What the hell is it with all the boars

Discussion in 'Skills & professions' started by Ace Flyster, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. I thought i would take a mining trip to NI, scout around see what ores i could find

    Tell you what i did find though, a shit load of boars everywhere which are just as bad as bloody merps

    Not mining friendly at all

    You going to change this at anytime ND? As i am back on calypso now after an hour of tping everywhere trying to find an area that is free of these bloody things. Their agro range is pissing annoying

    Thank you for listening to my rant


  2. Tom


    Hey Ace,

    Try these areas. I mention some boar and drake concerns where I've seen them. Adamite Beach : 133747 - 83236 (boars to NE); Borass Rock : 133785 - 92033 (drakes to N, W & E); Old Abandoned Post : 136227 - 91131 (drakes to N & E); Rutile Beach : 136532 - 86598; Salvation Outpost : 128880 - 89261; and Xrager Island : 134967 - 96212. As with any mining endevor, try to do a little research ahead of time--for instance on Entropedia: Creatures to see where certain concentrations of mobs have been seen. Happy mining!
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