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Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by B_O_O_G_I, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. I WOULD LOVE if all the developers to hear just two words : USER INTERFACE !!!
    I played game for a while and I tell you. no one for even a second considered UI they just blob-ed all the controls on pile, not even considering what are they doing !!! why most important controls are left wery small and some like log dont have hot key? why am I forced to use several control panels? why there isnt like in other games simple "spellbook" filled with skills leaving you with nice overwiev of what you can do..... this is all wery UN-initutive.
    I spend 5 minutes in newbie area and met like bazilion people having trouble shooting, moving and generally doing everything.... and solving it with person standing there and telling them what to do is literally worst way to do it...


    and second thing is there is literally no information about technical issues with client in those like three "official" forums I found whole base here is wery fragmented making that little what is here so hard to find....
    and when you finaly find topic about misssing textures and iside it there is us heap of people who gibber about white system cursor being barely visible on white winter theme (like they cant use client cursor whitch is red... that leads me to complete LACK OF FORUM RULES AND MODERATORS


    and little advice how to do it..... take some people from yours graphics design dpt. and make them work on UI... this ui look it was done by someone from prg. dpt.
    or let someone from crytek do it.... ui in crysis is simply awesome....
  2. You can press 2 keys and reconfigure to your hearts content.
  3. okay... how do i move use tool button from fifth panel to first panel ?
    and how do i restore recykled button without restoring defaults ?
    also i haven figured out how to asign skill to a "q" or "e" button ? they seem to be bound to 1234etc. only
  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    - [F1] for Action Set 1
    - [G] for the Keyboard Map
    - [L] for the Edit Panel / enable editing of the Keyboard Map
    - [Y] (or [Z], depending on keyboard) for the Action Library
    - for the Inventory

    You can drag & drop actions from the Action Library or item from your inventory on the Keyboard map. You can also drag & drop them anywhere on your screen / HUD for mouse clicking them.
  5. Noodles

    Noodles Pastafarian

    I think it's [Y] for the action library.
  6. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Indeed. Depends on whether you have an QWERTY or an QWERTZ keyboard.
  7. NotAdmin

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    Hi B_O_O_G_I and welcome to EntropiaPlanets :)

    I think the others explained how to do the handling of keys and UI, so I'll not address that, but as for your statement above, we merely run a fan-forum, and have nothing to do with the actual developers of the game. We try and provide information about the Entropia Universe and all the planets in it.

    The wishlist you point to is simply a subforum where wishes and suggestions can be listed. MindArk employees do read these forums, so there is a chance they will pick up ideas from that section. At the same time, listing suggestions there also gives the additional benefit of receiving feedback and comments from other participants.
  8. wow thx for info and oukey... its not as stupid as I initialy thought but its still pretty newbie un-friendly.....

    and about that link i ment to write WWW (corected). I ment whole web about calypso.... for example link from to is made in form of some orange ad.... that is definitely not user friendly.... its susposed to be right next to support link on panel.....

    its all about those tiny things that make it unnecesarily harder for newbies....

    anyways now i have to figure out how to run the game in harware mode.... ill most likely try to switch back to X86 from x64 7... i have to do it anyways since some bugs have escaped my quarantine while i was reversing last week....
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