Theryon Wars: Eye Candy nr.2 (Image Intensive Thread)

Discussion in 'Theryon Wars' started by Ordaz, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    I really like that you are interested in aircraft and work on this, great combo! Some things in entropia are just way to unrealistic ;)

    And for the paprcraft, have you seen this: ?
  2. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

  3. I try not bugging our artists... too much. But. I do take very seriously maintaining coherence, and this faction to which these ships belong is, so to say, the closest to what we'd expect from a plausible future. Not to say hard sci-fi, yet both close enough to make it fit our expectations and fantastic enough to fit game mechanics.

    For example, yesterday I was bugging two of our artists who are working on a fighter-sized ship of the other faction. It has no wings, so we were trying to figure out where to put VTOL thrusters, their sizes, the general structural resistance needed for them to work without tearing the ship apart... Then the best location, length and mechanism for the landing gear and the location of the magnetic 'horseshoe' for hi-speed rail launching (we'll see if we can finally craft that!). Even if it's a more fantastic design, we pay attention to those details. Yes, even when it's a variable-geometry wingless lesser craft!
    And we do it because we can and because you deserve it. Fair?

    To be honest, I missed those pages. Sorry, Lykke. I should pay more attention to all the pages of the fine Entropia Times. I was aware of the thread with the pistol and more... Shame for me (again) I shall not craft real-sized paper/cardboard models until I make some room at home. It's hard to describe what I've achieved by crafting, gathering and collecting. Have you heard of Warehouse 13?

  4. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Nope, nev3r heard about that serie - sounds really interesting though ... so, what you're saying is, that Warehouse 13 is a paper copy of your home - storage ? :P

    And no worries about the magazine, I know you will catch up and be ready for the "20 questions about..." I will ask you later on !
  5. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Woot!! Thank you for the excellent reply!! :) Glad to see there will be different varieties' to the ships!! I think the more variety you can add the more it seems personal to each player!! ;)

    I am a big fan of the F-16!! Was my favorite when I was younger!! ;) As for the technical specs on the stablilizers, I will let you explain in short bursts!! :D
  6. I absolutely agree. Apart from the variations, conisder the painting schemes from different units/crafters as additional forces join the fray...

    There's something I'm concerned about customizing ships, though: Good taste. I can think of at least ten individuals I've met in Calypso who'd easily paint their ships in fugly neon colors if given the chance. I mean, c'mon, it's not even logical attracting everyone else's attention to your ship in lootable PvP space! And apart from logical it can actually hurt sensibilities and senses (geez, my eyes could bleed!). So, yes, I'd love giving all players customization options, yet I have this inner conflict myself.
    Suggestions/ideas/comments welcome!

    (Off-Topic) I mean... I have too many gadgets and stuff and I've never seen this kind of variety apart from, maybe, Warehouse 13. For instance... I have a replica of Takeda Harunobu's armor (Shingen) occluding a VII-C class U-Boot scale model (a prize from a Silent Hunter invitational tournament) which lies by the game discs rack, that has easily over 50,000 army points in assorted wargame miniatures (yep, all painted) and also papercraft models of ships from Homeworld, Freespace, Wing Commander and 2001: A Space Oddysey...
    Among other things, those lie in one corner of one room of my LAIR.

    Perhaps it's too much info, you'll tell me :p
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  7. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    LOL yep it can be hard on the old optic nerves when some-one flys by in their bright neon pink interceptor!! ;) But you have to admit, they are never going to be mistaken for anyone else!! :eek::alien:
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