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Discussion in 'Adopt a Newbie Foundation' started by Yuksoo, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Yuksoo

    Yuksoo Zuljin Goose Gernas

    So I put 10 USD into EU and I brought a Opalo, some ammunition and a Vivo. Just wondering what you guys suggest I buy next and where the best place to get them from would be. I see alot of people using vehicles and different sets of armour and was just wondering what you guys suggest for a confused newbie like myself :D

    Also I want some clothing to get myself out of the horrid orange jumpsuit, any suggestions?

    Thanks guys, sorry if there is already a thread like this. If so please link me to it, cheers!
  2. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    well the gear you have now is OK for low level mobs (the ones that fit your level). Start hunting Daikiba near Swamp Camp or Snables. These you can pretty easy hunt without armor.

    Once you have more skills get a better weapon and some low level armor, like Pixie so you can hunt some bigger mobs. Choose in advance what mob you wanna hunt and buy your armor accordingly, not every armor has the same protection agains mobs.

    About clothes, that all depends on your budget, from cheap shirts to expansive long black coats and jeans. The have no protection and use what so ever, they just look cool :)
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    The vivo and opalo w/ ammo are all you need for a while. Anything else will be a waste of your ped.

    If your on calypso, hunt young diakeba, sabakuma or snablesnots.

    If you are on Rocktropia hunt Video vixens or wolves.

    Use all of your remaning ped on ammo and hunt till it is gone. Then sort through your loots and learn about the market prices on them. You can sell alot of the higher markup stuff to traders and it is a common practice for people to sell stuff with <105% markup back to the trade terminal.

    Fully repair your opalo and vivo.

    Repeat. ALOT :P

    Do this untill both your damage and hit professions are atleast to lvl 5 preferably 7or8.

    This will take you a while, and you will learn alot about the game both from experience and from talking to other players. When you have reached this level ask the question again and you will have multiple smart paths you can go down.

    good luck and have fun,


    (this is just my opinion, others may advise differently)
  4. Yuksoo

    Yuksoo Zuljin Goose Gernas

    Alright thanks guys. Looks like I just need to grind for the moment, i'll get to it! :D
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