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  1. I know i am only 4 days old and i have seen and i have been helped by many ppl, and i think this is great. I have played other virtual world games where new ppl are targets (FoM) ect. What i realize is that this game is very dependant on new population and economic blood from new ppl. Some may play for a day free and find it too challanging, or some may go on to invest time and money into enjoying this game and growing in the population, therefore in my humble opinion, doing the excellent jobs you ppl are doing to help new ppl will only go to strengthen game population and economic base which in turn will make the entire Entropian Universe stronger.

    So ty again for your help in forums and in Entropia, see you out there.
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    I think we should revive the tip of the day on the wiki.

    Will look into it later or tomorrow.
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  3. Awsome, great help to new ppl, so they dont have to learn the hard way = get frustrated = leave. Ty for that consideration Tass
  4. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Great Tass :) Thanks

    And thank you BRT for the very nice words! Great to see you here, Blood!
  5. watch ingredient prices compared to crafted item result prices to more often break even or maybe just maybe make a profit
  6. Dan


    Hi, I just started playing a few days ago, and, as a Chinese player, I think this tip might be useful for other Asian players:
    If you are a Chinese player and don't know how to deposit money through the bank, wait for paypal, which will be used in EP in 2013.
  7. You can often find great deals on the auction house right before server down. Check to see auctions ending soon and search all categories you may be surprised what you find.

    Note: What you are looking for is low auctions with time ending soon. Try to find auctions that will be ending during server down so that you wont be able to be bid against = profit. Enjoy.
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  8. Something I found out lately (I'm still a noob)

    If you toggle queue shots, you can keep autoshooting, even while looting mobs. This decreases the stress on ones fingers/wrists. And missed ammo is not lost anymore. Only when you hit a mob. in PvP it still make you lose ammo though!


    If you go under options there is a way to check of game messages; this will remove dmg dealt and gotten from chat AND the chatlog. This can be very useful to keep the chatlog somewhat clean and smaller in size.

    If you reside on Calypso, go to twins. Go there often. Do the daily missions to get free guns for tokens and listen to the trade chat. Many times I found people buying stuff most ppl TT. And not only that, some of the prices they offer are good deals. If you are in need of ped, go sell to the all buying traders instead of TT'ing it. You might not get much on top of tt, but every pec helps.
  9. 1.Do not hunt using your VTOL or Quad-Wing, this is exploit and you could be banned for this.

    2.Using your VTOL or Quad-Wing while mining is not exploit. It is very helpful, you can mine faster and safer.

    3. During hunting use low DMG finisher for last shot, this will safe you peds in long run.

    4. In the water If you stick to the bottom fishes will not attack you. (this is still working?)
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  10. In Rocktropia visit THE THING for starter missions. A freebie oil rig is near the end. TP to Camp Finale from RT and hit T to revive in the oil rig. :beerchug:
  11. Use a vehicle to get past the cave section of hunt THE THING in Rocktropia. Cave is shaped a bit like an inverted L.
  12. Viper Whips are one of the lowest damage Unlimited Weapons in game, doing approximately same damage level as Kiwio (L). They are very good as a finisher weapon.
  13. NGL Grenade Launcher was available from the technician on Rocktropia at one point in time. Don't pay too much in markup as eco sucks - ok for using looted explosives though.
  14. Rocktropians and Trolls currently have the lowest HP of any mob in game. Their lootpool is small but due to "kill bonus" they are great for skilling.
  15. Take peds in to space. Entry fee to land a ship in atmosphere is 2 peds. Entry fee to tp to planet from space station is 7 peds. Spaceship Pilots also ask for taxi fees.
  16. Being summoned up to a mothership is free. Getting back to the planet from space is not. Think about this if you are low on peds since you don't want to get trapped in space.
  17. T is the shortcut for reviving at the nearest revival terminal. Sometimes this can be used as a shortcut to bypass treacherous terrain and big mob spawns.
  18. Create an "armor set" so you can put a full set of armor on or take a full set off with one click. Otherwise each piece will require a click.
  19. Having a glowing item equipped such as a torch, enblade, or tomtebloss can be helpful in seeing in the dark, especially when decorating apartments or shops.
  20. If you get stuck in vegetation or rocks and can't get out. Spawn your vtol close to you and hop into your vtol.
    Also it is in general not a good idea to jump into big round plant shapes (commonly found at Amathera), since you will need the trick above.
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