What to buy, a new players guide.

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  1. Okay so I have had a lot of new players asking me what they should buy if the deposit so I will start this guide with a few recommendations.

    For hunting
    1)Sollomate Opalo, can be bought from trade papoo
    2)Armour, not the stuff from trade papoo, it really sucks. Try to get pixie or goblin to start with, you will have to buy this from another player.
    2)Vivio from trade papoo for healing.
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  2. For mining you will need a finder and an extractor.
    Starting off all from the Trade papoo
    You could also splurge on a refiner once you have enough money. Also from the trade papoo
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  3. red


    a decent vehicle is handy. a hovercraft works well around most places - except where there are too many animals.

    a cheap teleport chip is a good alternative.
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  4. BTW, I've seen resellers trying to sell pixie at TT+27, don't pay this price for it.
  5. yes corey i have seen it too players are selling way over mark up even for cars hoovercrafts in auction and all of the things too many players are doing it now selling 400% over mark up thay are crazy its cheaper to buy the blueprint and craft myself or our selfs

    MA should step in i think why dont we make support case corey make MA alert of this issue the more cases thay get thay will take action we need to stop this

    to all the new players dont buy the stuff not yet not from players MA need to solve this

    im goin to make mulitple threads about this to warn players on other forums and i need your help
  6. My advice in a nutshell is start with enmatter mining and forget about refiners. Make sure you start out with 50-100 PED of probes also. That really goes with anything never try to turn 10 ped into profit or just break even it wont happen unless you get real "lucky"

    The Long version....

    I say sweat for bit and explore. Dont sweat just to get the sweat and make money. It's to gain the free skills you get from it and learn your controls better. That way you dont do things like drop a probe by accident or shoot into the ground by accident wasting your PED's later.
    In the last 4 years i've taught people to start with enmatter mining, then move into like hunting and other stuff. I say this because first of all your money last longer, becasue it just takes longer to drop 50 ped of probes and drill up what you find then it does to shoot 50 ped of ammo even with an Opalo. Plus everyone that did this path that i've tought did pretty well some never deposited ever. Many i know started enmatter mining got a global like 100-200 PED that got them up they're and then they had the capital to go on some nice long hunts to a point that they could get a good loot that would get them to break even or profit or close to break even.

    Keep in mind when your loosing PED's your also gaining skills. And skills are also worth money because they can be extracted and sold. So i recomend keeping track of your skills. You may go oh i just lost 10 PED but i gained 200 total skills (something like that)

    They're is a great program for tracking your skills here:

    Skill Scanner - Games
  7. YAN


    Best armor for the island for both hunting and mining: Rascal.

    You can walk amongst the low animals without feeling a scratch, and amongst the medium animals with good time to wake up and engage them (or run) and not really fear being surrounded by them with that very, very low cost armor you can find anywhere, I higkhly recommend it and I use it myself.

    You can also add some armor plating to it like I did (Mark.2?) just to be on the safe side. That gives it 20 impact points altogether and lowers ridiculously other sorts of damages animals tend to cause (cuts for instance).

    Best for boars and monkeys (with an opallo). and with it and the right gun (not an opallo) you can even top the guardian robots as I have been doing and I am only on this game for about a month.

    For the dragons, sharks and skeletons much heavier types of armor (and much higher skills) are needed and I do not recommend any newbie like meeself to try'em matey, arr.

    *pulls up a pirate face*
  8. Boost,
    sure I understand that everybody wants to buy cheap or get the things even for free, me too.
    I also see players realy trying to ask for crazy big money for nothing, this is not nice, still nobody is forced to buy. It always helps to consider the Pros and Conts before you hand out money. Enropia is no kindergarden.
    AsI see it, not everybody is a body guy, just because of asking for more than the normal MU. Up to know you cannot craft amor in NI. I have never looted any amor despite a lot of hunting in NI, nor have I heared of somebody looting amor here on NI. So why should somebody go to Calypso pay in total 80 PED for transport to purchase a Pixie Part for 1PED and sell it again for 1 PED ?????
    I think if you feel you should make a case, you should claim about the fees Mind Ark is taking from us, when we use the interplanetary TP system (40 PED one way), although I doubt that there will be a change.
    We can only hope, that NI will be soon having all the major things players enjoy. And still I think it is nice to have an interplanetary exchange of merchandise and avatars.
    Have fun and good luck
  9. Andabar, judging from a post that Marco had made in PCF about the coming avatar remake (with no more mirrored textures left and right), i'd wager that we won't see any new armor sets until that is resolved.

    True, it might be mostly (only?) geared towards makeup, but the fact that we haven't seen any armors dropping from Rocktropia either makes me think that is the case.

    Boost, you might want to try crafting a few vehicles yourself to see what is the "normal" markup for them so that you'll at least break even. Keep in mind the blueprints for them are Limited and very expensive, the success rate is way lower than 100%, and that those also need a series of other crafted components, again with lower success rate than optimal. Plus there is the small matter of the level you'll need in crafting. Things are rarely black and white.
  10. I fully agree, it was more like an example. I also think that part of the concept is, that there are always some technologies which are limited to certain planets. Makes the game more interesting and creates a new type of (expensive) business model (interplanetary trade)
  11. I'm a new player, I have no PAD and I would like to know how could I get some PAD in order to buy weapons and armor...should I buy PAD from bank or there's a way to earn something in the game?
    I'm now in Neverdie Park with my Inventory empty and I'm trying to understand how can I go on in this game!!!
    Thanks for help!
  12. First of all, it's Ped :D

    Secondly, there are two main ways to earn Ped as a new player.

    One is to sweat, with the VSE MK-II that is in your inventory (I) under the tool tab. It's a slow process, but you do gain skills when sweating and being hit and is recommended. Sweat sells for about 5ped/k on Next Island or 50 pec/100 bottles, only to other players though, never at the Trade Papoo.

    Second one is to walk (not run, walk. Changes when you press Q) in third person view and look around for fruit, stones and dung. Those pop up on a 5 meter radius around you. Pick them up :D some stones (rutol) are worth up to a ped each, and they always come in stacks.

    And always ask around for any info you need.
  13. Hahaha...of course...Ped... ;-)

    Thanks a lot for help Manny...I'll try to do as you suggest.

    I found nothing in the inventory, I will try better.
  14. Thanks Manny,

    I checked the inventory, but it is really completely empty, even the tools. It may be a bug?

    I'm looking for fruit, stones and manure, but I can not take them.

    And around me I can not find anyone to ask for info.

  15. There is a button on the lower right corner, next to the hand, that brings everything in your inventory up on top.
    You must have a VSE, since it's standard issue and you can't trade, sell or drop it.

    Logging in 2 minutes, come over to cnd (club Neverdie) if you need any help
  16. red


    an alternative starting method.

    deposit enough to get about 200 ped, at a minimum.

    buy the trade terminal shortblade (or the powerfist, if you prefer) from the trade monkey. buy a vivo t1 healing kit. don't bother with armour, as it'll only encourage you to fight things that are beyond your means.

    go and fight weak monkeys until you reach 1500-2000 shortblade points (or your peds run out, I suppose). you'll learn which maturities and type you can fight and which ones to avoid. keep everything that you loot. gather sweat when you want a change in activity and to socialize with others to learn more about what's going on in the game. keep the sweat, as well. fix the knife and vivo until you run out of money. during this time, you'll build some defensive skills which will be really handy.

    when you're don't tally the value of what you've collected. then, decide if you wish to deposit for another 200 ped or so. repeat the process, but this time pick a ranged weapon. by now, you should have some idea of what would be good. perhaps, you might even choose a mindforce chip as some of them have good range, although they will cost more to operate. sell all the ammunition types to the terminal (trade monkey) that don't work with your ranged weapon.

    at this point you now have some skill in both ranged and melee weapons and some defensive ability. and, you've spent what a basic game costs in the store. you'll have an inventory of looted stuff that all has some value. decide if you want to keep any of it or not. sell all of what you don't want to keep to recover some of your investment. make a note of how much you got back against how much you spent and decide if you think you did well enough to continue.

    when you are selling your goods, research the selling trends from the auction data. this will tell you if it's a good time to sell that particular item. you may decide to sell it anyways, but at least you'll be informed. some of it, you may not be able to sell at a mark-up and will have to resort to selling it to the terminal (trade monkey).

    now, you you have a good basic undertanding of what's goin on, you can devise a plan for how you want to proceed. you may decide to take up mining. the same method will work there as well and you'll have some combat skills for survivability. you'll also be able to assess how much you'll need to invest in mining supplies to manage the operation. you may decide to investigate crafting. or, you may just stay with hunting. perhaps, you like trading. run a business? play for fun? just about any possibility is open to you at this point.
  17. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Well said Red, all good advice. The problem is that the game is advertised as free to play, so logically most want to test it out before deciding to deposit, and the way the newcomers start out on NI right now is not a way that encourages the deposit decision (if you made an avatar and your point of entry to the game is a revive and die loop and hoping for a rescue would you be inclined to hit the deposit button?).

    The advice to check the auction market value data on each item is really good too, as at the moment for example many are 'stocking up' on the NI specific things like crystals and animal parts, knowing they may be worth much more once bps are introduced, but some are only buying them for tt from the newcomers, so they may be helping them with ped in the short term the newcomer may feel gutted they sold at that price later on, and some are selling on auction so maybe already worth a bit more. If the newcomer knows to check this info then at least they can make an informed choice about what to sell.
  18. I hope I am not breaking rules by posting another forums links but i wrote this to help new people.
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  19. Thank you Kosmos. Anything here that can help new players is welcome in my opinion.
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