Planet Toulan: Toulan at Jordan Gaming Summit 2013

Discussion in 'Planet Toulan' started by RAZER, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    For the first time since March there is a new Tweet from the Planet Touland people:
    toulan tweet.jpg
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  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I sense a disturbance in the force. I don't think Toulan will launch this year
  3. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    Because there were a lot of planets that went to Jordan Gaming Summit 2013 and didn't launch in time :)
    I am actually believing they will launch December or at least January 2014.
  4. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    December is near fingers crossed :alcohol:
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    It won't happen I promise you
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  6. Any news yet on the planet release? I have a feeling we have another dead planet coming since I haven't seen much of anything said about it and the planet developers are not even making a big deal over it's soon to be released planet.
  7. Probably another "big & bored" investor in the background who doesnt care much about anything. Cant wait to enter an arabic planet, full of sex & crime & atheists...and FarCry beaches...

    I feel for all the planet partners that got lured in here and werent aware of what was awaiting them.

    Enjoy the show...
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  8. Hey Uzza,

    instead of adding a "thumbs down" and leaving, why not post your assumption about this planet as well ? An assumption based on recent news. An assumption based on the past. Or maybe you know even more about it ? Or maybe you just feel offended ? Sorry for my bad taste of sarcasm then, but I already mentioned that I feel for every planet partner, as they werent prepared for what was awaiting them.
    Feel free to discuss this matter with us, instead of disliking it.

    Let me introduce you to the announcements and release dates of the planet partners here :

    got 1st announced in early 2008. (Soft) Lauch Date was in 2012.
    4 years.

    Next Island got 1st announced in 2008. Consumer launch 2011.
    3 years. (this planet is more or less least the development studio)

    Rocktropias production began in early 2009, release was in early 2010.
    1 year.

    Arkadia got announced in late 2010, launched in early 2011.
    Not even 0,5 years. Well prepared ?

    Theryon Wars go announced in early 2011.
    So far, it has not arrived and probably will never arrive.

    Planet Post Moderna showed up on the internet in 2009.
    So far, it has not arrived and probably will never arrive.

    Beladcom 1st press release about "joining" Entropia came out in 2010. We are entering 2014 now.
    4 years. (and we dont hear much about it either...except that it will come in 2013)

    Sure, every planet partner is different. But MindArk is not.
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  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Sure, every planet partner is different. But MindArk is not.

    Wise words
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  10. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    Sure wise, but I don't believe Arkadia was developed for half a year. And I am not surprised that good game or movie can take 4 years. At the same time part of me is frustrated for lack of new planets coming in faster.
    We can see Star Citizen with 35 millions for development, more than 1 year development and they just said gonna delay the dogfighting module with few months becouse there are more than expected players. When they have counter on their website how many alpha slots they have. And I believe one of the stretch goals was to enable more slots for the alpha :)
    But back in our world, Beladcom said 2013 but are late as most of the game usualy no game comes on time. I hate them and I love them. What can you do. Just sit and wait.
  11. Wow, that is a long reply for a little dislike !

    Ok, I feel obliged to reply after all that text that you wrote.

    I think people should play a game when they like it the way it is, instead of hoping for it to change and complaining when it doesn't. I played EU from 2006 till 2009. I was no uber, but had not too bad skills and gear. My last socs were DD and HU. I had lots of fun during that time. Despite my two small ATHs -they are gone now- loot sucked at that time, it still does today and it will be the same in future. I decided to leave due to my rl ath - my son was born.

    I wrote a good bye thread on EF -that's pcf today- and it was deleted because it violated the the rule that nothing is allowed to be written about leaving the game. I complained, got a warning, complained again, got banned.

    Since my boy is a little older now and income wise situation is also better, I created a new eu account. And guess what... the game is so much better than it was when I left 4 years ago!

    At that time there were no vehicles, no space, no instances, no where to travel except cnd and cp. No possibility to do multi selection, i.e. drag and drop each item separately from/to storage and inventory. We had to carry around much more stuff for mining. No missions. No possibility of sorting and filtering in auction. Landscape is so much better now compared to the early days of vu10. Crafting terminals are so much better today. Since I just rejoined a couple of months ago, I am sure there is still so much other new stuff for me to discover.

    I never liked 777's forum rules regarding complaining about the game. But this place here is the other extreme. It should be considered to rename it from entropiaplanets to entropiawhiners! I feel the spirit in this forum is poisoned.

    So my dislike is not so much about your beladcom comments. It's more about the attitude of a staff member of the forum.

    Although, regarding your comment:
    our top three keywords are actually terrorists, axis of evil and weapons of mass destruction. But thanks for adding to the list !
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  12. Puck

    Puck Puck

    I almost laughed, but quickly realized this is factual. Enjoyed the reply!
  13. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    EP is a forum where people are allowed to write without being censored - within the few rules/guidelines derived from sanity and reason. And since they can hardly do it anywhere else some people of course express their frustration on EP and showcase what elsewhere might be referred to as "negativity". Without any doubt allowing free speech is the right thing to do and the attitude you might experience is not an issue of EP, it's an issue of censorship and moderation elsewhere.

    I personally think that the total "negativity" is not that bad, compared to elsewhere, I also think the quality of posts is also not that bad, compared to elsewhere, neither is the signal-to-noise ratio. And if you go through the editorial content produced by EP staff I do think that you'll find a great deal of support for EU and PPs, not even speaking of what else EP is involved in (wiki, livestreams/videos, social media, ...). I think it's save to say EP is a huge assets supporting EU, probably the most productive without the selfish interest in making money.

    Welcome to EP, looking forward to your contributions, it's great to have people really enjoying the game.
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  14. I apologize if I am judging too harsh on EP. I admit that I didn't spend too much time exploring EP to find out about support, wiki, social media, life stream.. etc. It's just that many of the few threads that I read here are very much negative. Perhaps, that was just by chance of bad selection and does not reflect reflect the community of EP. In that case I say sorry again.
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  15. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Thank you for coming back and making your own post and sharing your thoughts. Perspectives and opinions are respected here whether everyone agrees with them or not. I can totally understand why you would think that EP might have a negative environment or community, but perhaps I can add a different perspective for your consideration.

    If I were someone who took a break from EU for more than a few months, I think I would be a bit excited about all the new things I would be discovering as well, but ... as one who has been heavily entrenched in this universe and the community for more than 8-1/2+ years, including an official position with the Cyrene Writing Team for a year, how the universe has been delivered to us (with all the side-effects) is what has the most profound effect on how we view our universe, as well as the developers.

    I agree that there are those who seem to just troll and whine, but for the most part, I believe that what is presented to us both here and at other EU-related forums is more of a level of critical thinking about our experiences and the direction that MA has taken. I've done my share of being vocal over the years, but more than anything else, I'm a die-hard player advocate, and silly me, I thought I might be able to help by being more behind the scenes and reporting content directly from the developers, but ... while that worked to a certain degree, it also gave me insight into a level of this game I was not ready for, and that is what caused me to rethink my approach a while back.

    I think what's happened, is those who have consistently been around for many years and experienced the evolution of EU at the hands of MA, have an intellect that is able to cut to the core of what the real issue is, and that's a top-heavy mismanaged entity that talks a good game, but doesn't always deliver. I say doesn't always deliver, because I don't think it's all bad, and I still enjoy some of my adventures through frustrating experiences.

    Advancement in a niche game with an RCE is a tricky thing, and I'm sure it's not always easy for MA to make the most efficient decisions when implementing something new, but ... we have seen time and again that there appears not to be the required level of quality control needed, because it's not just the players who suffer as a result, it's the PPs as well, as I think Peter (admin) has mentioned. I know of this first-hand, and it was an eye-opener for me, so I at least have a level of valid substance and experience to draw from.

    I believe that the reason that so many of us speak out as vehemently as we do, is because we still love EU, and know from long-term experience just what the potential was and is for this universe, and I guess we are just begging MA to do the right thing and give more consideration to certain things.

    As far as Planet Toulan is concerned, I too am surprised that with a planet supposedly launching soon, that there is not more hype about it. I would also have to agree with Peter or Tass, that I don't think PPs really knew what they were getting themselves into by signing up with their own projects on the platform. There are some who could definitely shed a super bright light on this topic, but of course because of their non-disclosure agreements, they are unable to be public about it, nor can I with certain things.

    I would still like to see EU succeed, but I'm afraid there would need to be many changes before that happens, and I'm not too sure that those who comprise the current think-tank are willing to accept that challenge.

    I can only reiterate once again, that for those who have given great critical thinking to the dynamics of this universe, and really break it down to its smallest denominator, it all points in one direction.

    Final note ... with regard to the EP staff ... I think they do an amazing job here, and allow us to express ourselves to a great degree without breaking the few rules that they do have. Their contributions as well are very thought out and valuable, whether we all agree with them or not. I think the community here is mature, and we don't have to do any mud-slinging to get our point across, even though some posts might have a bit of an edge or bite to them. I've been a member of this forum since it's inception, and long-time friends with the staff and many who visit and contribute here, and it's the best place (IMO) for great discussions, and awesome news, even unexpected news, which makes it top-notch.

    Thank you again Uzza for making the choice to come back and share your thoughts and opinions with us. Some of us may not agree with each other, but we respect the process and welcome different perspectives, because our experiences are personal and subjective, and we can always learn from those who see it differently.
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  16. My "sex & crime" was not directed at your so called "terrorists", but actually, at a part of the EU community. We have half naked ladies and scammers that will make their way to Toulan one day.
    So "Naked Ladies & Scammers" would have probably not distracted you as much as "sex & crime".

    Just a missunderstanding. But the main developer was told be an atheist. Can that be any good for the "1st arabian 3d online game" ? I dont know (yet). But I added it to my speculation.

    I hope I made my view clear.

    Vehicles, "better" crafting, booster-injections, "better" coloring, food, beverages, promised mobs, way more society options, way bigger and immersive landscapes and tons of other stuff existed before 2002 already, be it in the beta or just in the texture folder. The 1st vehicle textures and "Vehicle Inventory Buttons" and all the stuff mentioned above, showed up in the game folders / ingame of / in 2002 already.

    So, actually it is nothing "new". It was all there before. But not fully implemented, or left behind. History repeating. The old client gets pushed forward by reverse engineering mostly. New stuff like taming, or dozens of stuff from my blog, gets thrown into the game, abandoned and/or deleted.
    Most of the time no further development is done to such things. Thats MA.
    (and I really like to share their attitude with the public)

    While I answer this long ? Im not one of those who still love the way PE is going. If I would be, I would not share my criticism on the forum. I would just deposit and play. I decided to get banned for it on PCF. After making a small joke...after nearly 10 years. Now, that Im allowed to write what I think, I do so. Thanks to EP.

    That my comments arent always recieve a warm welcome, I can feel since 2008/2009. np.
    No "game" forum is filled with just positive comments. No way. And I wont leave because other people dont like the way I think and write. A piece of PE is still left in my heart. And as long as I can, Id like to clear thinks up, show others what I think about EU, based on experience and facts.
    Feel free to read my blog...vehicles of the 80s, a Miami Boat of the 90s and combat helicopters...that did not feel right anymore...most towns turned into 1 single shopcontainer...since years...

    Hell, I even proofed the "casino" idea of MindArk...

    In the end, all my text isnt needed. Just do a search on google about "Entropia Universe". :P

    Back in 2004 I was proud to play the most expensive online game in the world. Can you believe that ? But I also was proud to be part of the mature community. The ingame world. The gameplay.

    Back then I wasnt ashamed to "lure in" "friends & workmates & people", to play Entropia. The "you play with real money and can maybe take out real money" was always the main discussion. And many ended up in here as addicted gamblers, hoping for the jackpot. A lot of psyched people here. Promised. Since about 2009, I wasnt quite sure anymore, if i should invite people to the "universe". Since 2010 I dont talk about Entropia in public anymore.

    To discuss with people like you. People that think todays EU is way better then the original PE. Because I do not share that opinion. It is as simple as that.

    Im here as a warning. A pre-caution. Spreading the attitude of MA. Spreading the spirit of the past.

    I DO know how the original concept plans of Entropia looked like in 1995...but it changed since 1999 and became obsolete with the messed up cashcard, the messed up mind-bank and the death of Robert Tau Lai (3d ebay - chines planets).
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  17. I don't normally comment on your stuff, but I just had to here. If you're spreading the "spirit of the past" it's very negative and I'm glad I didn't play in the "old days".

    The problem I have with most of the "negativity trolls" on the EU forums is that they don't actually play the current game but write as if they're some kind of experts. This gives a false impression of the game to new and prospective players.

    Believe it or not, most of the people who play the game enjoy it (imagine that!!). And guess what... we don't hear them trolling about the positive aspects of the game. Why? because they're actually playing. The ones who are obsessed with some fantasy version of the game have nothing to do but hang out on the forums and gripe.

    None of which has anything to do with Planet Toulan at Jordan Gaming Summit 2013.
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  18. I do "play" this game...but no longer on a daily/regular basis. I started in 2004. I still follow the updates from time to time, I try to follow the fucked up storyline. But its not that easy to understand/follow and Im glad to hear that you have no problem doing so, while just enjoying your stay. Have fun !

    What you call the fantasy version of PE, was actually real...2004-2009. But you are glad you werent there then ? Negativity troll ? Me ?

    And how can the spreading of the spirit of the past be any negative ? I mean, do you even know me ? Do you even know about my past in Entropia ? No, you dont even know about the past and even claim to be happy about to be NOT beeing a part of it. So why would your statement be worth more then mine ? Just because I dont enjoy the future as much as the original ? Back then MA actuallay WORKED their ass off on this game...they worked on it with their hearts...dont get me wrong, I dont want to interrupt your experience. Enjoy your stay while you can. And the 1st time you start to complain about the "dynamics"...I welcome you with a warm salut here !
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  19. Man, feel free to do a proper search on google about Entropia Universe. Would save me alot of time.
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