Why did Mindark disable "Item dropping" ? Exploits :'D

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. It is now only possible to drop items in your own estates

    MindArk removed the "drop items in public" feature after 20 years, because of :

    a.) Drop Trade Scams increased to an alarming rate x'D

    b.) MindArks servers suffered from players arts, like oiltowers, on a daily basis. ;D

    or is it

    c.) MindArk cant code a proper mob AI. Yet they announced "herd behaviour" now and then.

    The problem behind this major step exists since you cant trap mobs anymore...but in the end it exists since the year 2000.

    So, the following situations, of which 1 got fixed now and of which the other one exist since 2000...are used since 18 years by now...and these are by far not the worst trapping problems...

    Enjoy, what many, many players perform on a daily basis. Even without dropping items.
    Next step, remove all trees !

    I reported some of these since 2004. Lately those cases got just closed. I even provided videos with the support cases.
    And while I got rewarded for other shit, this never got any attention. I could even push people around with oil barrels, to any place I want...those cases also got closed :

    Bah, this would have been part of my big glitch/exploit video after my final cash out...

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  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    That last one is hilarious. And ghee, MA never punished everyone before for a handful of fucktards abusing stuff. The problem is not the people having fun with the bugs, it's the dumb shit coders MA employs who apparently can't fix their shit. But yeah, much better to ruin everybody's fun, rather than hire someone competent instead.
  3. I cant use "Big Pumpkin" Sweets. Neither 2016 nor 2017. :(
    Only "The Count" works...hopefully this isnt related to this nice and needed update xD

    The Count no longer works...at many areas...without any info in chat.
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  4. They've also removed 'Pick Up' from action library. (If you have it mapped to a key, it still works though)
  5. So, how does picking up oil at...ah, who cares, both oilrigs are completely useless anyway.
  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Unfortunately this is what keeps happening. With no form of protest or consequence to their actions, they just carry on with absolutely no regard for what the players want or what few things make the game actually fun still. The reason why the emergent game play of things like "find it, add to it, hide it, post a picture" occur or item sculpting, or even just the fun of leaving stuff around for folks to find, are because people are looking for ways of entertaining themselves in a game that persists in creating a never ending supply of un-engaging tasks and monotony.

    On the coding. The worst thing is, even as McCormick reminds us, we were supposed to get "flocking/herding like in Jurassic Park Velociraptors" many MANY years ago, with regard to obstacle avoidance,...

    THEY ONLY NEED TO PROGRAM IT ONCE... I'll say it again, ONCE then you just apply to all the mobs... none of them do anything particularly special either. Mostly just noodle about randomly. No per species particular behavior, just a handful of custom idle animations.

    In fact... if they can be bothered to work the code I'd bet someone already did it for them and gave it away for free... oh look they did


    Whaatttt? I've still not used mine! I was "saving them for a rainy day" - I sure hope these items don't go the way of the statues.

    "Hello we are mindark. we specialise in producing virtual goods that we either never actually produce (but still sell for the big Benjamins) or just make uterly useless when ever we can't be arsed to test our releases... which is every release. We are ok with this though because we don't release much any more so the damage is kept to a minimum"

    What about the menu? (right click item, pick up) that still work?

    Still, one thing we can say about MA. They are back on form pissing everyone off again like "the good old days". There is a reason Neverdie recorded VU Blues.

    MA should be embarrassed. When else in history has someone gone to so much trouble as to actually record a song about how much a games company upset their player base?

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  7. Given that Attempt Tame has also gone desaparecido, it was probably not intended.
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  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Yup. When Lykke and I just started dating we did this kind of stuff. I hid some coins in the old town with the houses you could enter (some regularly, some by sliding), and we did the same on CND, hiding stuff in some of the domes. I came across quite a few small gifts and trinkets left by others in random locations, and it always brought a smile to my face when that happened.

    Dropping items was also part of our strategy when CoL attempted to participate in LandGrab. We picked our prefered LA, and dropped craploads of dung and other near worthless items in a blatant attempt to lag down the whole place, meaning we'd pretty much be guaranteed the LA if nobody could remove us due to lag.

    That didn't quite pan out, as about a dozen of us (mid-skilled with mid to upper-level gear) got wiped out by a single uber who didn't even break a sweat. That's when I realised how tilted and rigged the game really was, and I pulled out not too long after.

    Frankly, I should have stuck with that. I came back when planets were announced, and I naively hoped that MA would finally mature as a company. That was what? 10 years ago? And they're still the same rank incompetent cesspit today as they always have been. Coincidentally, TimkranSS still runs the shitshow. I'm not saying there could be a correlation, but there's a correlation. Fuck Jan.
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  9. Looks like you discovered a new friend there Wistrel ! ;D

    Maybe he believes that "there are 3 million users"...maybe he has not dropped 1 item with joy since 2007...he just took the "devs" note for granted...no questions asked...why would he...the "devs" have spoken. x'D

    Now, inside of a great (and working) MMORPG, with steady communications on the forums...Id still ask questions after such a dramatic step...backwards.

    After 18 years, with less and less accounts beeing created...THIS step had to be taken...*lol*

    Sometimes Id love to meet some of those forum guys in reallife.

    Then again, its just items that can no longer be dropped.
    Coming up next, mobs no longer drop loot in non-pvp areas !

    miles wistrel.jpg
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  10. Miles seems to be a bit of an ‘outlier’ personality-wise given his ‘exponential function’ footnote to his post and therefore can be safely ignored.

    Maybe worth filing in the ‘potential Family’ folder for future reference.
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  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I think Miles, despite having been around for 10+ years, simply overlooks the fact that this is hardly the first time MA destroys functionality to prevent a handful of abusers from abusing a system, rather than addressing the code that causes the issue.

    Mobs being trapped by the landscape? Why bother fixing the landscape? Have mobs trap themselves instead, meaning that even people who are not trying to trap them get to experience the mob becoming invincible through no faulty of their own.

    Axes dealing electrical damage? MindArk simply claims it's a bug that somehow went unnoticed for 5+ years, and removes it, immediately tanking the value of axes in the RCE.

    Whips dealing higher minimal damage than other weapons (which I always assumed was to make up for the slow reload speed)? MindArk claims it's a bug and nerfs it, thereby immediately tanking the value of whips in the RCE.

    Some people abuse scanners by standing in a town and scanning pets? Mindark makes it so everyone gets no more than 1 scan per mob. (The obvious fix would have been to dis-allow scanning of pets, and scanning NPCs and/or mobs within cities, but fuck logical solutions if you can just screw over everyone).

    I'm sure McC and mastermesh can help fill up the list with countless other examples of "collective punishment" of the playerbase for the actions of a few. Apart from that, there's tons of other examples where MA unilaterally fucked shit up without a single care towards the people that invested money into whatever they figured they'd screw up this time (hangar owners, tamers, beauticians, tailors, people who bought statues that have yet to be delivered, stable-owners, shop owners, and that's just off the top of my head).

    But Miles has the memory of a brick, and the attention span of a snablesnot, and therefore focuses on a perfectly legit comment. Don't be like Miles.
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  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    He said it himself... "WTF Miles" indeed :D

    I expect them to remove water effects soon too for performance reasons. I mean... they don't really add anything to the game right? riiiight?
  13. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Likewise with mobs. Displaying them as plain brown squares would save so much graphical power.
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