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Discussion in 'Deathifier' started by Deathifier, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Over the past several months activity on the Cornundacauda Stalker spawn has steadily dropped to a level where it seems very few people, if anyone, actually hunt them.

    The spawn itself is currently partly disabled, as I was measuring the impact of the spawn being temporarily reduced.

    Since there was no impact it was pretty easy to conclude that almost nobody hunts there [​IMG]

    So I'd like to hear some feedback from the community as to the need for the spawn.

    In particular I'd like to know:
    - Have people found a huntable Cornundacauda Stalker spawn elsewhere?
    - Would people prefer a different Cornundacauda maturity?
    - Would people prefer the spawn disabled to provide another mining region?
    - Would people prefer some other spawn to replace it?

    All feedback would be welcome, both in public and private if you prefer [​IMG]

  2. Ive been to this spawn and hunted it on rare occasion. Im sure its useful at some points, but right now does not seem to be one of those times. Overall I think people are concentrating their attention on Atrox overly so in their attempts to chase globals. When Im out in many other areas they are virtually empty.

    TBH Im not sure how to resolve this. My personal preference is a variety of mobs, and humanoids in particular seem to be what I chase. Grinding isnt all that fun -- having to adopt a few different strategies somewhat makes up for it. My gut tells me that its probably better to wait until we get some benefits from marketing plans the new worlds are offering, and until then stick with status quo. One thing Treasure Island lacks is a good newbie area, though.... so thats something to consider.
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  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    well with all the missions FPC makes, don't be surprised when there will be a Cornu mission anytime soon and if they do a Carnu LA will be worth it's weight in gold I guess, so it's gamble.
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  4. 1) Not stalkers but alpha and old alpha are present at the southern part of Camp Caravan island (maybe one or two stalkers if you are lucky tho)

    2) if any I prefer big ones when I hunt them (not that often tho)

    3)I think it's enough mining areas as I consider furor/fresc LAs mining areas too since their so respectful if you are that to them ;)

    4) always foul, but as you explained to me earlier thats not possible so cant really think of any other :/
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  5. Thanks for the feedback so far, here's some comments and answers from me:

    I like a variety of creatures too :)

    I could wait for more marketing to kick off however Cornundacauda Stalkers are a few steps above new players and I do not know how effectively whoever is buying FPC can market the world.
    You can throw hundreds of thousands of dollars at marketing, put it in front of many thousands of people, and have a dozen people actually deposit :)

    I wouldn't count on other planets marketing either, largely because they are supposed to market their own planet and not Calypso.

    As for the new player spawn I have looked into it in the past and I think that there's plenty of places for brand new arrivals to play in that aren't taxed.
    If there's something specific that is lacking let me know and I will look at it again.

    There are over a hundred creatures and a number of more popular ones are yet to recieve any missions related to them, so I don't think missions involving Cornundacauda are likely to happen anytime soon.

    Ah so there are some other higher maturity ones out there, that is good - doesn't have to be Stalkers specifically :)

    For Foul if I had or was able to obtain more DNA I'd use it on the existing spawn to boost the density.
    Similarly any other creatures that I have an active spawn of aren't candiates for replacing the Cornundacauda, should replacement be the path taken.

    - Deathifier
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