Theryon Wars: Eye Candy nr.1 (Image Intensive Thread)

Discussion in 'Theryon Wars' started by Ordaz, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Hi all!

    There have been comments and questions, both publicly and in private, since The Interview because of which I've asked our friends of EntropiaPlanets' Staff for some help. They've been kind and resourceful as always, and this is what we've come up with.

    This is the first thread of a small series where we're bringing you, as exclusive news at EntropiaPlanets, a bit of the content being developed for Theryon Wars (T:W).

    I should add a disclaimer...
    What you're about to see are concept pictures and 3D models not yet in-game.
    They do not represent the final quality of the finished assets, don't include materials or effects available in the Entropia Universe client and could be changed and improved before Planet Theryon becomes available for playing.
    Also, these are high-resolution images which can take a while to load depending on your connection speed (bandwidth/ throughput).

    No names or precise attibute values will be provided at this time.

    Please, comment and ask as much as you want. I'm not a community manager; I have loads of tasks and duties and I hope you'll understand I can't drop by the forums as often as I'd like to. Don't get mad at me if it takes me a while to reply... or if for legal or technical reasons I can't give you all the answers.

    Now fasten your seatbelts...


    This is a fighter-sized, single-seat, high-speed, long-range ship.
    You could say 'deep space interceptor' for short (^_^)

    Now here you have a couple of shots of the 3D model, without textures or materials:



    With Space about to reach us (or the other way around) I thought this could be a good starting point. It'll take some time until you can put your hands on these ships of ours, but I'm willing to read what you think of them.

    I want to thank once again EntropiaPlanets' Staff and all the community for making this such a nice, friendly and active site for all Entropians and Planet Partners alike.

    There will be some three or four more 'Eye Candy' threads in the next weeks, stay tuned!
  2. nice stuff. What's the poly count on that thing? Doesn't look too super high, but enough to give nice details.
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Thanks for sharing :)
    I have a new desktop background now ;P

    Looking forward to your next 'eye candy' posts.

  4. Nice one :)

    Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

    Oh and gl with space, it really is the final frontier :D
  5. Mastermesh, perhaps I should have said 'you're about to see concept pictures and concept 3D models'; these models are not intended to be exported 'as is' into the engine, but the mesh density is close to our average for real-time models.

    Narfi, if you're able to use the first image as a wallpaper without downscaling it... lol

    Thanks, Viperstrike. We'll see which solar system and ship are chosen the most to start from ;)
    I guess we both will be missing the disk-radar...
  6. Great Drive, Great ambition, great communication with the playerbase. Now just don't "fall off the planet" like some others have.....
    Oh and... if you screw something up MindArk will scoop up your planet from you if you haven't read the contract closely enough. So make sure you're ready for MindArk's "Dynamics" within the business and the platform.

  7. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Very nice!!! I might just have to get me one of these as well.. !! ;)

    One side note.. is it possible that you could make this into two seater or do you already have one on the drawing board!? :D
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