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Discussion in 'ROCKtropia' started by Fronske, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. I liked hunting the flying dragons (lemmy, garcia, ND,...) in RT. However I stopped hunting them because they would drop an insane amount of BAMF weapons (or what ever the correct name is). Which is for me disapointing as they are all TT-food, even the higher ones. It would be much better to reduce the drop rate of items on those dragons but replace the items with something that would be actually worth hunting them.

    There, I said it, now just hope ND will read this :barefoot:
  2. narfi

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    How recently since you hunted them? Its been a long time for me as well since I am primairly melee now and its harder vs flying mobs, but I was under the impression that shotgun drops had been lowered a lot across the board, I know they are alot lower on zombies, and had just assumed that they had been lowered on dragons as well, esp with the introduction of the different new weapon lines.
  3. I havent been to RT in atleast a year. If the change you mention is done within that period than maybe I should try them again.
  4. narfi

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    Yea it was within that time frame. .. honeydo List is long for me this weekend but if I get a spare hour or two I might test them out too.
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    I should go back to RT... (and ARk) I liked it. I have not seen it since they shrunk it either
  6. I killed 100 lemmy, 100 joplin and 100 hendrix dragons today and here is what I found out:

    Didn't looted a single bamf gun or nd fap on lemmy dragons so thats a good thing. However I only looted 1 item on them, some kind of MF chip but forgot to write down which one.

    Joplin dragons dropped a nice amount of items, mostly MF chips. They alos dropped killed by death axe and road crew axe (wtf?). But hey, still no loust bamf guns so thats ok.

    So I was optimistic when I moved to the higher leveled hendrix dragons. But what a disapoint it turned out to be... I looted several ND hk series 003 en bamf ZA3's on top of that I also looted a grunt harness (really????).

    All in all good to see they changed loot on lemmy and joplins but really disappointing to find out they havent changed all dragons. And still didnt get any of the new weaps they are supposed to drop. I wil do some more testing on other dragons and will post about it.
  7. narfi

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    Kool Kats drop whips and worm blasters on Isle of lost avatars.
  8. I continued with 100 garcia dragons. The disappointment got even worse, looted some mor bamf ZA3 and ND HK series 003, along with a skildek P40 an neopsion 30 an 30-B implants.

    I won't continue hunting other dragons, I already made my conclusion: dragons are still not worth hunting.
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