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  1. Market related:
    • "Market value" reflects what buyers have paid, not what sellers have received. Rarely you will be able to get it in full when selling.
    • Some things have very low chance to be sold despite ostensibly having good markup. Use auction trackers to find out how many offers go without a bid.
    • Tell people what they want to hear, and you'll have a lot of "friends" who will lie to you, too. Truth makes you few friends but you can trust them.
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  2. Artificially raising markup can be and IS done via auction quite often. It can get you banned, but not many doing it do get banned. Don't pay more than you are willing to lose.
  3. Confucius say "Man who stand on toilet, high on pot"
    This is my Christmas post. Just having a little fun, Merry Christmas all.
  4. When choosing weapons,stick to one type e.g Laser or BLP.
  5. Tip of the day:
    Better not be around when this happens,

    The Big Rip theory predicts that the entire universe will eventually be progressively torn apart and then collapse back into a single atom renewing the Big Bang Cycle then causing it to explode out again renewing the universal cycle by its continual expansion. One hypothetical example of the theory places the end in approximately 22 billion years time.
  6. Tesla, you should know that currently the most possible scenary is heat death. In which the universe expands so greatly the entropy is devised over such a great amount of space there is not enough energy left for anything, thus cooling down all that is to the absolute point of freezing.

    As we know we go faster apart there is no fear of crushing together; which ofcourse is a pitty; who does not love to crash together instead of cooling and freezing so far apart, the word longlyness loses it's meaning in the echo of the void.
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    This post popped up in my alerts when Acronoid liked it ~2 weeks ago, and it's done now. Currently only in the top area of the wiki main page: http://www.entropiaplanets.com/wiki/EntropiaPlanets_Wiki. But as a template it can go anywhere. Thinking about more features.
  8. Hmm, since this thread is still stickied, is the offer active, I'm sure I could come up with a few insightful things to say :shock:
  9. This is a great idea
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    Amused by the order of those two.
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