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Discussion in 'Planet Toulan' started by McCormick, Oct 15, 2015.

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    Just when I thought Cyrene has rich Sheiks in the background, when names like "Creative Kingdom" got mentioned, it just turned out as another hype.

    Cyrene is dieng. Thats how it feels like.

    Now the small team behind Toulan / Beladcom (already) needs to ask for $ because of their "continous growth & global operations".
    In very...big...letters. Crying for help ?

    Is this how working together with MindArk looks like these days ? Having to ask for investors ? No rich sheik in the background either ?

    I almost feel sorry for them. As I felt sorry for SEE, "Next Island", Theyron Wars, you are all tied to MindArks contract and you cant do anything about it. Lesson learned. :p
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  2. Wistrel

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  3. dalewj

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    finally got logged in to check stuff out. Toulan is a vast waste land like Next island. some mobs, no people nothing in auction. I looked up in the Toulan forum and even the forum admin hasn't logged n in 2 months..... theregoes that planet
  4. Jamira

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    Yep, another missed chance. I had high hopes in Planet Toulan. But it was a Planet Light Version only. Really cheap and boring stuff. No specific arabian culture (female colonists are allowed to run around in undies and drive vehicles!).
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  6. dalewj

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    nobody can drive now so that fixed that :) but I agree, if your gonna do it, do it all the way.
  7. Yeeeehaaawww, after another 5 years of silence and failing to find investors, Team Toulan is now looking for someone else, developing, maintining and marketing the failed "Planet Toulan".

    Do you also sense something big logo2.jpg coming up ? ;D

    (taken from Mindarks Annual Report 2019)

    toulan sustained.jpg

    toulan startup.jpg

    pps plans.jpg
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  8. San


    ... when all they needed to do was to sell flying carpets.
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  9. NotAdmin

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    If they are looking to mirror success from global gaming companies, they should look into non-MindArk-tied games.
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  10. Wistrel

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    That's a genius idea! We have hoverboards so.... why not? I'm ready to say ALAKAZAM!
  11. I bet they are looking forward to make a pretty penny, before the contract finally brakes their neck. :S

    The only "planet" I never visited. NAWA power ftw ! x'D
  12. San


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  13. Jesus Christ ! x'D

    How could I have missed such a VR classic !?
  14. Virtualsense aka. Monria, will now be responsible for all Development Operations, Marketing and Community Management on Planet Toulan.

    When the jordanian game studio failed to create the largest arabian mmorpg mythology...only MS9 can help...this show is priceless. x'D
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  15. Wistrel

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    oh dear.... well... we don't see eye to eye on a lot of stuff... but we share a liking of Entropia and she does have enthusiasm I'll give her that.

    Interesting to see more and more stuff haphazardly/quietly falling into the players' hands though. First the moon, then NI, now Toulan (which I've still not been to either). In a way, I "sort of" see this as a good thing...?

    Who's up for forming a syndicate and taking over Cyrene?! ^_^Y We make that one good ;)
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  16. NotAdmin

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    Cyrene is still in the capable hands of Ed and Kris. Their lack of success (so far) is due the one thing that all failed/failing planets had in common.
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  17. ==> Mindark (Main scammer and i guess his son aka "Rimmer" left the boat now)
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  18. "Amazing" how people instantly claim they want to travel to Toulan for their 1st time now...because its so amazing now... x'D

    This cant be real avatars and real comments anymore...this is so beyond bullshit...I want to puke. :'D
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  19. Wistrel

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    Well... at least they had a nice comic once upon a time. I've always been interested to check it out... but not enough to actually stop mucking about on Caly.
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