohamdudilah! Bsmileh!
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    Have been doing some search about Beladcom and really couldn't find anything. They have a website but that's still under construction.

    Sounds to me like a very young company
  7. Definitely a young company - their domain was only registered on 24 June 2010 :

  8. It probably doesnt matter. You can be virtually assured they have the capital to do this venture. Its likely a spinoff of another more well established company that wishes to remain anonymous.
  9. Ah, that sounds interesting. I hope they will be able to make a really unique planet and thus create a more diverse universe.

    I do wonder how long it will take before they can take it online.
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