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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Lykke TheNun, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    It's so dark in the morning - again - and I feel it was only few months ago it was snowing and freezing. I dislike winter because of the cold and I'm sure I'm meant for warmer areas, but obviously my parents didn't think so.. Today it's just not possible to move. And I actually like that we have 4 seasons in Denmark so different from each other. I like Autumn with all its warm colors, the leafs lieing around, the wind in the trees. I like Christmas when it's white outside, or just dark and cosy, I like spring because Spring feels like starting a new life. Everything get's lighter again and more positive after a long dark winter. And Summer, Summer is just wonderful, warm and life giving.

    What I dislike is, that time goes so fast. I hardly have time to enjoy Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter. Perhaps it is inside me something is wrong - that I'm just too busy with other stuff, that I forget to stop up, relax and enjoy the moment.

    And it made me think about my life too. Am I really doing what I love to do? My dream is to be working with games - to be more creative, but I'm stuck where I am (im working semi-creatively now with Indesign and Photoshop - marketing related jobs, designing brochures, pricelists, flyers, posters etc.). We live in a big house and we NEED two income to be able to live here. I recently looked into the posibility of taking a game-developing education. But one module (12 weeks) will cost around 40K PED - and there's 6 modules in total ...

    You won't be able to have a full time job next to it, because it's in the week days from 9-15. You can't get anything from the government - as a support to the education because 1) I'm too old and 2) the education is not on the list for special substitutes.

    So adding it all up, it will take me 240K PED to take this education (that's for the training alone). It till take me 1 1/2 year to take the full education - and I need 40K a month to be able to pay my bills - which is 720K PED. So tell me, how will that EVER be possible??

    I looked online to find e-learning courses which is not costing a farm, and which would be possible to do whenever I have the time in the evenings. But I didn't find anything.

    What I'm interested in learning is:

    Blender OR
    3D Max OR
    Mayar (though the two last programes cost a lot of money, which is why Im trying to teach myself Blender from all kind of books I bought online).

    Self studies with no support is extremely difficult though, because I need advice in the practical tehcnical things - not the creativity, because I already have that!

    I also wish to start drawing again, because I have been a lot. My head is spinning and filled with awesome story lines and they would just be much better if I can support them with some awesome drawings. But that I might be able to find as an everning course (again it costs money). And it's not necessary EU related, but new ideas for new kind of games and histories/stories/gameplay for new and other games.

    Meh - I feel stuck.

    How do you get into this world? Am I just too late in the age of 41 and should forget to follow my highest dream? Do you know any online e-learning courses in any of the above, which doesn't require you to be from the US (it's fine it's all in English though)?

    Any other ideas or suggestions?

    Time goes so fast, I feel it's running from me, and sometimes I nearly feel like crying because of it :(

  2. It's a very tough world to get into i think, but you shouldn't give up on your dreams. Some things from the top of my head that you could try:

    -Work on free tutorials, there are millions online and will increase your skills while following simple instructions.
    -Find a tutor, where i live alot of (last year) students offer tutoring services for reasonable prices in all sorts of expertise. They can help you with practical problems and offer assignments.
    -Find a fellow trainee or group, ideally in the same city so you can meet discuss and teach eachother and maybe work on a case together. You can even share costs of online courses by doing them together.
    -Build a portfolio with your ideas, images, stories, etc. With a high quality portfolio companies might not care much if you have a game-education background.

    Again, just some ideas that worked for me, g'luck and don't let the passing of time get you down ;)
  3. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    hey Opticron :)
    Thanks for some good ideas and advices. I'm actually looking for some drawing courses around, because that's one of the things I feel I really need to keep up with. I use to draw SO much when I was younger. But again, time just took time and I didn't keep it up to a nice level. Im sure, that I would get up there again though, IF I give myself the needed time and energy for it. It's just so difficult because everything else I'm doing is so time consuming :(

    Making a portfolio is a great idea! And I think of how I will make it and with what I will fill it - thanks :)

    And meh, just one of those days you get, when age is running next to you ... fast lol

    Thanks :hug:
  4. Hi! lykke im trained in 3ds max and maya! and own both programs :) i can use blender also! but i find the control scheme a little tedious after using max for so long..and im a naturally talented artist* again i can draw anything. so i guess i could help you in some way? though if you want to get into building 3d models and environments try google sketchup :clap: the program has really intuitive controls set and is not that costly* i recommend starting with it though the way you build geometry in google sketchup (gkp) is vastly different than how one constructs in max! but (gkp) will give you a very good and easy way to learn about the art of 3d modelling...:)
  5. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Hey Ori :)
    I just downloaded the new beta version of Blender - and it looks really nice. Problem is, that my books are outdated now lol - but I'm sure I will work something out.

    I've heard about Sketchup, but I have to admit I lacked time to look into it :/ But perhaps I should ?

    The problem with actually helping is, that we're online - and has to do everything online - but I really appriciate your offer! Is it possible to guide someone through Skype?

    A soc member of mine, who is also into using Blender, will visit us in January and we will try and have some concentrated Blender Days :D

    Thanks :hug:
  6. Yes! you should find the time to look into it!! please! especially before you start using blender.

    Where online! oh!! my god! what to do? reality spiraling out of control!! seriously though* it is possible to use skype or other such program i guess!?! though im not the biggest fan of blander as you have probably already noticed :o but i do have a great deal of knowledge and experience with 3D modelling :) all the same you can easily find millions apon millions of video tutorials online for your 3D program of chose! now! as for drawing what im about to say you may not like hearing and i truly mean no offence or disrespect to you as a person trying to fine new creative outlets! i think a person can only leran to draw to a very limited point as besides someone like myself that has a natural talent at drawing* let me give you a basic example! if you put me beside a talented athlete some one who can run that bit faster than the rest of us meer mortals! and train me to run at the talented athletes standard i would still have no chance of winning but! i could very easily with no effort draw and design the stadium the race is to take place in! do you see the point im making here :headscratch: anyway! im still happy to help in what ever aspect you need though you seem to have things under control....................:clap:
  7. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    lol no offence taken at all :) I have already a natural talent for drawing and people always thought I would end up doing it for a living. Unfortunately life happened, and I actually stopped in the age of 25, when I started a 'new' life, with a new education, being alone with my first child etc. I got a trainee position in an advertising agency, because I hoped it would give me a creative advantage, which it did, of course, because today I'm creative with graphics instead, working in Indesign and Photoshop - but I have not actual been pencil-drawing. Back in my youth (lol) I even made pictures by orders, and in the age of 14 I was in the trainee of an art-painter at an elder woman/artist living not far from us. From I was 15-17 I went for drawing lessons twize a week, but also mostly 'artistic' and not cartoonish or gameart at all (it wasn't even invented back then haha)

    Today I can draw, but I don't have the needed time or energy. Everytime I try making something I miss the motivation, I lack energy and I lack the time, as mentioned, and things get hasted and I end up getting angry and throw it away again! It annoys me, because I have a whole plateu on the first floor with all my drawing stuff, pensels, art crayons, paper and ton of books, showing me game art work to give me inspiration! And yet, I really really need the kick, which will help me going again. I feel like a writer who just sit and look at the typewriter and evertime he/she writes one line, he/she is not satisfied but toss it out again. I need inspiration, but when I walk to work, or just let my thoughts wander, I have TON of inspiration and ideas and I can't wait getting home and get them down on paper ... and then something blocks it, and I never get it done.

    I also use to play the piano (since I was near 4) but also stopped doing that, when I sold my moms old piano around 10 years ago :( Also kind of a bummer.

    I am by no means trying to be the best runner, because I would never reach that and it's not the goal, I only want to get back up to run in a nice tempo, to get the feelings back in my hands and to provide something _I_ at least will be satisfied with and can use in my story telling :)

    The drawing tecnics and lessons can be taken easily in the evenings. It's mostly the 3d programs I'm worried about - Would be awesome if I could get help through Skype with that, though then I would prefer Blender, because I already know that a little, and I have Blender books lieing around (though they are outdated with the new beta, but I can still use them a little).

    Thanks :yay:
  8. As i mentioned above you seem to have everything under control! :) goodluck with blender! i guess if you start your 3d modelling work with blender then you will not find the controls tedious and backwards as i do though! i started on 3ds max and after using max for many years i find it hard to adjust to blenders control scheme.......

    Anyway! you like fantasy? i do! years of playing dungeons & dragons and other fantasy pen and paper RPGs growing up :clap: has really inspired my imagination ...... so here is a fantasy film you may have already seen ? but it was made using blender!
  9. Thanks for posting the mini-movie, really liked it!

    I'd suggest really spending time thinking about what you want from life, it's very easy to make yesterdays dreams today's. Maybe something is missing from your life, but that doesn't mean you're unhappy with everything else, explore the idea of an outlet for your creative talents - also work in general even in an area we like is pretty soul destroying due to business reasons - an outlet such as commissioned work or a club of some sort allows the 100% freedom. Sure the day job pays the bills, but you could probably have swapped it a long time ago. Maybe life would be more enjoyable if it slowed down a little. I'm not saying it's so, but taking the time to consider what you really want will save a lot of time.

    From my experience of learning a dying programming language, I'd strongly suggest getting the version that matches your books. Learning/perfecting your skill then updating your knowledge to the new version. I've lost so much time, learning something changed, workarounds and farting about because of mashing old learning materials and new software :\
  10. Force Majeure

    Force Majeure ROCK STAR

    hang in there ubahbabe, it also changes just as fast for the better!

    Force Majeure
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