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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Lerp, May 3, 2011.

  1. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    It frustrates me to told that i have forgot something from just a few days ago.
    Or that I have done this before. Or to have information and not know where it came from.

    My employer is real good to me but wants to take me camping.
    I dont want to go camping with him.
    I dont mind gay people but please enough allready.
    I dont even know he is gay but it sure points in that direction.
    Not the camping trip I had in mind.

    Have to keep an open mind. I could be wrong.
    Na i doubt it. Allways the cleanest house. Never with any females.
    No photos of females in his house. Has money and no girl.
    I continue to be nice to him but as for camping. NOt going to happen.

    He also hunts. He hunts big game elk and once when drunk he was joking about
    holding a persons head under water. He has said a few things that also
    makes me want to think he likes to kill.
    Likes to kill? So not going camping.

    One time he told me that hookers were the best targets for thoes who like to kill.
    I said why would any one like to kill. Its the easyest thing in the world to do.
    He told me they like to do it just to watch the person die.

    So not going camping.
    It could just be a perception problem for me but as much as a cool guy he is.
    I sort of fear him in a swarm of bees way.
    Who like the boss anyhow.
  2. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    Forum Just said "You can't be friends with yourself". No lie. Its what this forum just responded to me with.
  3. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I would rather say: You cant please them all ;)

    I would not go camping either, but for other obvious reasons. Like ants in the sleeping bag. Perhaps it's not ants in your sleeping bag you fear the most?

    Just tell him you're allergic :D Good luck
  4. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    I have had an idea for some time and no reason to play around with it.

    I want to make and buy the 100 event tickest for an event I make.
    I want these event tickets to have the url of entropiaplanets.
    I am going to drop them in noob areas puny and special ocasions.
    Ill work on this more after work.
  5. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    Have to check to see if I can fit the whole url on the tickets and if its even allowed.
    I still have my event ticket from the first event ever, unused and one from rocktropias
    Oscars event. So unused tickes can hold infor. Its like a 10 cent addvertisement.

    Im the crazy one but its eveyone around me who is selfcentered and rude.
    Its odd how they can love and value me but totally ignore what I ask for.

    My girlfriend makes a cake. I can see he happyness in her face.
    She sais" I put the frosting on while it was still warm and so there are some thick places.
    I know how you dont like frosting so I thought I would tell you."
    WTF If I dont like frosting then why are you putting tons of frosting on a cake you made for me.
    I wanted to throw the cake. I was polite and just said thank you as if I wanted that sugar.
    America uses to much Sugar. Its discusting. You cannot even buy beef jerky that is not based with brownsugar or just sugar.
    Even the pepper beef has sugar. Ive been telling her for years.

    Ive been paying her way through medical school. She has been working hard at it. Its not easy to do for her.
    She stays up all night to study. Makes noise wakes me up at 2:30 or 3:00 AM.
    I have to work at 7:30 I climb some of the largest trees in NOrth america. I need a full nights sleep.
    I have to remove these 10,000 pound trees without destroying the houses around them. From the top I work my way to the bottom throwing small peices to the safe area on the ground. I need my sleep.
    She did this to me a few years ago it almost destroyed me.
    Two weeks now she has woke me up early early early. Im an old man I cannot get back to sleep once I wake up.
    Today I was so sleepy I went to bed two hours early.
    AT 12:30 AM she is doing DISHES.

    At work my employer strart telling me how to take down this tree from his point on the ground.
    I have to consontrate. Its a dangerious job. Im not letting him destract me.
    Ive told him this for 4 years Dont do it. He still does it. Im a 44 year old tree doctor. I dont need the hospital staff
    standing over my shoulder and watching what I am doing.

    I am so close to just walking away and sending my girs 250 USD per week untill she finishes schoool.
    Then Ill go die alone in the desert with nature as she wants it and not as directed by some people who dont care what I ask for again and again.

    Hard part is that in so doing I am doing wrong.
    God has understanding of me. I must have unerstanding of others.
    How can I be upset over cake? I can! I am!

    Changes in perception. Beond the veil.
  6. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I agree about the cake. If she gives YOU a cake, she should make it the way you like it. If she just make a cake because she wants to, but not for you especially, it's up to her to decide how to make it though.

    It is frustrating not to get your sleep - and in length it can be such a bad habbit, that you will wake up automatically or even become ill from the lack of sleep. Having a job, which is dangerous as it is like yours, also requires that you get the needed sleep.

    Not getting a proper sleep will also make you annoyed, irritated, depressed and what not and it is very important you find a solution. It could even be the lack of sleep which caurses you to be extra annoyed about the cake ...

    If you love your girlfriend you should try and make an agreement with her. Since she is the one staying up untill late, the bedroom should be reserved for you, and she will have to sleep in the livingroom either on the sofa or on a madress, if it is possible. Tell her (I'm sure you did already), that you need your sleep and that you don't mind supporting her in her studies, but expect support the other way too.

    If that doesn't help perhaps it's time to take the relationship on a review ... because respect and help is needed both ways.

    sorry :(
  7. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    The blog may not be my thing. I seem unafraid to share anything.
    I will reread what a blog is intended for. It cant be for what I thought it was for.
    No one would want to read that.
  8. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    I quit my job ran away from home. I then asked for my job back and went back home.
    Could not leave my girl with one year left in school. Cant leave her in any situtation.
    She is human and her flaws are not as bad as mine are. I am lucky to have her.
    Somethings are more important then myself. Helping a person in life to be happy and fullfilled is the best thing I will ever do.
    It may be the only good I will have done in my whole life. If I drop this ball I may have lived and not done any good for anyone in life.
    Where so many people need faith love and hope. It would be a sin for me to look away from that.
  9. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    Dejavue anyone? Geeze I read some of my posts and cant believe it was me. some not even on topic. Oh well whats to lose. Lotts of fun. Sry If i forget you. Or your thread or even your name. Its that way for me at times. just send me mail and tell me off or tell me what I need to remember. I know some of the names here. If I read something I posted I dont like. I will change it to something I do like. If I hurt you in anyway let me know. I have no intent to do such things but I often do. Just dont bring me cake or invite me camping. That was a joke.
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