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    So if there are no sponsors for this event the prizes will be
    Second=60 ped

    So this time around 37 agility cap
    Registering on forum is NOT required this time, looking for five racers again but I got a couple extra valks just incase to many show up
    Race will be saturday Nov 5th, 3am EU time(that would also be Sunday the 6th EU time)
  2. Reserved for winners
  3. Is there a road? And can they expect wildlife? :)
  4. There is a road but it doesn't start until you get into the mountain, and yes wildlife is to be expected, boars on the plains and boars and vulcan drakes in the mountains.
  5. that should make it quite interesting :)
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  6. I know that I have said before that NOR will continue but I am changing that, my initial goal in starting NOR was to buy the dev team some time, that time is now limited, the last NOR will be Feb 2012, if they have no economey before then then they are on their own. I beleive in the dream of NI, but it's a hard dream to hold onto.
  7. Wow, that route looks like a hot mess up in the mountains! And a lot of fun, I will certainly take part. I have a feeling that the pack will spread out on the flats but the navigation in the mountains will clump it together again.
  8. Oh sorry, forgot to update the start time, it will be 3am EU time, sorry for the wait, thought I updated already
  9. LOL just ran the course for the first time, this course is crazy. Crazy fun! ~insane laughter~
  10. Will you be marking the course in any way?
  11. Requesting and interpretation of the course. The red line seems to go over the peak of a small hill a short distance before the ascent to the caldera (where the road starts). Can you go either north or south of the peak to avoid the slow climb?
  12. just to confirm, confused about the time, 3am EU time, so that's early in the am of Sunday EU time? My rule of thumb has been, EU-4 is my time (eastern US time) so, this for me would be saturday night at 11pm. I think?
  13. Yep, during daylight saving time, eastern US time is EU-4. Once daylight saving ends eastern US is EU-5. EU time is equal to UTC throughout the year, no Entropia daylight saving.
  14. Yes you can around the peak, the wide open area is designed for racers to choose a more strategic route just so long as they remain close to the marked course. Also in the volcano, you can attempt to drive straight trough, but it is dangerous to try that. Also in the road winding up to the finish, it is possible in some locations to cut corners, this is allowed.
  15. Yes I will be marking some of the dangerous and sudden turns so that racers don't accidentally drive off the side of a cliff
  16. Also, to celebrate the last NOR of the year, I will give away two of my valks at the end of the race, this will done by randomly drawing racers names, with first name drawn getting first pick.
  17. It was a fun but tragic race, Caz was killed by boars, Gtretchen was killed by a drake, and sadly their is no video because my Valk was also taken out by Boars, so the winners are;
    Mark, first place
    Victoria, second place
    Third place prize was added to their prizes.

    Winners of the Valk draw where Caz and Mark.

    Gratz everyone
  18. It was a fun event and I will be looking forward to see wha is in store for January's NOR.
  19. PRE-START Pics

    Here are a couple of pictures of the pre-start:

    - Next Island Outback Race #3

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