What to possibly craft

Discussion in 'Skills & professions' started by CodeMonkey, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. well on the low end, maybe some breer p1a, m1a.

    most low to medium mobs can be felled with p4a, so maybe some weapons around that damage range, korss h400 is great here, but overkill for stuff, so maybe p1a, p2a, p3a, p4a.

    not sure noobs have the peds to buy the low end blp, since you can get like 3 m1a for the price of a lp120 nicolitus, and same goes for the 175, and such.

    so low end L weapons will be a hit here because they are cheap, but later on when all the eras open up i forsee a need for melee weapon crafting.

    maybe a cheap way of crafting preditor armor for the low end mobs. shogun seems to work pretty well on the low-medium level with some plates, or just get ghost

    faps, well havent seen a use for them yet, since everyone has there own special unlimited ones or they buy them form calypso before they come over.

    hope this helps some.
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