Why so few participant generated events on other planets

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  1. Just to qualify before I go further - I say 'so few ...' because there may well have been the odd participant created event or two on other EU planets, although in my experience, I've never seen any participant generated event shown in the in-game event list.
    Anyway, why are there so few events on other planets? One or two planets have been struggling in recent months and years, so regular events on them may increase their popularity. I realize how other planets are set-up is slightly different than for Calypso in terms of AV owned LA's, but still there should be regular participant generated events on other planets. I think this would be a good thing and would like to know what everyone thinks on this.
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    I think on Arkadia the event system has just launched and I have no idea if there is an event system already non Cyrene.
  3. If Arkadia and Cyrene has launched an event system, that's good, but there doesn't seem to be any actual events yet going by the event list, unless Calypso's one doesn't tell you if there are events on other planets. Sometimes you see spoof events for Rocktropia in the festive season, but don't know if that counts...
  4. bump - c'mon ppl, I want some more views on this.
  5. Hi,

    Tbh, I never cared about - is there more kinds of events but "whack-each-other" and "shove-more-into-lucky-HoFfers-behind"?

    Is there any other kind of events? Then I might have missed.

    Have fun!
  6. As Razer mentioned, the system availability is fairly recent on the "newer" planets. I know Rocktropia has hosted quite a few planet sponsored events through this system themselves and I personally have done a few on both arkadia and rocktropia.

    With the current population of the universe, it's difficult to host events on non player controlled lands due to the expense it entails, this can also contribute to why you see very few events on very low level mobs in the universe in general. The expense of creating events just in registration fees alone can be prohibitive. There are those of us who just like to create them in pvp rings, forts and on lands purely because its fun to do so, but it costs the host money to do this, as the dynamic of ticket sales rarely comes close to covering the cost of registering the event and then supplementing a prize incentive to compete.

    BIG Industries fully intends on expanding out to more planets as land areas become available and as our budget permits. Once you own the land the event is hosted on, it becomes less about ticket sales and balancing cost vs profit in a 1-2 hour segment and more about overall promotion of your lands. This makes it easier to justify regularly scheduled sustainable events. The keyword here is sustainable, I've hosted many events just for fun that I knew I could not replicate on a regular basis because it would be a constant drain on peds, and if I'm going to just give away ped, I'd rather do it via the Sweating Support Initiative, or trivia based giveaways everyone can compete in since the PED used for registration fees can now be given to the community directly.
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  7. I think you're right, in that events do tend to be PvP fortress type events or hunting events and I've often wondered if there's other kinds of events as well. So on that note, what other types of events would you like to see or think there should be?
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  8. I regularly look at the in-game event list and I know you're one of the longest running event holders on Calypso, but I've not seen any on Rocktropia or Arkadia so must have been not in-game on those days, or I didn't look at the event list... But why exactly is it more expensive to host events if you are not a land owner like on Amethera? Is it something to do with advertising costs using ad-boards because your event is not mentioned on an official list? Or is it because you would be expected to get permission form the planet partner to host an event who would charge you for the privilege?
    In 2011 I did try hosting a racing event on Eudoria, and whilst it didn't exactly go according to plan in terms of numbers of contestants, it did take place as such, there was a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners, and I did pay out the prizes - and it didn't cost a great deal. So, it's always puzzled me a bit why more events haven't been held or run by participants (not official events) on non AV-owned LA's, because that's what we're talking about - and it isn't against the rules. On RT for instance, I've seen many venues that would be great for racing type events that would be fairly easy to monitor against cheating, then you've got the the wooden rollercoaster on NI - again, another good venue for that type of event, yet you never see any.
  9. Hi,

    Tbh, no real idea. I fear anything that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg, that wouldn't exclude a certain part of the population, and that actually would be fun and entertainment (and not sheer grind) wouldn't be possible by restrictions made by MA.

    Lemme drop some crazy ideas:
    • "Hunt the green Beast!"
      Imagine, an announced special critter would spawn at event begin, at a random place anywhere on the planet. Not too hard, so that even a well equipped newbie could bring it down. Goal is to find and kill it.
      Only event participants can attack it, for other players it's a neutral NPC.
      15 minutes after spawning a msg comes in the event channel "The green Beast has been seen in the far North-East!" (to give a hint if it hasn't been found yet)
      15 minutes later it teleports to another random location, get announced "The green Beast has teleported to the far South-East!"
      Rinse, wash, repeat until somebody kills it. And reaps the price.
    • "Bomb the casbah!"
      When the event begins, there's a random Sooto (voucher) to be mined within a certain area. One will be the lucky one to mine it, and reap the price.
      (Only event participants will get this Sooto)
    • "Exterminate!"
      Similar to above, only that a low level common mob will randomly loot a voucher.
    • "Find what I lost!"
      An item will be dropped somewhere (and not even the organizer knows where), that only event participants can interact with. Goal is to find it. The event channel gives hints any 10 minutes.
    • "Rally"
      Every event participant gets beamed into an event vehicle (a special vehicle), as soon as the event starts. This might be, for instance, a VTOL that is double as fast backwards than forwards, or only can do right side turns. When all participants are in their vehicles, the destination is announced. And the race is on.
    You see, most of these are events where anybody and her dog would have equal chances. Where it's about fun and entertainment, and maybe a chance to win something cool - that wouldn't need to be a big price.

    But, let's not forget, all this would require the possibilities to even do this, means work for MA. I think we might forget about thus.

    In any way it would be events that would attract ways more ppl than the current events. That are basically all the same: Drop a lot of PEDs, grind until your head explodes, and the lucky one with the biggest loot gets a nice price on top.

    Have a good time!
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  10. Very true. It would also be possible to run interesting, fun events with existing items, vehicles, and so on, that wouldn't mean more work for MA. I think part of the problem is that most participants come to believe that an event has to be shown on the event-list if it's done by a participant, or that it has to be an official event by a p-partner, and that therefore anything else is somehow not condoned, but I think this is just the perception. If maverick events were held more regularly, then ppl would start to accept them ;)
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    Because as a land owner, you gain the extra taxes generated during the event which (hopefully) cover the event prizes.
    If you are not the owner, then there is no source of revenue other than the ticket sales which rarely cover the cost of the event creation + prizes.
  12. Maybe for the first or even second time a new freelance event is held, but eventually, if people like it, it will become more popular and so more people will take part. Also, if say two or three people help to run it, then the costs can be split.
  13. narfi

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    Yes but its still a cost.
    You can run them for fun, but ultimately people are selfishly motivated and a few events for fun is ok, but without the RCE aspect the event coordinator loses interest or funds or partners to fund and it peters off back to non existence again.
  14. Nobody would take part in an event for nothing so of course there would be an RCE aspect, namely the PED prizes, or items that = PEDs.
  15. Hi,

    You don't think events that would just pay 60% (guesstimate) of the incoming event fees would work? As long as it would be a funny and entertaining event?

    Tbh, I'd happily drop 1 PED each other day just to have the entertaining event chat ...

    My idea was for cheap, entertaining events, basically relying on on a scripted default. Events not expensive to organize, not expensive to participate, no big rewards, but a lot of fun.

    This way getting ppl into events at all. Atm I never do 'em, 'cause I guesstimate I have no chance at all anyways. Show me that events can be fun, maybe I'll book your advanced events then, too?

    Have a good time!
  16. When Narfi suggested that without an RCE element events would peter out, he was of course referring to a lack of revenue gained through taxes to help cover the costs, and my response, or last post, was suggesting that even if the organiser/s did not own a land area, they could still afford to pay out prizes either in PEDs or as items that could be converted to PEDs if they organised it in the right way. So there would still be an RCE element.
    So I agree, cheap and entertaining events could be done by non LA owners; it would be more difficult but it could be done.
  17. Hehe,

    here you see what an event nOOb I am - I didn't even think of making events to earn money ...
    I thought about a kinds of events made to gain reputation mainly (and maybe a few PED, too ...).

    All my ideas would need MA to code the basic mechanics, and then the Planet Partner to fill such with approbate life.

    Such events could then be done by the Planet Partner itself (for Planet Promo), or made available for participants to organize at a low cost (my first 3 examples would bring income to the PP anyways!). So we'd have 2 different kinds:
    1. PP made events - for those I'd suggest "Find what I've lost!" and "Rally" (from here again). 1 PED entry, some random nifty item as price. Done often, maybe even daily?
      Done quite quickly, one of the PP crew (or a participant ready to do this for reputation and small money) would need to sacrifice 1h a day ...
    2. Participant made events - book a date for lets say 10 PED, the minimum price. "Hunt", Bomb", "Exterminate" available, all of these generate income for the PP. 2 PED entry, if 40% of the whole entry fee is above 10 PED this is what goes to the organizer. If less then 5 event participants - bad organizing.
      The prize would be 10 PED at least (what the organizer had payed), or 60% of the whole entry fee.
      Maybe add a version where the organizer pays 10PED + TT (+ a slight markup?) of an item, min. price would be then PED + item.
    The idea behind is to make EU a bit more exciting and entertaining. Such events would be great especially to new players, and would keep them occupied. And in game.

    And besides, it would make them accustomed to the "real events" later.
    But most important, it would bring some life into our everyday game play.

    So, it's basically something completely different to the usual events, and I apologize realizing that I'm actually off-topic with it. But it might help getting more ppl ready to join the "real events" later, and it might help regarding the player retention, too. So maybe I'm not this far off-topic anyways.

    Have a good time!
  18. I like some of these ideas
    I like some of these ideas but mainly for participant generated events, because if a p-partner is involved then the event organizer/s has less control, plus the PP would have to be compensated for the extra programming work required.
    What I had in mind was easier hunting events, racing type events, PvP vehicle knockout events and find-the-hidden-item type events organized and run by participants even if they are not LA owners.
  19. Hi,

    my idea was to have it both, in a more formalized way:

    For instance, Calypso is showering its inhabitants with PP-made events, and since in this case "PP=MA" they have a huge advantage. Even ND, with his obvious "carte blanche", cannot compete with them.
    A way for PP's to make simple, daily(?) events would only be fair in my book thus. I'm not talking about huge prices, I'm talking about a way to keep the planets inhabitants occupied, to offer them kind of entertainment, paid from the marketing purse.

    For sure this shouldn't interfere with player made events. Here I'd suggest a low-cost alternative, without the need to own an LA, again without huge prices, just to give people something to do besides the daily grind.

    Traditional LA-bound events wouldn't be touched, after all they are aiming for a quite different audience.

    The whole thing is that I'd by far prefer even most simple and stupid kind of events to the organized madness of "Slay a bazillion of [MonsterName]!" that we have now. I agree that we need to have some kind of "pre-made" content to keep the participants busy, but I'd rather have user-generated content, and a way for PP's to further differentiate against the competition, than those stupid mass-slaughtering missions, that make even the most evil Korean Grinders look like an exciting adventure game.

    Else, I'd say we're on the same road. :)

    Have fun!
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  20. Yes, I think we're sort of agreeing and I agree that there needs to be other events in addition to the usual wack as many hard mobs as you can in an hour type event.
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