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    I'm Fox, I'm a miner. And I think, it is a good idea to write down on a new planet, when I found what. It may be funny in some years to see, how long it did take to find something specific. ;)


    Fox found:
    08.12.2010: Planet NextIsland
    08.12.2010: Adomasit, Lysterium, Zinc; Oil, Typo (just a mini run)
    11.12.2010: Azzurdite, Copper, Ignisium, Iolite, Iron, Megan, Platinum, Terrudite; Alicenies, Garcen, Lytairian, Magerian, Melchi
    12.12.2010: Belkar, Blausariam, Gold, Narcanisum, Vesperdite, Zanderium; Force Nexus, Growth Molecules
    26.12.2010: Erdorium, Gazzurite, Ignisium, Quantium, Zinc; Ares, Azur Pearls
    30.12.2010: Sweet Stuff
  2. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Fox found something out of the ordinary with a value of 100000 peds and has been entered into the Hall Of Fame!! ;) Gl to you... oh and gratz!! :D
  3. Gratz fox :)
  4. That would be nice to make sort of a list of things you can find. I wonder if there will be any new ores or enmatters available on Next Island. Considering Rocktropian ore I think they will come :)
    Can't wait to go mining Next Island planet myself!
  5. Lee

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    There were tons of new discoveries on NI on the first day, some of which I believe sounded like new ores or enmatters. Not a keen enough miner myself to even know if some of what I found wandering around was something new, or to go searching through other forums to see if anyone posted them, so maybe over time some like Fox will be kind enough to post new stuff found here as well as other places.
  6. Fox


    Hm, because I had to defend myself against some drakes and boars, I know that animals drop crystals. But no new Ores and EnMatter...
  7. Everything you can find in Amethera and Eudoria can be found on Next Island (NI) even the stuff you normally find in the radioactive lootable zones are in are found on NI itself.

    There are many different places for certain ores; a hotspot for Adomasite is actually around the following area TP (although there are plenty more);

    Tanzanite View:
    coords: 135382 / 88563

    Hunters Waterfall Outpost:
    coords: 134434 / 87442

    Fenster Landing:
    coords: 135816 / 88704

    All the areas I list are good for Lyst (by default, that is all over the place at all different depths so all ore finders / seekers can get it on NI).

    Azzurdite can be found NW / N / NE of Hunters Waterfall Outpost, it's around the Wild Boars that I have noticed. Also, another place has a fair amount of it as well, Rutile Beach to the West of it.

    Gold can be found all over, usually is found around the areas where Adomasite is found as well. An area close to the TP for Gold is Fenster Landing.

    I suppose I could give an idea where to find stuff in a more formal list as well as enmatters however it helps to have the correct levels for the "Prospector" and "Surveyor" in order to pick up and dig up these resources.

    A person with the level of Prospector in the 20s can readily pick up Adomasite, Azzurdite, Quantium, etc.
  8. Just found Azur Pearls (refines to pearl sand) enmatter, ENE of Misty Outpost around these coords, mediums and sizables for me; 129178x, 92809y, 172z (elevation). also found Ares Head enmatter that is around 120 ~ 150 meters WSW of that location. I am using a MF-104 unamped and no enhancers (just to give people a reference point).
  9. found henren string(>henren cube) and dianthum on cnd near the skeletons on the beach
  10. Can you find ganganite up there?
  11. I am looking for cobalt on Next Island. Anybody found it here yet?
  12. When I last updated the list of ores and enmatters found on NI, cobalt and ganganite had not been reported. I would be happy to add them to the list if anyone can confirm that they are found on NI.
  13. Cobalt is on NI, E of serpentine village, Ganganite is also on NI, more or less all over
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