Where's the LOVE??? Society Proteron Wars!!! 7k

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by HuntingN8, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. It all begins on Valentines day- February 14th 2011 @ 00:00. Ends 30 days later on March 15th 2011 @ 23:59.

    Med maturity Proteron and Chompers

    Rally your troops, and prepare to do battle in this epic struggle to
    prove your society is among the best team hunters in Entropia Universe!!!

    Not only is this title up for grabs, but also these great prizes-

    1st...... 4k ped
    2nd................ 2k ped
    3rd........................... 1k ped

    Rules are as follows-

    - Hunting must be done on OLA#54

    -This is a society hunting event. All member of each team must be
    members of the same society. A society can have as many teams hunting
    simultaneously as they want. Team members and or leaders do not have
    to stay the same...only the team name. All society member do not need to
    take part. To ensure no cheating, both Atami and myself will randomly
    be flying around checking on this.

    -Team name's must follow this format, LA54-"society name here". In case
    your society's name is to long, spell as much as you can fit in the
    above format.

    -Two ways to keep score-
    1)You can take screen shots of your globals/hofs and post to
    this thread within 24 hours.
    2) Register your society into the event
    by replying to this thread with your society name. Once registered I
    will track your globals using Entropiatracker.com. Again this will be
    mostly enforced by the honor system. And random fly-byes.

    ***Any teams found hunting proteron or chompers elsewhere while using this team name, will be disqualified.***

    - The winning society will be determined by the average value of
    each teams 5 best loots. With a max value of 5k per loot
    (a 30kHOF, only counts as 5k).


    Society #1's 5 best loots: 489- 780- 1465- 2100- 2200 = 1406.8
    Society#2's 5 best loots: 210- 350- 380- 450- and a 10k HOF (that is worth 5k) = 1278

    Prizes will be paid out to the societies leader ASAP starting 24 hours
    after the event ends. To allow for all globals to be counted.

    I Hope that everyone enjoys some friendly rivalry, and has a wonderful time trying to put your society in the #1 ATH spot!

    HuntingN8 & Atami​
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