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Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Tass, Nov 22, 2021.

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    That's a nice idea... years ago one of the music tracks recited part of the story. I think there might have been some of it scrolling on a display screen inside Zychion too... ah... been a long time since I went to Zychion... does it still have spidery robots crawling about super close to it?

    There was also a museum of mobs at Port Atlantis for a bit but yeh... some sorting out of what is where and what stuff is meant to be might not be a bad idea for UnTropia. Could get some references to this stuff into the missions/NPCs too. Always seems to be a wealth of scope for MA more closely tying what's planetside to the actual story.
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  2. Wistrel

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    I think that version was a little revised or condensed from the original but I don't believe the changes were drastic. So re-reading that, Akbal and Cimi were planets in another system with a red dwarf sun. I guess that means the only reference we have to other planets or moons in the Calypso system is the previously shared graphic? Ignoring the whole spacetravel/Planet Partners thing of course.
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    They follow you for some reason... unless a mob shows up never really understood that design choice. I guess it was just done so they were dynamic/interesting when no mobs around. If it had been me I think I'd have done some sort of sweep but I guess it's equally if not more valid that they follow whatever is near by, but simply don't shoot if it's a human.
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    new pic is up:
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    Interesting... anyone recognise the gun? I've not heard of that one.
  6. Both spider bots and other very high level mobs are still at Zychion but didn't see any display screens, but then again I didn't look everywhere. The museum for mobs at PA sounds interesting, they should put it back and have info terminals in it saying which one's can be found where.
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  7. Yeah I've noticed that as well about most of the towers, but not all of them do though, like the two towers at the eastern entrance of PA that always point straight ahead.
  8. Nice artistic rendering, very futuristic... Wish they'd show an actual 3d CGI model as well though to give ppl a better idea of what it would actually look like in-game.
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    The display screen at zychion was in one of the corridors. I might pop over and have a look for it.
  10. That must be the corridor that's part of the underpass labyrinth that you have to go down to get to the ground level. I must have gone right passed that display screen without realising it...
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    Meanwhile, from a different game engine...

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  12. Wistrel

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    Oh I went to check the other night. The display screen got removed. I guess it broke ;)

    Entropia 2022-03-21 20.05.19 [2, Calypso, 69521, 77418, 120].jpg
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    oh BTW @INTERNUT somewhere else we were talking about these drop pod things that look like something from games workshop. I happened to spot one last night from afar in case you want to check it out. I've put an arrow on the map for where I think it is.

    Entropia 2022-03-21 23.23.48 [2, Calypso, 61023, 76367, 283].jpg
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  14. There's nothing unreal about her though :biggrin:
  15. That's definitely the same underpass, and no wonder I didn't notice the display screen.
  16. Will take a look, seems interesting, but will probably ping it from a distance first before going near it.:biggrin1:
  17. Turns out they're just user terminal stands, not much else to say about them. Mob activity was just a few of those dragon thingies.

  18. Wistrel

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    Hyrules? or whatever they are? Unfortunately the phrases "They're just... " and "not much else to say about them" all too often applies to Entropia... if indeed the they/them even exists at all, which more often than not, it doesn't.

    I found a cool rope bridge the other day. Not saying that every rope bridge has to have a story but generally there's a lot of stuff that never seemed to have a purpose or reason. Doors that go nowhere, building's that have no function so on and so forth. So much potential but hey ho.

    At least in the case of this drop capsule there was a point to it as it had electronic terminals in
  19. Ok, yeah maybe my observation was a bit negative, what I meant by 'not much else to say about them', is that they didn't do anything else other than serve as stands for the usual user terminals. Chirin Dragon is what I meant by dragon thingies, couldn't remember the full name at the time. They're fairly small mobs that run on all fours, they don't fly at all.
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    new pic is up:

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