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  1. Okay, this is my first video ever so all critisim is appreciated. I'll make some more video guides once I sift through all the pointers for making future videos better. Sweating basics Trading Guide. Increacead the resolution, this one looks perfect in full 1080. Basic Hunting Guide

    Okay those are the ones I'm going to crank out for now. :) Minning guide is being delayed, sorry if anyone was waiting for it :) I`m going to get to that minning guide, eventuallly :) Started shooting a couple times now and and had my attention drawn away :)

    John Connor was nice enough to allow me to link the guides he made on Rocktropia so these,, can be used until I have completed my guides.
  2. Nice tutorial Greyfox :D

    You asked for criticism though, so here it comes:

    1) Try to use a higher resolution, so the text is more easily visible.
    2) Might be a good idea to do this the other way around, as new players are more likely to sell than to buy. If you do, also note that they have to wait to get money in before they click ok on the trade, something that they often do.
    3) Er.... that's all i can think of now :D
  3. LOL thanks for the mention, but I see one thing that was totally wrong! My name! You spelled it wrong!! LOL!! but np, at least you didn't type softhard! :) Did you also use MM to make the captions? And looks like you are a quick learner :)
  4. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Well done, these kinds of vids can be super useful. No big criticisms, maybe close any open pm windows though during filming unless it is specifically for or about the video content.
  5. Okay, edited the video, changed the link in OP.
  6. Okay, got the hunting a sweating Vids up.
  7. In the sweating video the first thing you mention is clicking on the first button on the left……what is that button called?

    Trading Guide, Name is still spelled wrong “Softhart” but don’t edit it just to fix it :)

    Hunting Video with the Auto use tool you may want to mention how you stop it so they are not continuing to fire at the ground once the mob is dead. And maybe adding the gun to the screen in case they are using a fap also so they don’t have to open inventory to switch each time.

    Good Job :)
  8. Lol, I will never get your name right :) I noticed I also spelt download wrong in the hunting vid credits. Thanks for the feed back :)
  9. yw and I rather you spell it softheart then softhard :)
  10. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    These are really helpful! Well done, Corey!
  11. Nice work again Grayfox!

    Might want to add some text to the Sweating video, explaining that not all tries will be successful, and that every mob has a definite amount of sweat before it's dry (corresponding to the mobs HP), and you have to move to the next one. The way it is now, with "continue till you have 1000 sweat" it's easy to jump into wrong conclusions.
  12. Excellent guide Corey! I only have one comment. I love the auto use tool when sweating or drilling, but I never use it when hunting. As Softy pointed out, you can waste ammo (and peds) if you don't turn it off when the mob is dead. I find it more useful to set up a hotkey for whatever weapons you use, then you have more control.
  13. Nice guides man :)

    John Connor
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