Planet Toulan: There's much that can be developed by using & building on these existing systems

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  1. This is what Mohammed replied to my text on planet toulan forum.
    Hes right, with what he is saying, but actually, hes not.

    Just to be sure, this discussion wont get lost (My next reply awaits moderation)
    And Im not sure if MA/711 will like what I will keep posting there,
    I decided to share this story with you, as this sub-forum isnt much used anyway.
    For obvious reasons....there i sadly not much going on, on Planet Toulan.

    Its about 2 dreamers, who'd love to SEE rideable mobs on Planet Toulan and explain how it would make a difference to all other planets and how it would increase the taming market in boost the economy of Planet Toulan.

    I admit, I posted (dreamed) about this stuff in in 2005 as well, when taming was here and Phase 2 got announced.

    Sadly, I had to to slowdown these 2 guys :

    toulan rideable mobs.jpg

    My reply, that awaits moderation, would have been :

    Hi Mohammed and thanks for the reply.

    Im aware your goal is to add value to this universe. I never said the opposite. I bet you try hard.

    And I hope you will be one of the planet partners, that will surprise me one day.

    And I wish you and your company the best of luck, to be able to stay and make money inside of Entropia.You will need it. (luck, that is)

    And thank you, for not using the phrase "Leave the game if you dont like it".

    So, lets start a discussion, shall we ?

    Yes, there is so much that can be developed. Or lets say, it could be developed, but it wont be.

    You simply cant just add what you want, as a planet partner. I guess you have realized that by now as well.

    Limiting my "complaints" to non working-fishing rods and non-rideable mobs ? (which every other MMO has)

    Assuming I just got bored of everything after 13 years of Entropia ?

    Really ? -_-

    Btw, any news about NAWA Operated vehicles...or NAWA at all ?
    I eagerly wait for NAWA since its 1st announcements in 2014. THAT would made a difference to ALL planets already.
    Else I dont really SEE a reason to travel to your planet right now.

    I still play Entropia, but not 24/7 anymore. But I can play for free. I dont deposit anymore.

    Im one of those guys who made it and who is actually unhappy, about the direction, this once, immersive MMORPG,is drifting towards. In many aspects. But I dont stop playing and quit, instead I choose to raise my voice on the forum.

    Communication, you know ? Communication...this thing MA never heard of.

    I still do a lot of forum work and I uncovered a lot of dramatic stories, fails, lies and manipulation in this game.
    I still report evil glitches, on a regular basis in this game and sometimes get rewarded with PEDs for it. I dont just do this for me and my ego, or to harm MA...but for the public, the be aware, what might await them.

    You are right, after 14 years a game might become, uhm, repetitive...especially if the developer promsied tons of variety, that actually never really arrived. Yet I still enjoy Pacman after 35 years. It never gets old and there is a goal.

    I reached my goal inside of Entropia...beeing able to play for free.

    I once loved this virtual world, now I just play it and enjoy historic chats about it or hunting oldskool mobs, doing mining and crafting as well.
    For sure new players love Entropia as well...because, once I loved it too...thats not the problem.

    Many ideas and systems deserved way more attention over the past 10 years, but they just "hang around" in idle mode, not beeing used...or developed any further, even if promised various times...and cost players and fortune already. For example, the CLD land plot system.

    I bet you read other planet forums too, so I wont starting to throw my list into this forum...just to ad a big boring list.

    Maybe you stumbled across my "blog" (list) as well...maybe not.

    If you just SEE that as a list of a bored player, who only wants to do "harm" to a game developer, then you arent much different then those fanboys here. Like Spawn.

    Spawn, who just shows up by handing a +Rep to Team Toulan, for facing McCormick with:

    -You moan because there is no fishing-system and there arent any rideable animals...but there is so much variety.

    -You got bored of everything after 20 years of playing...*bam*

    I totally agree with your phrase " there's much that can be developed by using & building on these existing systems."

    But I dont SEE this happen anytime soon. Knowing, game development takes time. Lots of time. Years. But for some of us, lifetime is limited on this planet and Im afraid, some of us will never SEE any form of NAWA...or ride a mob in this game...or recieve any update on their CLD land plots...or SEE Compet becoming a huge decoration competition...Banking License...NASA, ESA, Education, Unemployment....Companies and Factories...Planet Partner Programm@Athena Spaceport...Refferal Links...Space misisons asteroid mining...president of virtual reality...DX12 update...Oculus Rift...a working, gigantic sports stadium...landing platforms on card...ooops...sorry...sorry...that wasnt meant to happen. ,-)
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  2. First of all the nerve of that support guy with his “because you got bored of everything after playing 20 years”!

    He lost his argument right there!

    You got to him with the truth, a painful truth that he didn’t want to hear nor wanted others to hear.

    The only possible way that MindArk can respond to your fair and accurate criticisms are for them to hold their hands up, accept that they have continued to break their promises (at best, or at worst just lied for all we know) and then actually do something to address their failings.

    Again I will say thank you very much for exposing MindArk’s ‘failings’ Mc. Your posts have helped me wise up to how things really are and I’ve shown a friend who plays and he’s also cashed in a lot of peds for ‘proper’ money.

    It’s a shame that you’re seen as a sort of ‘lone wolf’ on this. Most players get so disillusioned or broke they just quit.

    In a way Mc you’re doing MindArk an unpaid service by highlighting what they can and ought to do better.
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  3. i remember a very close friend, born on toulan nearly years ago, and hiding there for over a year, told me why toulan was her first choice. and why she left. before she totally left. and i know for sure she loved to play, didn't care to invest for her playtoys, but looked behind the curtain and was so disgusted, she just couldn't stand it any longer...

    i wonder who's to blame in this very personal specific case. i feel the inner need to write an ode about her, in the time i play EU less than before. it kinda lost its once very very big importance for me ... and a handful of, how many, guessed? in that lifespan?

    :cry2: E~
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  4. and i think one of the main problems in history is the discrepance between how mindark maybe COULD do things, and how they actually CAN. just by personal observation ... i mean, i've learned in primary school already, that you SHOULD NOT FUCKING REPEAT ANY MISTAKE. your choice is big enough for fucks sake, limitless ways to fuck everything up, and you repeat one mistake several times? you're probably stupid then. but i'm not judging, i feel sorry and even painful myself, and it fucking freaks me out. stupid me, utopist and perfectionist of the worst kind. nearly DoA. oh, but i actually can code. :bduh:
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  5. oh, and i wanted to add that they can stick the 17th graphics update of existing shit up their ass where noone has ever been before.

    please, please someone finally tell them after decades of gaming history. it's about how it sounds and about the feeling, and how it adds fuel to your own inner imagination. i know better MUDs than this project, seriously. but tbh not over that timespan tho!

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  6. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I once had really high hopes regarding Planet Toulan when it was announced as first Arabien Planet Partner.

    Me and my sister Kristin had a friend ingame from Cairo, Egypt. He and Kristin talked often about our different cultures and behaviors. When the Arab Spring happened in 2011 he was involved because he lived in Cairo. Kristin asked him what would happen now. "We will build a democracy within next two years," he replied. Kristin had deep doubts obout this. She told him that it took 100 years in Germany to build a firm democracy. From 1849 (Paulskirche Frankfurt) to 1949 (Constitution Of Federal Republic Of Germany). A long, bitter and bloody process until our folks understood the meaning of demcracy and brought it to life with the help of the winners of WW2. His reaction was something like "WOW!". One day Kristin deleted him from her FL because his behavior became more and more sexual. Admitted, in a polite and flowery way. I talked to him later and he told me that he couldn't understand Kristin's step. I could. Our cultures, our histories and our socialisations are very different.

    So my hope was to learn more about arab culture, arab rules and behavior from an arabien world in EU. Flying to Toulan the very first time I expected to have to change my clothes at arrival. Okay, not the whole arabien world is islamic. I could run around at Toulan in Micro Skirts or even in undies. My thoughts were: Hey, clothing restrictions are possible. As for instance at "The Thing" and at "Ancient Greece". Why not at Toulan? My wish was to be able to buy typical clothes, like a burka or whatever would be common or offered. But my main interest was to meet people from the arabien world and culture. Just to talk about ... ehrm ... life, the universe and evreything ...

    But Toulan wasn't by far an arabien planet. It wasn't even a cheap copy of Calypso like Arkadia. It was simply bad. No folks from arab countries there. Toulan is just a bad joke.
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  7. Mohammed struck a nerve, which is good IMO, otherwise you wouldn't have made this thread. Perhaps you need to SEE inside yourself for a change. The reason I gave Mohammed a +rep (which I would have if the system would have allowed it, is that I think he is right. To call me a fanboy is hilarious. It shows how deeply disconnected with reality you really are. I have made my fair share of criticism at Mindark, planet partners and the like. I even copied your thread from here, in the forum that people actually read. The difference is that we (the dreamers) still want to see this game go forward, and you don't.
    To be honest, you should let the dreamers dream their dream, because it is theirs to dream. Maybe they dreamt about melee amps (and they got em), maybe they dream about mindforce amps (and they got em), maybe they dreamt about armor with special buffs (and they got em), maybe they dreamt about.... rideable mobs. They didnt get em yet, but maybe one day they will.
    I have been playing since 2004 and I have seen many improvements over time.
    A lot has not been implemented, and maybe they never will. Your content of oblivion starts off with the harvester.. and tadaa, it's here 15 years later, we have gardening, we have nutrio bars. So let us dream.

    "But you have been playing for 20 years and got bored of everything."
    Although... Mohammed took it back and now calls you: "you're the No.1 Entropia fanboy, playing for so many years, closely engaged with the game since PE to modern EU, and reaching the point of being able to fully experience the game without depositing.

    Raising your voice and criticizing, is actually caring to see positive outcome on the immersive Sci-Fi MMORPG we all love."

    So I guess, we will have to call you the number one fanboi!

    Fanboi number two,

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
  8. I know, people get blinded by some words and updates...always starting to put all their trust into MA again...and again...

    Lets go and look at it from my point of view. I dont want to sound all negative, but :

    Weapon amplifiers ? What a great dream to become true in this sci-fi world. Adding damage to weapons.
    Top Notch ! ;)

    Nutrio bars to feed pets. Pets in a system...that is "in the making" since 2005.
    And never got any mentionable updates. Super ! Another dream fulfilled, you say ?

    The harvester was indeed there, 15 years ago... but I wouldnt call it an improvement in todays world either, as this profession died already. And the connected system behind it, that needed the ressources...the "CLD-Land-Plots"...never recieved an update anymore.

    And because MindArk put all their effort and some love into this "harvesting" system...that promised so much 2015
    (3 years ago) never recieved any update either. Dream fulfilled ? Wow...I know some people get excited about small things, but...did you ever think about the owners of the CLD-Land-Plot Systems ? No matter how rich they are IRL.

    This game is a lot about "crafting" Explosive Blueprints these days. Which is pure gambling to me.
    And this gambling destroyed some (more) reallifes by now...Entropia is very good at destroying reallifes.
    But lets not drag trust scams and gambling in here. Noone likes to talk about that. ;)

    Markup on mining and hunting got devalued big time. Since years.

    But yes, I know, Im doing it all wrong. ;'D (hence I play for free)

    Forgive me for not having fully added your "fulfilled dreams" to my blog...they are indeed incomplete...except for the amplifiers...but you cant do much wrong, by adding numbers to an item can you ? :p
    I will update "Nutrio Bars" and "Harvesting" with a nice "Never recieved any of the promised updates since..."

    In the end, most wont there will be "new", half ready attempts, to distract the masses.

    I do hope for surprises as well and with MA, you never know... x'D
    And in the meantime, other games recieve valuable updates, as the devs value their customers.

    Dream on, dream on...thats not what a MMO game should be about.

    Are greenpeace fanboys of nature ?
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  9. Spawn fair enough if you’re still hopeful for EU to work out OK.

    For me though EU died with vu10 I think it was..the Cryengine update where the maps changed and everything familiar and popular that made PE awesome and atmospheric was lost forever.

    Then at some stage the big loots disappeared, ie the regular uberloots you could more or less count on if you camped eg. Atrox, Longu or most mid-level mobs for long enough.

    So less atmospheric, less fun and more expensive.

    No dreams here unless EU was bought out by a decent gaming company.
  10. San


    Is it possible to learn more details about this "look behind the curtain" without violating your friend's privacy?
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  11. I agree that PE was a better game. But Craftmeister never played PE, yet he is excited about this new game. Does he really need to listen to the boulevard of broken dreams who plays the same record over and over. We get it, game is broken and it could be soo much better than it is, yet new players step on my societies doorstep ever so often and they are excited. Maybe they will have the same grunts 14 years from now. But for now, they are having a blast.
    I have been here since 2004. I Have been in that place where it felt when cryengine came, that the world as we knew it, was gone forever. I still miss the molisks close to east scylla. the mad tantillion spawn at atlas.. Sometimes I go out there to check if they secretly didn't put the spawn back. Jason's mask, the weird tower in the desert, the entrance of the mine at twin peaks. the broken robots that were remnants of the great robot war.
    But I got over it, and I now enjoy crytopia, and I am still a critic especially when promises are not met, like the statues at caly and the landplots at ark. It is unacceptable. But with all the broken promises and all the missing content, this is still one hell of a game. And I refuse to look at it through McCormick's pessimist eyes. I choose to enjoy the game. And I will keep nagging McCormick when he tries to squat a dreamer's dream. So +rep to 711 (if he actually is Mohammed)
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  12. And I will keep thanking him for kicking MindArk’s butt so I guess we’ll cancel each other out. ;)

    The ones who are not ‘having a blast’ who could offer a counter-argument have probably already stopped playing hence can’t be brought to the witness stand to testify in favour of McCormick.

    My irl friend who still plays occasionally vowed years ago that he would never again deposit any cash into EU.

    This was due to the higher costs of playing, vu 10, mistrust of MindArk and he had never read any of McCormick’s posts.

    So once he’s run out of stuff to sell and can’t buy ammo that’s him done also, another 2004 player will bite the dust.
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  13. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Personally, what discourages me more than anything about MindArk is that there have been loads of valuable suggestions throughout all the years I've been around PE/EU. Ideas that actually would make for absolutely amazing gameplay.

    Nobody at MA ever tried getting even close to the most basic of it. Whatever they implemented to me somehow always feels like a "Well, that's good enough" kind of effort. Whatever MA promises, somehow they *always* consistently manage to underwhelm. Except, of course, in the press releases. "Hey everybody, we just implemented MISSIONS! QUESTS in an MMO! Can you believe it?". "EU now has ACHIEVEMENTS! WOOOOOOOOW". "ZOMG we haz SPACE now! Stop talking about killing Bin Laden for a moment, and someone please write something about space!".

    McCormick is a dreamer. He believes in taking things to the next level. And he will ruthlessly keep pointing out the broken promises, the lost potential and the terrible string of never-ending lies. That's needed just as much as the rose-glasses coloured people so cheered on the other forum.

    I don't give a fuck that other forum is more visited than here. The truth is out there, and those interested in reading not just the lovey dovey crap, but also the brutal naked stinking truth are able to find it, an see the flip-side of truth about the Swedish clown squad.
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  14. Good post Peter. Yes , a lot of content is half baked and not very finished. And yes a lot of suggestions and wishes were made.

    But on the other hand, a lot of suggestions and frustrations were handled by Mindark.

    Back in 2009 I made this list of bugs and frustrations after Marco asked us to tell them to him:

    this was the entire list:

    A lot of those wishes and frustrations were handled, at least most of the top 20 of the list are now simply ingame.
    You can look at what Mindark has not done, you could also look at what has been accomplished. It's just a matter of perspective and a matter of how to bring the game forward. I put fix/still here/ half fix/ dunno after the first 50

    Frustration Count
    • Auto arrange auction list/find/search/alerts 36 FIX
    • Bigger Friendslist 30 FIX
    • Item not currently available,busy 29 STILL HERE
    • Autoclick, batch processing, autoshoot on clicked mouse, autoextracting 19 FIX
    • Cost of playing, low return in entertainment 19 FIX
    • Lag, extra misses, decay, know if there is lag, miss!! 19 FIX
    • No offline message/mail system 18 FIX
    • Improvements on map, resizable/zoom, higher res 15 HALF FIX
    • When chatting in all/soc chat, trade/chat request causes main to lose focus and lots of windows opening|( on keystrokes) 14 HALF FIX
    • Events: more prices, list of placement, reminders,expansion, non-hunting events 14 HALF FIX
    • Remove unl plates from L armour, unequip all armour 13 FIX
    • Better mob Ai (mobs running off), berycleds hunt in packs, armax go in protective circles 13 STILL HERE
    • Shops inventories on auction screen, ingame shop directory, shop search 9 STILL HERE
    • Switch fap/pistol loose ammo or fap 9 FIX
    • Give players reason to skill, no more noob ath, more meaning to skills 9 FIX and UNFIX (Lol)
    • More functions to pets, taming, pets in city, appartment, pets as itemcarrier, rideable,flyable 8 STILL NOT HERE
    • Useless, dull, static buildings, Hadesheim 8 FIXED (no more hadesheim, easy fix)
    • Color coding in friendslist, sortable, selectable for custom messaging,soc friends 8 FIX
    • Type in exact coords for teleporting 8 DUNNO
    • Contracts/system for lending/borrowing/renting/crafting 8 STILL NOT HERE
    • Vehicles,Boats, Planes, etc 7 FIX
    • Fly up to cnd/cp and will still get white screen and pilots chatting 7 FIX with space
    • Mindforce expanded/updated 7 FIX
    • Sharing of estates/hangars, for couples,co-owners and societies 7 STILL NOT HERE
    • No auto-tidy feature for storage, Automerge stackables, auto placement 7 HALF FIX
    • Lack of nightlife, bars, functioning jukebox with more songs, atlas radio, beer 6 STILL NOT HERE (unless you count club neverdie)
    • Access inventory while in team , priority given to things under inventory screen 6 DUNNO
    • While looting , camera zooms out 6 FIX (but not with globals)
    • Team: share location info, easy locating, GPS 6 FIX
    • No disable/ignore incoming pm's/system messages 6 FIX
    • More content in NPC's, add storylines,quests, missions like raid the thorifoid temple 6 FIX/HALF FIX
    • No more: this creature has no loot 5 FIX
    • Birthdate and last login on avatar info/history 5 FIX
    • Use pecs in auction 5 STILL NOT HERE (a reason to have a shop)
    • More activities that can be done for free 5 FIX
    • Different damage types and effects on mobs. shrapnel,cold, mobs are immune to some dmg 5 STILL NOT HERE
    • Inability to color/texture each field seperately 5 DUNNO
    • Incomplete parts of the world, finish amethera, sell the land 5 HALF FIX
    • Events more visible, bigger announcements in time, deeper stories/development, more events for noobs, destructed cities 5 NOT REALLY
    • Unfixed bugs in general 4 DUNNO
    • Text disappears when switching all/soc chat 4 FIX
    • Society structure needs more features 4 STILL NOT HERE
    • After al tab, loss of focus, closing windows 4
    • When exiting eu, having to kill the process (vista/win7) 4
    • Appartment balcony item placement,patio 4 HALF FIX
    • Storage/soc terminal on cp 4 DUNNO
    • Manufacturing button freezes all other actions, chat 4 FIX
    • Ingame calculator 4 STILL NOT HERE
    • Ingame webbrowser 4 STILL NOT HERE
    • Public transit for cp/cnd , or automation to hangars 4 BROKEN
    • Actual visual of the ship when it;s moving, both inside and outside 4 FIX
    • Better disciple system, skills for mentors, goody pack after graduating 4 FIX/UNFIX/FIX/UNFIX
    • (un)equip full armour set option, fix waiting time, assemble sets 4
    • Screen shakeing while bombing 3
    • No hotkey to close loot window 3
    • Improve arrival area, sandbox, training area 3
    • More items/no limit on items in estates 3
    • Faster skilling 3
    • Chat logging 3
    • No dome 5 at CP 3
    • Lack of destructable environments, buildings blown up during events 3
    • Participant content too expensive 3
    • Avatar status in FL, busy, afk 3
    • One pec armour/clothes fee 3
    • More hitboxes on mobs/ppl 3
    • Value in peds on loot/claims 2
    • Remove auto-claims, make unknown finds fun again 2
    • Less then 40% return on deposits, better short term balance 2
    • Event system bug, winner doesnt receive all decay and ammo 2
    • Loosing focus when relogging 2
    • Improve event system, person of importance 2
    • Better marketing needed 2
    • Loot in text (as in team), chatscreen 2
    • Failure low % and random results with texturing/coloring 2
    • Decay of swords only when you hit something 2
    • Avatar movement is dull, weird jumping 2
    • More screen space in boxes 2
    • Invisible avatar/building bug 2
    • Screens/signs one item point, useable in booth, walls useable 2
    • Uninformative/dismissive replies(copy/paste) from support 2
    • PEDS back in loot 2
    • PvP is too unbalanced, more zones like radar free 2
    • Biodomes, give them a purpose 2
    • Remove CND auction transport fee 2
    • Constant warning amp needs replacing, close to reaching minimum condition 2
    • Put claim markers on radar 2
    • Cheap mini-landareas 2
    • Team disband removes all the health bars 2
    • Better development of the profession healer, use of plants,stones,mushrooms for healing 2
    • Remove empty drilling time from excavators 2
    • Ingame Notepad 2
    • Ingame Screengrab 2
    • Ingame Mp3 player 2
    • Land area entry/exit message annoucements, icon that glows instead of current system 2
    • Mobs getting in the way of healing 2
    • Chat screen background sometimes barely readable 2
    • Bring back old school clothes loots, rarely 2
    • Currence from usd to euro 2
    • Fix items,(hides) weight 2
    • TP-land in the direction you started 2
    • Item crafted by: 2
    • Gems have a reason to exist, give crafted items more meaning 2
    • More room in inventory, remove grid 2
    • Alliance system (friendly societies), society wars 2
    • Stop the damned L weapons/armour 2
    • Lack of weather influence 1
    • Too small auction items 1
    • Lack of bitch slap 1
    • Less ath's or don't compensate ath with normal loot 1
    • Scanner won't find guns, finders faps 1
    • L-items usable to tt=0 1
    • Trashcan in inventory 1
    • No unusable L in auction 1
    • Billies, graphics update 1
    • Message box navigation, running shooting, typing all at the same time 1
    • Money out of trade window scam 1
    • Different look for friend requests 1
    • Skip to page in auction 1
    • New professions with new items. 1
    • Too high tt on clothes 1
    • Newly introduced stuff never drops (dark paints etc) 1
    • Warning msg when rent needs paying 1
    • Impossible to reach high levels text/coloring 1
    • Repetitiveness 1
    • No hotkey for manufacture button 1
    • Right gunner seat bug 1
    • Ship disappearance 1
    • HUD bug 1
    • After relog ship is up, pilot down 1
    • Signs won't stick outside of hangar 1
    • Society option on storage 1
    • AFK on phone posture 1
    • Regulators, scam police 1
    • Bad L weapon markup balance (eco) 1
    • Ability to copy/paste advert text (in chat) 1
    • To be able to type "Æ" "Å" 1
    • Too much antisocial behaviour/rulebreaking without consequence 1
    • More effeciency info about mining amps in item details 1
    • Customise/personalise emotes 1
    • Stuck mobs in objects 1
    • Auto loot option 1
    • TT fruit, dung, sweat 1
    • Less failures while sweating 1
    • Harder mobs cost more, but do not yield an advantage over easier mobs 1
    • Skill values are not weighed the same 1
    • Armour points assignable to type of protection 1
    • Less missed shots 1
    • My items on website not always the same as ingame 1
    • Unlootable mobs sinking away in terrain 1
    • Mining claims inside objects 1
    • Easier way to view tt of skills, buy skill 1
    • More interesting loot 1
    • L-guns that last longer 1
    • More detailed mining, mining by terranial features 1
    • Ingame transaction accounting tool 1
    • Shortcut to minimise chat window 1
    • Unable to msg ppl not in FL 1
    • Remove not being able to move while refining 1
    • Reduce weight of refiners/scanners 1
    • Third person birds view objects lag 1
    • One days warning before updates 1
    • Remove items from auction order list, that do not exist anymore 1
    • Comment terminal for an estate 1
    • Gaps between sib are too long 1
    • Remember id/pw client login check box 1
    • Return decoy dispenser reload time 1
    • Fix agility raise 1
    • Fix araneatrox hp regen amount/speed 1
    • Bind keys for autotext 1
    • Missing a mob, unless moving in between shots bug 1
    • Abandoning ce2 roadmap, fix bugs first 1
    • Return insult emote 1
    • Lack of unl items 1
    • Support giving different answers to the same question 1
    • Bugs returning (that were fixed in another vu) 1
    • Reverse mob regen 1
    • Looting the wrong sex armour 1
    • Blood,gore,violence,destruction 1
    • Setting waypoint when running 1
    • Unable to login for a minute when cut off 1
    • False message when trying to login 1
    • Skill values not balanced 1
    • Areas imposssible to see long distance 1
    • Open loot window only for global/hof checkbox 1
    • Ship items/stackables/ped to other players 1
    • Better incentive for L items 1
    • Fix SIB on mining finders 1
    • BLP damage seems broken compared to hit 1
    • Melee amps (giev) 1
    • 99% of mob killed, die, tp in, mob fully regen scam 1
    • Kill someone in pvp 4, not get loot 1
    • More models for armour, weapons 1
    • Factories 1
    • Cashcard 1
    • Insane skillgain at high level 1
    • Return underwater mining 1
    • Rebinding weapons, after moved out of inventory 1
    • More excitement to hunting, not just click click click 1
    • More diversity in mobs damage types 1
    • More RL economy rules, mindark as government 1
    • Booking system for space travel 1
    • Direction signs at CP 1
    • With a new vu not thinking about new features, but new nerfs 1
    • Amp nerf 1
    • Lockable items (protects it from ttéd) 1
    • Fix healthbar glitch during spacetravel 1
    • Mobs attack eachother 1
    • PVP only in pvp zones and rings 1
    • Allow pec markup in shops 1
    • Estate terminals always show the real estate owner 1
    • More dance moves 1
    • More Participant content other then video/paintings 1
    • More postures for mannequins 1
    • Appatments complexes look the same 1
    • Nudity (at least in own appartment) 1
    • Jump off balconies 1
    • More underground areas 1
    • Recruits have input on their soc term info section 1
    • Cant trade full boxes 1
    • Display guns with amps/laser/scope 1
    • No progresssion after Killstrike/commando 1
    • No more hardcoded keys 1
    • Placing items bug 1
    • Confirm button for compact 1
    • Better crosshairs 1
    • Customizable HUD 1
    • Bring laser pointer back 1
    • More updates with new content 1
    • Focus on tp chips 1
    • Fix side seats in spaceships 1
    • Stable in every city 1
    • New users select own start tp 1
    • Estate deeds in loot 1
    • More unl melee with sib 1
    • Unl sib weapons decay full instead of 50% 1
    • Return old items to mindark shops (punisher, clothes) 1
    • Different items in trade terminals in different cities 1
    • MakeVote booths work 1
    • Saving accounts in bank 1
    • Force trade channel 1
    • Delete yourself from somebodies fl 1
    • More togetherness in interface 1
    • More appreciation for older players 1
    • Better texture mapping 1
    • Better architecture 1
    • Drop fruit/dung in appartments 1
    • Shopitems in shop terminal 1
    • No double movement buttons 1
    • Ahh, the egg 1
    • Portable ammo converter 1
    • Portable repair 1
    • Friends chat (as soc chat) 1
    • Teammate finder 1
    • Protected zones for certain player levels 1
    • Skill modification scopes explained 1
    • More uses for items (eg crafting) 1
    • More "goals" like in beacon missions 1
    • Earn money from advertising, instead from players 1
    • Better depth system with mining 1
    • Coloring system too difficult 1
    • Change default third person camera angle 1
    • Takes notes of ccp game 1
    • Allow items to be looted if alone in team 1
    • Markup alert indicator on trade window 1
    • Auction also webbased for fulltime job players 1
    • Theatre for live performances 1
    • Change pc display so full length movies can be uploaded 1
    • More watermobs 1
    • Scuba gear necessary to stay underwater 1
    • Ships, pirates,trading routes 1
    • Tunnels that connect the continents 1
    • Space battles 1
    • Shadowmages shop bug cnd #21 1
    • Amps for everything 1
    • Setup x customised channels in chat 1
    • Name your landarea(longuland) instead of LA34 1
    • New advertising options, rent a sign at pa 1
    • Separated markets, 0,05 in twin peaks, 0.25 pecs in eudoria, 0.5 world 1
    • Mobs a bit different 1
    • No more fruit instaspawn, fruit must grow 1
    • Botany profession 1
    • EU disconnects when alt-tab in non window mode 1
    • SIB items give skills always 1
    • See exact values for hp/skills 1
    • Value of single item in stack 1
    • Truncated ped card values 1
    • More depth in the economy #143 1
    • More footguards 1
    • Revamp CP 1
    • Buy additional storage boxes from mindark upto 1k items 1
    • Caves, Torkells Tomb, with boorum 1
    • PVP-city 1
    • Moveable mining indicator screen 1
    • Remove drilling from mining 1
    • Activity Achievement Award Points 1
    • Ongoing Golden-Age awarding PAR edition item rewards 1
    • Bringing structure/Economic Modeling to planet Calypso 1
    • Poll for good ideas from this thread 1
    • Bring back the orbs 1
    • Ghostly bug, chats while alone 1
    • Introduce tameable cats and dogs 1
    • Making picking of tent available only for it's owner 1
    • Miner bots enter the robot mine building,area, more action 1
    • Team mining 1
    • Remove white screen while tping 1
    • Unlocks past level 100 1
    • Fix attributes skillgain 1
    • Higher L faps poorly balanced compared to imp/mod 1
    • A mob that cost 1 ped to kill perhaps should loot 100x max the cost to kill 1
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2018
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  15. Even though we are miles apart with our attitude towards MindArk Spawn credit to you for compiling such a long list of suggestions and improvements.
  16. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Great list. I think where you and I differ is that in my opinion, a lot of the annoying issues on that list wouldn't have been necessary if the systems had been designed with a bit more thought in advance, or not been rushed through.

    I think that both McCormick and you are after the exact same thing; an awesome game that is fun, and enjoyable. Where you differ is your way of getting there.

    McC sees promise after promise, and a constant under-delivery (or complete lack thereof). You see small steps of progress.

    I get it. Schedules change, plans change, and sometimes you simply cannot deliver what you promised. But then why not postpone the roll-out for a bit, and finish it properly, rather than rushing a broken and flawed new system into the game, and then moving onto the next thing, knowing fully well your new thing won't ever be implemented the way you promised or wanted to?

    If I delivered my projects the same way as MA delivers, I'd be out of a job in no time. I can't imagine that any coder working for MA has a high level of job satisfaction, because nothing sucks more than being forced to constantly deliver crap. After almost 20 years in the business, I'd like to think that MA could/should have gotten a clue by now.

    And yet, both McC and I are still here. I think both of us lost all faith that EU will ever reach its' true potential while Jan Welter Timkrans has anything to do with it, or MindArk, for that matter. And yet, we hope. I hoped things would have changed when they signed new partners, but other than having lost most of them again, MA keeps disappointing both players and partners, and forever is betting on the next big thing (but always whenever the peak of it already has passed).
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  17. Keep calm Peter, I prepared a list for you, filled with excitement :

    -Compet Deed Payout on Sunday !!!1111

    -3 new professions with new skills announced today, even unlockable ones !!11111
    Forget about tree chopping and gardening, here comes the hit ! The Looter Professions aka. meat Extracting !

    -CLD land plot system with...super duper updates...soOooOOooon...maybeeee...maybe not !

    -Battle Octagons for pets...including a seamless transitions between compet and eu pets...
    either that or compet getting discontinued...whooo caaareeess ?!?!

    -Taming Stage 2...aaand 3 !!!!!!! Foouurrrr,,, fiivveeeee

    -Towns become Towns again, not just one single contaiiinneeeerrrr.......

    -The Deep Token !!!11 Yaaaaawwwrrrr......:'D

    -The "its ready" fishing system...fuck...they said its ready...and then it didnt even exist on paper...fuck you !

    -The malls will finally recieve their promised landing platforms...hahhahah...this joke never gets old.

    -The 3d Casino will return...not...proomiiissseeed

    -The promised hangar updates of 2011...are still...promised...

    -President of Virtual Reality !!! Yaaaa!!!...with FreeMyVunk !!!1111
    3 billion jobs....wait noooooo, MA didnt want it.....whateevaaaaaaar ! Weeeeeee x'D

    -Oculus Rift ! It exists ! Elsewheeeerreee !!!

    -Possible Return of MindBank, as stated by David Simmonds in 2015
    Includes the return of the cashcard !!! Cash Cash Cash !!!! Cash, you know ?

    -Educational Planets across the whOooOOOoole universe ! Learn more about depositing !

    -Psychological Planets with real doctors, to talk about your gambling addiction...500 PED fee only !

    -Unemployement Planets...where all broke non-depositors get teleported to...

    Fuck, this is getting truly annoying...soo I wiilll stooOooOOoooop

    Btw. the "Bank of Calypso" was already here 18 years ago...we call em pawnshops these days.

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  18. I am going to make a new list McCormick, I will make sure to add yours.
  19. could we maybe agree to forget the old shit and compile a new list of current unsolved/unfixed things?

    some people who paid a buck are still a bit sour about their issues ... luckily i'm not one of them

    as example, stables. or is this topic closed now and lets move on, buggers?

    the statues are almost as funny as the unique egg already. still my personal bet we'll see them first, easy fix for a problem that wouldn't exist if they didn't do it the MA way before as usual. i mean c'mon it fucking doesn't matter if they sold 20 or 1 statues for 500 dollars "only". whoever needs more than a day to develope this statue has to be shot off this planet in a SpaceX rocket :D

    i could add another thing that bothered me. trying to sell UL quad alikes for 50k when you couldn't sell a privateer for 40k ... they are killing their PVP space at the same time they try to convince people to do more challenging stuffs (batsim my ass)

    we get back to the point where it seems like an issue of the people in charge, not of the game itself ... so a merry FU from your prophet & gn8, EU is not my problem anymore in the end. i became part time customer, way to go? :evil:
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