The Simian Problem

Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by Magyar, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. The Simian Problem

    Kill 250 of Red, Brown, Yellow, and Grey Papoo.


  2. Is there a tier 2 of the Simian problem?

    Did you happen to calculate the TT value? (i think i read somewhere that it's 0.27 ped TT but not sure)

    And why can't i +rep you yet?
  3. There's no sequel yet.

    I didnt have time to calculate the TT value. Dilly really wanted to see what Vercace could do with Ancient Greek style, so I had to cut the tutorial short!
  4. Hmm. Agility and either Longblades, Melee Combat or Alertness.

    Of the three skills that can accompany Agility, Alertness seems (according to Entrepedia) most beneficial to someone who just doesn't want to be hit (affects dodge and evade.) Is that the popular choice for people who tend towards guns at range rather than melee? (since things don't stay at range and tend to arrive and start beating on you.) Is this reward choice aimed at melee because of the island's feature of a swords-only Ancient Greece?

    I see earlier mention of a TT value. Are these rewards a skill increase or some sort of object that raises skill, like an implant?
  5. You get a skill increase, not skill implant, but the effect of a X ped skill reward (like say 20 ped melee comabt you get for finishing the Foul iron mission chain on Calypso) has exactly the same effect as if you had bought and then instered a skill implant of the same size. You can use entropedia avatar skill calc tools and the chipping optimizer tool to see what effect the skills would have.

    Ultimately it is a choice between getting a boost to your health (melee combat) or a boost to your evade (Alertness). The Longblades award would need to be very large to be interesting.
  6. ah, I see. As I've long played monk/rogue type damage avoidance classes in fantasy MMORPGs, I'm biased towards evade type skills.
  7. I chose the Melee combat reward. TT was 0.24 ped :)
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