Tiger Armor wanted

Discussion in 'Trading' started by itto, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Hi
    Im looking for Tiger armor parts and i could use a littel help! ;)

    So if you see Tiger parts for sale somewhere or hear someone selling, please let me know

    OR if you loot some Tiger part 8-) you ar most welcome to pm me for a bid

    The info on whats dropping Tiger is a bit thinn
    But this is what i know for now


    Harness: Neconu
    Helmet: Longu
    Shins: *
    Thighs: *
    Gloves: *
    Arms: *

    If someone have more info on what drops Tiger pls post it here or PM me
  2. *Update*

    I have arm-guards
  3. The next time I am in the belly of a Neconu, I'll look around for a harness.
  4. *Update 2*

    Harness is secured
  5. Im gonna check with a friend what drops the other parts, hmm he has a full set if i remeber right and I do belive he tried to hunt all the parts a t first, but hehe then bought them instead:)

    Hmm ohh u have arms but longu drops them as well, hmm read a rumor about tiger shins as well as jaguar shins drop from esto. Donnu if thats to good to be true:).
  6. Don't think I be hunting Neconu soon ;-) But I keep my eyes open.
  7. this is what wiki says:

    arms: longu old
    gloves: Caperon
    helmet: Daspletor and Longu
    Shin: Beacon mission and Globster
    Thigh: Beacon mission
  8. *Update 3*

    I got the Thighs
  9. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    Tiger Grrrr

    As soon as I shoot a tiger I will skin it for you. All those thing except the Longu I can't handle YET. Sorry. I can get you lots of pixie though hehehe.
  10. Tiger armor now Completed!!

    Alot of ppl have helped me in this pursuit..Thanks alot mates.. :ok:
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