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  1. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Wow! 3 years since my last blog post here.

    The cool thing is that I have met all the goals I had at that time.

    I owned one of the original booths at City of Dreams. It was awarded to me for my work there with the new players.
    I owned a shop at Tangerine for a couple of years. It was a Co-Op shop with other lowish lvl Rocktropians with similar dreams and lack of budget as me.
    I owned one of the Hell Stalls. Great for selling mining equipment and firewall armor.

    I did max the Apis not long after posting that entry, and purchased a Dante amp (which I still have today) and now using the newer much higher dps blp weapons when I want along with my Barringer SR47.

    I purchased an unlimited Genesis Firefly last spring and have since tiered it up to 7.4 which with all dmg enhancers gives me 79.75dps
    I also purchased a Genesis ArcSpark which is currently at tier 3.8 and am about 4% of a level from maxing it, so will be using it very soon and probably either selling or renting out my Firefly.

    A style of play that would allow me to travel cheaply between planets..... :) I would say this was my biggest success.
    I won the Hunt the THING event about 1.5yrs ago that NEVERDIE put on, and won the Mothership MacReady wich is now the flagship for my service EntropiaTransport.com it doesn't get much cheaper than having your own warp ship and crew ready to take you wherever you want whenever you want that is also earning you peds when you aren't using it.

    Lost Renegades has become a strong society and closely knit.
    We have been in the top 5 on tracker on multiple occasions in all 3 professions, and while not 'uber' are respected and respectful.
    I think they are a great group.

    Current Goals and Dreams?
    • Currently competing in Akoz's Ultimate event with the goal of winning Neas Land Area or one of his other smaller land areas
    • Would like to get into more Land Area or other similar type investment opertunities with a close group of friends.
    • Long term down the road would love to get into owning an area like Monria or CP, but I dont see that happening this year :P
    Still playing one day at a time and having a lot of fun in the process.
  2. SO how did you do?
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Wow, already 2 years more have gone by.

    First off in refrence to my older goals,

    Sold the Mothership a year or more ago and got out of RL debt. 0 debt is such a relief, its unbelievable how much that has changed our lives.
    Maxed out the ArcSpark, used it for a while and sold the Firefly, then a few months ago I was able to buy the Stingury I looted years ago, which though not mentioned was one of my long long long term goals int he game, and it is now my primary weapon at T7.7 (with just a Trauma VI on it till I can afford/find a bigger amp). (The ArcSpark was in partial trade for it, so I dont have it anymore)

    Now for the 'new' old goals.....

    Our team hunting akoz event did end up getting a Land Area through a seperate event where we partialy won and partially purchased the Atroax LA next to Aukmul.
    I am also the proud owner of 1/2 of each of the Stables on Rocktropia that are currently being managed by Doc.
    I also own a large (non controlling) portion of Isle of Lost Avatars on Rocktropia, the first Player Owned Land Area on Rocktropia, and we currently have 2x Kool Kat DNAs on it, and I have been having a ton of fun grinding on them, they have really got my interest back in the game again, and my play hours a week have gone back up to 10-15 instead of the 2 it had been for many months.

    Still nothing big like a planet or planatoid, but have had fun screwing around at very low hobby level developing with Unity3d making little worlds to play in with my son with a google cardboard VR headset.

    Future goals? not sure.....
    More Land, Steady profits......
    Would love to take a project from start to finish rather it be a novel or game as both writing and game development interests me a lot, I just don't have the discipline or time or discipline to make the time consistently to finish either.
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  4. This sounds interesting. I'd love to participate on a team that creates a game. Game some free floating ideas in my head and I think I'm not the only person on this forum who secretly (or not so secretly) thinks serious about making a game.
  5. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Regarding this:
    everything seems possible.
    I can offer modeling of machines, buildings, weapons, vehicles and such rectangular stuff. Neither character modeling, nor animations. Oh, probably storytelling.
    (SolidWorks 2016 & 3DS Max 2016)
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  6. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Agree 100%

    I was once member of Flapman's team of Planet PostModerna. Quickly it became clear that Flapman wasn't the man who could manage such a project. What anout Narfi? Shall we start with something?
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  7. To start a game; one needs a heck of a team.
    It's basically starting a company; and it would be a good idea to start a company first to make the game.
    I'm quite interested in the idea of helping with a game; although I must say I'm not a coder.
    We should make a thread to get ideas flowing.
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