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  1. Welcome to EntropiaPlanets!

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    We value free speech above all (well maybe not above Beer) but it is high on the list of stuff we value. There are more things we think are important for the people that come here to enjoy a discussion about EU or that are here to find information, for us as, the people running the show and for the game, all of which you can find in our mission statement.

    Here's the EP mission statement.

    So how can we make EP great? What's important to you?
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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    A big breakfast every day. Preferably with bacon.
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  3. No over-moderating should do :)
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  4. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    moderating, whats that ?
  5. Agreed, although I must say that reasonable moderation is of course necessary to maintain a decent level of two or more sided thought exchange and opinion evaluation (where / if even required at all when used with reason)

    OMG LOL I love the black hole section idea, genious!

    p.s.s.; can there be a "9gag-ish section, where we can post the couple of meme's/pics/gifs which make our day? :)
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  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    post it in Black Hole, or post it in Entropia Community, or post it wherever you want :) I think we would all probably chuckle if it was funny, and tell you its stupid if its not.
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  7. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Agreed, but so far there have been very little occasions where we had to intervene and we are trying to keep it that way and with the help of you, the users, that is very possible.
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  8. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    So, really, people, what can we do to make EntropiaPlanets better? More popular?

    I mean, we've always been running the most modern forum software, we always had more features than other forums, we always had the biggest active staff and output of editorial content, we always had "free speech", content published under a free license, etc etc. But there was not much interest in EntropiaPlanets.

    We have been developing EP for ~ 6 years with many thousand hours of work put in it. I'm up for more, but only when there is an actual chance to really move forward and have more activity on the forums and/or at least the wiki.
  9. In all honesty, I believe a lot lies in people at least knowing about the place. If Taco hadn't told me about it a couple of days ago - sry, IDK how I had missed it - but I was not aware of the existence of this page.

    If I had known earlier, I would have switched - because of the things that you stated (very good forum, software stands out - its the biggest plus that one notices instantly). I am sure other things you mentioned are also revealed to one, who goes deep enough to connect the dots which can then be seen.

    AND - when you do you dig a bit deeper you can SEE that the page nor forum wasn't build over night, its understandable that a lot of effort was put in the creation / maintenance of EP, EPF, hope that this is the time, when that effort brings upfront the fruit of the labor.

    You can count me in - as I am also willing to invest my time and energy into a POSITIVE thing, which EP, EPF so far had proven to be.

    With us spreading the word, there should be an increase in member number. Not necessarily an increase in activity at first. But I am sure if we all put a little input here and there that we can all start creating a beautiful place, which we can call our "HOME"page. :bigsmile::EP:

    Give me a little while and I am sure I will catch on to the stuff which could benefit this place and I will relay the ideas to you as soon as they are born:umn::idea:

    Am glad to have become a part of this community, I hope that more positive influential people will find their way here..:wave:
  10. narfi

    narfi Lost

    A feature that may not be so obvious at first that is super usefull imo is the Private Message feature lets you hold a private conversation with multiple people which in essence makes it a private discussion thread you can create at will.

    We also have private soc subforums for those who need/want it. (at least i think we can still do that, we used to :P )
  11. narfi

    narfi Lost

    So what do we need for a true revival to take place and make this a viable forum and not a niche within a niche within a niche?

    Activity breeds activity, in the past it was just our forum staff + a few loyal refugees trying to drive activity and it just wasn't enough. In turn we burned out which is unfortunate because I really believe in the idea behind this forum and wiki, our love of the game, our belief in free speech, and our desire for fairness.

    That means if you the users want this to be a viable option, then you will have to drive the activity. To start out you will need to post more, start more threads, respond to more threads, offer more help, and tell more jokes than you would normally be comfortable with.

    In my opinion, forum activity is necessary to become truly viable.

    We have a wiki with a ton of info but a lot is outdated, people willing to help with just the simple task of correcting pages that turned out to be outdated when they were looking something up is a huge part of making it more popular and less embarrassing to suggest to new players as a source of research.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but in my opinion Reporting and Articles can come in time once we have more activity, and in fact more users will even produce some talent interested in helping with such things.
  12. Hey EP, et alia.

    My .02 pecs

    This is kind of like visiting an old neighborhood, I haven't been here in a while but its nice to come back around and see a familiar look feel and faces :) My first game forum for PE was Entropia Pioneers, I was sad when that went tits up. Then onto EF, then got migrated to PCF, somewhere in there I created an account here on EP, looks like around 2010, but I've been stuck in PCF because it basically has everything I need to look up and reference about the game, and more importantly for me, I hate having to go to multiple places to get my info. I already have enough distractions at work :laugh:

    PFC also always had enough activity that I could visit just about any time of the day and catch up on the latest happenings and there is always a good bit of conversation and opinion regarding it all, I like to see the diverse opinions and strategies people have even though I don't agree with a lot of them. Since things can change very rapidly and effect you or your game play/investments in PE, keeping up to date on what is going on is pretty important to me. So, anything that would immediately show me the latest, game changes, events, problems, bugs, gossip, etc. would be important to keep me coming back. I also like up to date research on in game items, mobs, missions, theories, etc. As Narfi wrote above me, its all about the activity. I don't have any suggestions for that, but I think if people get tired enough of the severe moderation at PCF they may start mass migrating to other forums. I haven't been to other planet forums, its too much fragmentation for me. I understand why people would like their own planet forum, but I always liked the idea of this one covering them all.

  13. Hi all...nice to see ppls to migrating here an alternative place...to be honest everyday i was check this site and read it when have time and i hope soon EP to get more populated... :smile:

    Faceof is Dynamic...:wink:
    Faceof...:cool (2):
  14. I am now telling everyone in my soc that I only post here and encouraging them all to move over.
  15. Can someone point me to how I make a new post please?
  16. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    No danger of that
  17. What EU don't have and all players used and will use it again if a viable?
    Easy to use but probably hard to create and maintain.
    Maps and locations with resources, mobs, cool places and so on - like entropedia had few years back.
    Accessible only for forum registered users.
    I bet forum would turn more popular almost overnight.
  18. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

  19. I cant find there search function for example "Lysterium" or "Allophyl" witch will display a map with all lyst locations or map with all Allophyl locations including maturity and density.
    Also when I click on mob name link I get on page with all info like maturity, damage and loot but not map with locations.
    Well if I click on Allophyl Joung I get also table with some errors displayed inside table like this "Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{"."

    *i think entropedia used some kind of google map but not sure

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  20. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    We have a few creatures with a map with locations, for example the Nusul on Arkadia


    Is that something you might like? Lot of info still missing, but lots of work with just a few people that were collecting data for our wiki. So, if you care to help, let us know :)
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