The Spaceship That Wasn't

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  1. Earlier I was somewhere on Pemphredo Island when I suddenly noticed a large spacecraft top-left, but when I turned to my left to view it some more it disappeared. I then panned around a bit more to see If I could see it again, but again it didn't reappear. Now I'm sure this was either a rendering issue or an EU systems glitch, but it was odd all the same.
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    I think I know the one and yeh, when far away, turning will make it appear/vanish so indeed, sort of a render bug. If you get closer to it it should be there all the time. I don't think you can fly up to it though. I think it is beyond the space line (height).
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  3. Yeah that's exactly what happens. If I turn to my right it appears top-left like in the screenshot but then vanishes, if I turn left it appears top-right and then vanishes. I don't have a thruster so didn't even think of flying up to it, but even if I did, something tells me it wouldn't have been where it appeared to be as it's def a render issue. Unless the crew were on some sort of planet side excursion?
  4. I am pretty sure that the ship you are referring to is the Ringhorne. You cannot fly to it - if you try you will end up in lootable space. The only way to get to it is through a long involved mission that starts at Naval Station Triton, goes to Jamesons Reach eventually takes you to Mount Hestaphos (once you have obtained the poison antidote that enables you to survive there) then there is a Televator that will take you up to that ship. The Wiki will give you the steps - long involved & irritating, but worth it for then you get a chance to kill the Hussk that lives in the volcano there :)
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  5. Hmm, don't yet have the Naval Station Triton TP but I just googled it and I think it's not far from Pemphredo (just gotta love that name...) Island so I could fly there in my Kraka (L). Something tells me though that killing the Hussk is the hard part. Hope the loot from it is worth it if I do this mission. ;)
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    That mission sounds fun but I doubt I have the ability to kill a Huusk :D Glad the ship has a purpose and isn't just there for random's sake. Thanks for the info
  7. I haven't either, but I wonder how much athletics related SIBs you'd get just by going against a Hussk? Probably won't do the mission in the end...
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