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  1. Hmm... I suppose we should start working on our monkey whispering skills :)
  2. and if they dont I have a whip and a gun ready to hurt them
  3. Or get a big pot and threaten to make monkey soup! :)
  4. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    So we need to wait until Tuesday for this fix? A straight answer please. We want straight answers and not runarounds. This is a serious situation and it needs to be handled in a serious way. People have lost a fair bit of ped on this developer error and deserve more than goofy half answers.
  5. Are you sure the Papoos know where the crystals even came from? Perhaps they obtained them from the portal guardians...

    (( Why not simply make the crystals a drop from Portal Guardians? It would make a bit of sense, require people to still put PED into the system, and give people a reason to hunt those beasties. ))
  6. A nice - and really handy - solution Magyar, but that would contradict the ethos that wants players of all levels to work together towards the goal
  7. True. I dont think thats happening now either, though. Key resources are too scarce, and they are only available to players who can afford to sit on them and throw them up on the auction houses for shameful prices. Perhaps the system relies too much on goodwill among men, and not enough on practicality.
  8. Fox


    Err... Mister Neverdie, what did you drink before writing this??? We ARE NOT ALLOWED to use our full potential! I know many people here, that would happily use physics and chemistry in a logical way, to colonize this planet. But we aren't allowed!

    And the papoos are smart? Why are they attacking, even after seeing one colonist killing twenty or more of them without taking damage? That IS NOT smart!
    Where are the things an intelligent being would use? There is no prove at all, that the papoos are more intelligent than a boar or a chimera!

    Pardon me? You are jumping conclusions, or what? Because a papoo is holding a pipe wrench, known and used on Calypso for years, and another is wearing a suit and a top hat - this is no sign of advanced intelligence. All things I found on Next Island are man made. Even the ruins are classic human architecture. The sizes of windows and doors too. Or do you really think, an intelligent being would build a house with a ceiling three time the height of itself? And windows above their heads, so they can't look through??? :palm:
  9. I just got asked by support for more details so I gave all I know.. baffled as to why they need to ask me for details but ok...
  10. A rough estimate

    I decided to make a guess of just how much it would cost to get to 3 crystals right now...

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not a crafter, the market prices are quick estimates from AH offerings at the time of writing, I don't even consider the cost of the blueprints, and I might have done some math wrong, so take it all for what you will.

    If anyone spots anything wrong, or has better information on success rate... I'll gladly revise!

    The blueprint "on the cheap"

    2x Chimera eye
    TT val: 0.03
    markup: 3000%
    val: 0.90

    10x refined obsidian
    TT val: 0.50
    markup: 15000%
    val: 75

    5x refined muscovite
    TT val: 0.30
    markup: 10000%
    val: 30

    5x skel spine
    TT val: 0.35
    markup: 500%
    val: 1.75

    1x chimera blood
    TT val: 0.01
    markup: 20000%
    val: 2

    1x shark blood
    TT val: 0.01
    markup: 25000%
    val: 2.5

    1x skel hand:
    TT val: 0.01
    markup: 3500%
    val: 0.35

    1x skel soul:
    TT val: 0.005
    markup: 2500%
    val: 0.125

    1x drake soul:
    TT val: 0.01
    markup: 30000%
    val: 3

    1x drake heart:
    TT val: 0.02
    markup: 30000%
    val: 6

    1x shark eye:
    TT val: 0.01
    markup: 50000%
    val: 5

    total TT: 1.255
    total val: 126.62

    item TT: 5 ped

    for 3 crystals...

    assume 6-7 clicks to get 1 crystal (this is a sort of "best case"?):
    126.62*6*3=2278.80 PED
    126.62*7*3=2659.02 PED

    Some reported over 10 clicks with no success:
    126.62*11*3=4178.46 PED

    At 20 clicks - probably not implausible
    126.62*20*3=7597.2 PED

    What is the most failed clicks in a row someone has done so far?

  11. yupypu arti that sounds about right which is why no one clicks anymore
  12. Hello everybody,
    mu of time travel crystal is actually 100% !! as i bought the only 1 sold through auction till now at 100% so 5 peds! THANKS to the seller or to NI/NDS/MA not sure who sold it!
    It was from an order i did put at auction 2 days ago for 3 time travel crystals for 110%.
    As i said this today in ND clubhouse, some people (without even saying thanks for sharing this info), did immediatly put order for 200%.
    So you can go now either put an order for a decent mu, or supass this "bad spirit guy"'s offer and offer yourself 201%, you can make the prices go up or claim that you want to experience time travel to greece 1 way ticket for a MAXIMUM of 15-20peds (i thought Time travel experience was going to be free as it's the purpose of the avertisements made from NI, beside ND themepark ofc which seems to be almost finished itself btw, and running much better than Ni main Island..)

    I did this offer with the last peds on my ped card, just after spending far too much on getting "could not execute" and "failure" attempts while trying to craft 2 L bps for it.
    Far too much because even if i have collected for weeks hunting on NI all the required components to craft 3 TTC L BP,
    (except the drake hearts which were not implemented ingame during the weeks i spent hunting with mid/good l weapons, and i have not enough peds now to buy an apis to take those drakes anymore (not complaining at all i should have killed the right mobs), so i bought 2 drakes hearts for 50peds!! prices did drop on those quickly as few people only keep trying the bp),
    I had to buy the time travel crystal BP, which is supposed to be a way to make every maturities of avatars (noobs get the BP, High skills/geared get the drakes parts) work together, at 10peds each for 1 attempt!!! (the first one was sold at 150peds!!!) :
    3 problems :
    1 : even if the success bar is almost ful full green, i saw only 1 crystal crafted in the discoveries'list, but i haven't met anybody ingame who did get even 1 success, up to 12 attempts/avatar.
    2 : this attempt to make noobs make peds other way than by sweating is a failure as it makes a lot more new accounts of multiple avatars owned by same person.
    On NI the lack of turret (allowing freeskills for exploiting an advantage on others) and the expensive fee to go there from another planet within entropia already did have this incidence!
    3 : Actually the way this BP is realeased : reward for a noob mission gives advantages for some avatars on others as it's NOT noob related at all the way it does work!! Some avatars can do this mission over and over without limit and sell the bps from 150 to 2 peds/each, making huge amounts of free peds (this mission will not cost you a lot even if you get only no loots!) and they are NOT noobs at all as 5 minutes after getting the reward/bp from this "noob only' mission" they get nice globals on pirate sea artists or on drakes which are not for the noobs at all!
    Everything is dynamic and at the moment some are clearly getting advantages on others !!

    Well i hope everything is going to be fixed soon, and i hope now that Time travel will be an awesome experience !!! i prefer to play than to post on foums! I joined entropia for the game not for the forum, even if i do appreciate a community working together
    Have a nice day/night
  13. Awesome.... and we thought paying 40 PED planet travel fee's was bad.....

    Still on Calypso waiting.....

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