Value of rare looted items to drop!!

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Lerp, May 3, 2011.

  1. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    Take care of investing in rare looted items at this point.
    If they have a high mark up I think they maybe at risk of decline.

    With the new vehicles and stronger weapons for attack and defense.
    More players will be able to take down larger prey quicker.
    Thus more rare looted items from them.

    Most of the time it takes more players to take down the uber creatures.
    More players = more people to bid and higer mark up.

    In this new situtation. It does not take more players to take them down so that will be more rare loot on the AH.
    With less player to bid on them and that will = lower markup on looted items.
    Crafted items made with rare loot will also go down.

    Does anyone think this is possible?
  2. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    I also believe that the player base will grow over the next few years.
    So take your pick. Some things are a good investment early on.
    Just be aware of what could be a danger.
  3. hmm it's already happened...lots of things went down in mu a lot...some because of less interest in them (L works ok when you don't want to spend 30k$ on a gun) or because of new drops (rocktropia - i still want to get an esXXX for next to nothing) things can go either way, just hope you're on the lucky side
  4. Hi,

    I'd think it's about the "class" of the items. Any once expensive middle-class gear has lost a lot of value, while the Uber High-end stuff seems less hurt. As long, at least, as MA doesn't replace the ModFAP with some new UL MonsterFAP that's even better, and even more eco ...

    But I doubt this. I'd even recommend to hold on any old UL gear, even if it looks like better TT fodder these days. We can be quite sure that things like a*** amps, Justy Mk.II's, Mercs (or better) will not drop much anymore, and the replacement versions (UL versions from some L stuff) will still have the huge disadvantage of the 50% use, and the crazy min. TT value. And a lot of the old stuff will rot on forgotten and inactive avatars.

    I'm not known as a most successful seer, so don't trust me, plz! And blame me then ...

    I don't know if MA will make it to previous glory again, and to the previous numbers of active participants. I hope so, because this would mean my old stuff would meet demand once again, in the future. And so acceptable prices.

    So I'll keep my sets of UL armor, my weapons, my tools. Selling them now would yield no real value, and would only help to devaluate them further.

    Have fun!
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